Just Dropped: Different Dreams


Yeah, Different Dreams and I have different dreams. I don’t see it eye to eye with this show anymore. I try my best to give it another chance but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure what it is that makes me lose hope. I get bored most of the time. Every time I see an opportunity for a story to reach climax, it did no go the way I wanted it to be. I get deflated too many times. Even though the story is based on true event and with some true real characters, the stupidity in some scenes got me frustrated. I feel that the show could have been better told. And better direct.

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Just Watched: Because I Love You

xANkNfI was not expecting my flight to Sao Paulo to have amazing selections of Asian movies. I scrolled the list from A to Z over and over again. It was difficult to pick the perfect zzz movie because everything looks interesting. I finally decided on Because I Love You because the trailer was the funniest of the rest. Besides, Kim Yoo Jung is in it! I love this girl so much.

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Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek


It was Erl that introduced me to The Bride of the Water God and I was quite taken by the story. I read it religiously before and I am still not done with it. While I was reading it, I even fantasized who should play Habaek. Obviously, I have forgotten all about it when the production cast Nam Joo Hyuk. I was unhappy with the news. I really liked him in Weightlifting Fairy but I simply could not see him as Habaek. Furthermore, I  have no faith with Shin Se Kyung. I am currently watching Six Flying Dragons and she’s doing well in this show but I don’t know what happened… She is back to being meh. As I expected, her colleagues and the director play a huge role in her character delivery.

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14 Days of Fangirling: Day 9

Day 9: Second leads that will always be second leads


SadaThere isn’t a rule when comes to Korean dramas. Everyone who are handsome and pretty, and with an at least little bit of talent could get a chance to be a lead. One could move his or her career starting from web dramas and slowly to major production dramas. All they need is a chance. That’s it.


Me: Hmmm it’s hard to name them. It is funny that how Lim Ju Whan used to be main leads but now he persistently accepting second lead roles. And then there is Kim Jae Wook who always in second or third lead role. Choi Si Won is another actor that always the second lead, never the groom! *cries* Like Sada said, they all need to be given a chance and I agree. I especially agree with Jae Wook.


Mari: My beloved Kang HaNeul seems to have been fallen into this category. There’s also Ji Soo but I’m hoping that it is only because he is still fairly new to acting. For female actresses, there are waaay few that I like but wish they could get a lead are Lee Da Hee, Kim Yoo Ri, and the drop dead gorgeous Lee El. Give them a chance! Don’t curse them as second leads forever!

Currently Watching: Oh My Ghost


I told myself I will never watch this. I heard from chingus how this show crosses some ethic line. Plus, I’m not a big Jo Jung Suk! Or so I thought… When I was in Malaysia, I saw several episodes of You Are The Best Lee Soon Shin. I was intrigued by him and he actually made me laugh. When I first saw him in King 2 Hearts, he melted my heart there but that was it. There was no spark between him and I. I immediately concluded that we are not meant to be. That changed a bit until I saw Lee Soon Shin that only made me realized he isn’t bad. I even told DDee (in person, too!) that I finally considering him after declaring myself to the world via tweeter that I’m not interested in him. I believe another person who did not get why I don’t like him is Snow.


But how I actually succumbed to Oh My Ghost? I promised Erl that I would watch it if she will watch My Beautiful Bride. Hey, it’s a good trade, right? And I’m ahead of my league. I have been marathon the series since the morning I came back and I’m currently on episode 14. 2 more episodes to go! *wiggles brows* Yeap, I’m fast! To be honest, the stories were wrong at one level but was compensated later and as Erl said, they justified it. And I like that the writer justified it but even that, I still think it is too much at many levels! *shudder* Come to think about it, there are many young watchers for this drama as well. Even though they rate it for age 15 and above, I bet kids under 15 are still watching it. Ai… Sorry, mother instinct is kicking and I’m quite concerned. But… *shakes head in disbelief* who cares, I’m watching it anyway and I have a great laugh since the beginning. To be honest, I have not been laughing this much from watching dramas lately. Oh My Ghost is making me craving for more REAL romcom! Can we get another one with less sexual desire as this one? Ooops, maybe a little *giggle*


So what do I like about Oh My Ghost so far? The characters! Surprisingly, there is no one to hate here! How is this possible? *covers her mouth* The only thing you wanna hate is how dare the writer is using sex as a next step to nirvana! But hey, we are all adult here so sex is nothing but a necessary activity for human…. and ghost! *laughs* Amuden, the story is wickedly weird! Here is my take on Oh My Ghost. Sun Ae is a virgin ghost. She needs a human body in order for her to move on to her nirvana, or to wherever she suppose to go. There is a time limit to achieve it but her time is almost up. One day, as always, she was chased by her sharman and found Bong Seon’s fragile body as her target for hideout. But Sun Ae suddenly stuck in this human’s body for no apparent reason, and she couldn’t figure out her way to get out. With no choice, she decided to find out about Bong Seon. Unknowingly though, Bong Seon has the capability to see ghosts since small. Her ability really pulls her down, and with her extreme shyness and lack on self esteem, Bong Seon became the easiest target for Sun Ae. Through Bong Seon, Sun Ae found that Bong Seon’s boss aka chef Kang Seon Woo to be the most ideal man for her gateway to nirvana.


Seon Woo was surprised with the changes with Bong Seon, not knowing that she’s possessed by a virgin ghost. Sun Ae drives Bong Seon body on cruise control and accelerate her to the next level! Everyone at the restaurant were surprised by the new and improved Bong Seon. They were so used to her for apologizing for anything and everything that the new her almost seems like they won a lottery! Her driven personality to get laid really bothered Seon Woo in the beginning  but eventually, as we all predicted, he fell for her obnoxious and loud personality even though he felt confused on why she is suddenly different than before. One day, he got her sick and brought her to the hospital. Sun Ae was finally able to escape the body. Once awake, Bong Seon realized the date, time and where she at and it didn’t reconcile with her last memory. She knew that her body was possessed. When she finally met Sun Ae, she refused to let the ghost possessed her body again but eventually made a pact after seeing that Seon Woo may fall for his college friend. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the reason Bong Seon works for Seon Woo is because she secretly in love with him but too shy to approach him due to her personality. Sun Ae is Bong Seon’s key to get her man but when she herself is with him, she realized all the memories he’s been telling her is his memory with Sun Ae. She decided to break up with him and left him alone in the altar… Not literally, of course! *giggle*


Yeah, the story sounded complicated but it makes sense to me. I hope it makes sense to  you. Many of the people I spoke with does not like Sun Ae. They felt that her character is sketchy, unethical, annoying, and on their nerves. And some said that they do not see how Seon Woo and Bong Seon could be together. I also heard that they just don’t like the OTP due to weak chemistry. *rubs chin* *shrugs* I really don’t know what to say… I watch for the story so I typically don’t put that much thought into the rest. And that’s why I said there is no single character to hate because in my mind, I’m following the story of this drama. Would I suggest it? Absolutely! But you need to judge it yourself whether to like or hate Oh My Ghost. The flaws are there but I don’t really care… Oooh there is another side story which I failed to discuss. How did Sun Ae die? *dun dun dun* Watch it if you’re curious *giggle*. Yeap, I’m not tellin’!


Currently Watching: Shine or Go Crazy!


Okay, first of all, I don’t get it with the title! What the…? Shine or Go Crazy? What is this mean? *scratches head* could someone please explain the meaning behind it? It bothers me and I really need to know. But as for the show itself, so daebak!!! Gumi from Stuck on Hyuk warned me that I should persevere with episode 1. She said that the first episode was not the best… I took her advice and be mindful of what she said. She was surprised later on to find that not only I survived episode 1, I made it all the way to episode 12 with a breeze!!! *laughs* I surprised myself too! As you all know, I’m bad with saguek and I can’t stand it mostly due to politics agenda. Shine or Go Crazy, however, made me love sageuk so much! *clears throat* Well, it is fantasy sageuk but nevertheless… I did it! I feel like a champ!!! *flexes her muscles* And this is my first saguek for the year 2015. One down, 6 more sageuk dramas to go. Yeap, my saguek drama resolution for the year! And I’m so glad it started with a bang!


I would like to quote kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict on what she posted on Jang Hyuk oppa on her Facebook page: “I conclude that ‪#‎JangHyuk‬‘s just exponentially hotter in sageuks. I mean, he’s usually already hot. But sageuks just bring the rawr to a whole different level”*nods* I agree wholeheartedly!!! And he looks extremely younger with longer hair! For some reason that is beyond any universe can explain to me, oppa looks like he’s better looking than he was in his 20s!!! No, no, I don’t exaggerate! Jjinjayo! This is the truth! Oy… I think I should stop fangirling here. I suppose to write my review, right? Thanks oppa, you distracted me big time! Errrrr… not that I mind though *giggles*


When I was on episode 1, I heard Gun’s laughter! I laughed so hard… Thanks oppa for bringing the Fated to Love You moment back! Neomu, neomu joa! *grins* The drama is good. The good is pure good and the evil is pure evil. The good crawls into you unknowingly and the evil crawls into you as tiny as a seed… or in my own word, as tiny as a needle! Jja, let’s start with the main character, Wang So. He is the first in line for the throne but because of the prophecy told to his dad at the time So was born that there will be blood spill all over him during his lifetime. His mom heard it as well but she didn’t hear it completely. As a result, she mistreated Wang So all his life and favored his other siblings instead. She tried to kill Wang So with cookies but the deadly cookies ended up killing the people she loved and started to believe the prophecy more and more. You have to watch it if you wanna know the other missing unheard prophecy… *wink*. But no matter what, Wang So remain good to his mom. The man has a warrior personality. He’s buff, bold and beautiful! And his personality is to die for! He knows when to be loud and when to be firm.


One day, Wang So went to Balhae to catch a crook. While on the mission, he didn’t realize he was being watched by Yool. Yool is the youngest princess of Balhae. Her existence was considered cursed by her family as she was born out of wedlock. Her mom suicide and she was saved and raised by her servants. Yool grew up pretty well, very educated and intelligent. She has bubbly personality that you just can’t missed. Her dad wanted to marry her off to some guy she is not fond of so instead of complying, she decided to find herself a man with the help of her servants. And this is how she met Wang So. But, at the time, she didn’t know who Wang So was. I mean, no one would believe he is a Crown Prince based on the way he dresses. Wang So agreed to her request and wedded Yool with a promise that she will let him leave and go one about his mission. During this whole process, Wang So never set his eyes on Yool because her face is covered by scarf underneath the hat. Yool, however, could see him clearly. Before he left, he mumbled to himself that he has saved a person which is Yool. She heard it and was touched by him and his kind and genuine words.


Fast forward to five years later, Yool still cannot (and probably refuse to) forget Wang So. She decided to migrate to where Wang So is so she can be closer and in hopes of rekindling with him. As a successful business woman, Yool was able to bring in so many businesses to her new settlement. One day, she decided to aggressively pursue Wang So in town. To make it easier on her part, she crossed dress as man! *giggles* So I guess you all know what to expect next, right? She met up with him and thought he is his slave’s slave! She bargained for the price not knowingly that he is worth the world *laughs*. And then the romance started… Need I go on? *sticks tongue out*


There are more stories to above. I decided to just focus on the beauty part of this drama. The evil part is beautiful as well, don’t get me wrong but I want to lure you on the good side. The evil is very eloquent and you don’t feel the pang immediately. I love how they elegantly instilled fear and anxiety through Princess Hwang, the legit wife of Wang So. Oh yeah, you will be drawn by her beauty and sweet words. I’d fall for her too! But her existence in this drama is more than keeping Wang So to herself. She wants to make sure that the kingdom is ruled by a strong king, not by Wang So’s late dad nor the current King. I get with her intention but I think she should have expresses it through Wang So instead of ruining her in-laws’ family.


Shine or Go Crazy is a 24-episode drama produced by MBC. I have seen 14 episodes so far and I’m dying to continue with the latest episodes that was aired early this week. The subbers must be too busy *pouts* which I understand. They have done such a great work! So yeoreobun, please watch Shine or Go Crazy. The politics are picking up right now but it is not hardcore. If I can stand it, I’m sure you can. This drama is very entertaining but not necessary well executed. At times, I do find a bit confusing. There are some things that were not expressed clearly so I felt like being tossed around like a ball. You just need to focus a bit on the story line… But other than that, it is a great watch! *thumbs up*

Just Watched: The Technicians


I can see how the movie producer uses Kim Woo Bin beauty and charm to lure audience. I don’t blame him coz Kim Woo Bin is very pretty to watch. The movie itself, however, is okay. The plot is nothing new to be honest. But frankly, it doesn’t matter and I don’t care much. Tell me which dramas or movies came out with their own unique plots these days… I think we are very comfortable with the existing plots sometimes. Well, *shrugs* maybe not you but I am. The Technicians, also known as The Con Artists, reminded me so much of The Grand Heist and The Thieves. But these two movies involved a group of collaborated thieves whereas The Technicians has three members. Even though the premise gave you a familiar environment, I do love the presentation of this movie. Now, to say Kim Woo Bin was cool, I wouldn’t say that much but he is definitely better than before. He has  a long way to go in my opinion but I can’t say much coz I’m not exposed to his acting as much as Woo Bin fans. However, it is very refreshing to watch him playing a good lead. He certainly look much more mature. And what I like the most about his acting this time is his facial expression. Very casual and calm and… Who would’ve thought he is a professional thief!


So what is The Technicians about? Ji Hyuk is a professional thief and a safe cracker. Koo In is his wingman and main distraction during the ops and Jong Bae as his  best hacker. Together, they work to steal jewelries and artifacts. Their awesome work, notice the sarcasm *laughs*, drew attention of President Cho, a famous mob. Cho has been looking for a professional technician to open a safe containing W10.5 billion. The safe is hidden in the Incheon Customs and he warned Ji Hyuk that that the window of opportunity to crack this safe is very limited. Ji Hyuk smelled trouble from this partnership and told Koo In that they are being used and chances of getting compensated is very slim. Sadly, Jong Bae overheard their conversation and betrayed them by sharing Ji Hyuk’s scheming plan with President Cho. It is too obvious, and of course as expected, one would betrayed another. Or would he? Now the billion won question is would Ji Hyuk really betray Cho or not?


As always, there is always a girl at stake! I frankly think her character is very unnecessary but hey, I get it. They want Ji Hyuk to be the savior. A thief with a heart of gold! *laughs* So the girl, Eun Ha, is now used as bait to lure Ji Hyuk out. Now, I’m not going to tell you how it ended because I really want you to watch it. But I’m sure my smart readers are good at figuring out the ending. And yeoreobun… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! The Technicians gets two thumbs up from me. I love how they executed the movie from the beginning to the end.. fun, entertaining and kickass! Though the plots are typical, the presentation is definitely awesome! Because the movie is so awesome, you wouldn’t feel that it is a 2 hour long! *wiggles brows*. ENJOY!