Just Watched: The Best Hit


I just finished my krack drama! I hate that I finished it! Now I am having major withdrawal! Seriously, I really did not want The Best Hit to be over! If you have been following my tweets, you will see how much I have tweeted this show. I just couldn’t contain myself. I tried to be discrete but I realized few of the tweets with photos speak a thousand words. I am terrible with spoilers. Because I love spoilers myself *laughs*

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Just Watched: Splash Splash Love

b1zaBOZ4_ccff12_fBy now I’m sure everyone has seen Splash Splash Love. If you have not already, what the hell are you doing here? Palli park yourself on your favorite couch, bed, corner, or whatever and start this uber cute web drama now!!!!! I mean it!!! This highly anticipated show really won so many hearts, including mine. I think I’ve seen episode 1 nearly 7 times since it aired. The show was too cute. My heart for Yoon Doo Joon went dugun dugun like crayyyyyyzy! Just thinking of him drives my heart speeding to 200 mph! He is insanely adorable and cute! And who doesn’t like his leading lady, right? Kim Seul Gi is utterly cheeky and cute and adorable I just can’t look at her enough! She is a natural actress and she brought the cuteness in her and Doo Joon. Gahhhh, so in love!splashRemember how I said earlier that I need another sageuk drama to complete my 2015 drama resolution? Voila, isn’t it great to end it with Splash Splash Love? I’m so happy that it did!!! And now all I can see is Doo Joon and Seul Gi as Lee Do and Gosam *giggle*. What a cute couple!splash6Splash Splash Love is a perfect Christmas love story even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. Splash told a story of Dan Bi. She is a senior high school who is about to sit for her university exam. Sadly, she has math anxiety and really has no way of getting away with it. On the day of her exam, it was pouring hard. She worried for her exam so hard that she forgot her yellow umbrella in the bus. She keeps hoping that she could disappear. She was not ready to take the exam and felt she will not excel in it. She sat on a bench in a park and stared at the water puddle. She wondered if she jumps into the puddle, it will take her to somewhere else. She looked over the puddle, she saw and heard something through it. Her mind was set, she knew if she jumps into it, she will be somewhere else. She took a few steps back, ran and jump into the puddle! Voila and the water act as a medium and transported her to joseon time! Yeap, she time traveled to hundred of years to King Se Jong Yi Do era!

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When she arrived in Lee Do (the King’s short name) side of the world, the place was facing a major drought. Dan Bi introduced herself as Gosam. In current world, Gosam means student but back then, it means eunuch. So Dan Bi was confused as one and since she appeared out of nowhere, she promised that she will disappear once it rain. Meanwhile, Lee Do began to feel smitten by his new Gosam. He has trouble with math and Dan Bi miraculously was able to solve the math problem he gave her. And engineering, architect, neuroscience, medical and astronomy problems! Come to think of it, she is GOOD!!!

King Lee Do and Dan Bi spent time together daily and they eventually fell in love. The hardest part is that she’s from a different era and started to miss her mom. He wants her to stay with him but she will only be his mistress, since he is married. These two love birds eventually separated because of her promise to return to her time when it really rain. And she did but lo and behold, she met a man that looks exactly like Lee Do! So we know how the ending would be… Gah, what a beautiful love story.splash9Splash Splash Love not only a great web romance drama, the OST is also as awesome as the drama. Gosh, I love this drama so much I think I need another rewatch! I love every second of this show. It is so fluffy, so funny, so easy to watch. Really, if you’re depressed or need a quick pick-me-up, Splash Splash Love is to go to! jLl6R2M4_682be3_f