Currently Watching: Ruler – Master of the Mask


I have not been watching sageuk dramas for months and I purposely saving it for the best! For my Yoo Seung Ho *wink*. And the wait is worth my time! I am enjoying this drama from the beginning until now. I have been on top of it and seriously, I just can’t get enough of it. I do notice a few people dropping this show because they found it frustrating, tiresome and disappointing. Putting my bias aside, I just can’t find Ruler to be tiresome and disappointing. Frustrating? Perhaps. I would blame the writer for going around in circles. Also, it rocks people’s interest differently.

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14 Days of Fangirling: Day 2

Day 2 – Who is your Kpop bias?


Sada: This question is so ungrateful!  How? How to choose one when there are so many babies out there and that I love them all?! If I have to choose, then let’s go with my ultimate cutie L from Infinite and JungEunJi from A pink. *sobs* sobs ma babies!

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Breaking News: Is it May yet?!


Yeah, I know we just entered March but can we skip April and jump straight to May? Why?I do not like this torture, WoolLim! But yeah, Infinite is making a comeback! The brand new teaser 7 in 1 was released on March 1. The teaser is super awesome and sophisticated, the boys looking mighty fine, fine, fine and the music.. Oy, don’t get me start with the music. It’s very e-meaty, which means the song is heavily digitize but I love that it has this mix of electro-ballad while maintaining their typical music style. Oh hell… I don’t know if I can wait for two months. This teaser of a minute and 21 seconds long is enough to send me to heaven!

Currently Watching: My Lovable Girl


Aaaaaah, Rain oppa. I have never seen his other dramas but Full House. I hated him so much for torturing Han Ji Eun but at the same time the feels I got from watching his naughty yet cold ‘tude really, really worked on me. So remembering my experience of watching Full House, I was hoping to get that same cutesy effect from My Lovable Girl. Well *knocks her head with her hand*, what was I thinking? These are two different dramas. Two different genres. Full House was a romantic comedy, and My Lovable Girl is just romance drama. But a girl can dream, right? *shrugs*


In the beginning, My Lovable Girl was not on my watch radar. One of my kakao gf saw the first episode and wasn’t impressed. I blindly took her advice and decided not to watch. And then Michele started texting to me on it. And I suddenly realized, Infinite L is in it! L!!!! MyungSoo!!!!! My other pretty boy is in it! Oh mo, I told myself I’ll regret for the rest of my kdrama life if I don’t start watching it. Plus, the way Michele was describing it, I found it very interesting and intriguing! And I’m glad I listened to her. So, so glad. I marathoned the first 6 episodes in a day! Yes, I was highly addicted with the drama by the end of episode 6 and immediately had withdrawal because the waiting for the next episode began thereafter.


The story line is pretty simple and extremely predictable. You and I can read it very well. So why bother watching it? We watch it because of the presentation with different actors,  of course! Same plot line presented in different circumstances. How can I possibly give it a pass? Besides, it’s Rain and L and it involves music. Somewhat but I love music. My Lovable Girl is a life story of Hyun Wook, a composer and producer of an entertainment company. He came back from his looooong hiatus, after losing his songwriter girlfriend to an accident that potentially partially his fault. He later met Se Na. At the time, Se Na was just a hotel employee assigned to care for Hyun Wook’s adorable golden retriever. He then hired her as his pet sitter. He found out one day that Se Na wanted to be a songwriter and eventually discovered that she is his late girlfriend’s sister. He took her under his entertainment business wing. Unfortunately, her presence was very unwelcoming by his team and it was especially taken it hard by Jae Yeong, the company’s own songwriter and producer. He created a havoc and tore the company’s best kpop group apart and leaving Shi Woo, one of Infinite Power member, behind.


Shi Woo was the prettiest of the Infinite Power member but lacking vocal talent. His team pushed him away and blaming his popularity is nothing but his own appearance. He was very arrogant at the very beginning and used his celebrity title to win all, but in the end he came to realize that he got nothing to brag about. SeNa really pushed his boundaries in a way and made him understand his own ability and was humble by it. In the beginning, SeNa composed a non-typical kpop song for his solo debut but he rejected it thinking a fast, upbeat tempo would get the crowd to love him back. He blew it and ended up injured while performing on the stage and losing respect from his fans more and more. SeNa helped him made a come back and the song was extremely humble and down-to-earth, written to acknowledge his mom.


In the process of all this, Shi Woo slowly falling for SeNa while she’s falling for the handsome dog man aka Hyun Wook. By the end of episode 12, SeNa found out Hyun Wook’s real identity and by the end of episode 13, Shi Woo took heartbroken SeNa and made his. Of course he didn’t say it but action speaks louder than word. This is where Hyun Wook made the biggest mistake of his life by not being honest to SeNa. The girl is hurt. Shi Woo is already making her his. So what do we expect in the next 3 episodes? I, for once, really really hope that the second lead won the first lead’s heart! I want Shi Woo to win the final prize! Beside, it is just wrong to date your sister’s boyfriend! Don’t you agree? Yeah, that’s my prediction but who knows… KDrama is pretty much awesome at breaking their watchers’ hearts. SeNa could ends up forgiving Hyun Wook and go back to him (or not!). *shudders* I’m praying hard that for once, ONCE, that the second lead win! Who is on Team ShiWoo, please raise your hands! Besides, the chemistry between Rain and Krystal is pretty awful as a couple. Krystal and Myung Soo are way better as a couple and are more realistic considering their age and all. Amuden, this 16 episodes drama is nice and lovely even though it sometimes leaves you frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, the frustrating is okay and I get it why Hyun Wook didn’t want to be frank with SeNa. It is what it is too in real life. If you are into a mush mush drama, My Lovable Girl is for you. I like it since it is a light drama, it cools me off from my angsty dailies.


Breaking News: The History of INFINITE


If you are a huge Infinite fan like me, you don’t want to miss watching this series! MisterPopoTV or Popo is coming out with a documentary series for Infinite! Aigoo aigoo aigoo so much love for these boys! The series will follow the men *clears throat* since their pre-debut to today! Now, who is excited? *raises hand* I am! I AMMMMMMM! Popo did not mention when the first episode will be out sadly. I presume the first episode will be out soon… I will park myself on Popo channel from now on… Hehehe. At the mean time, check out the teaser that just got released today! Omo, I’m so up to date! *pats shoulder*

What did you all think? Are you as excited as I am too? Neh? Neh? Neh? *walks back and forth* *smiles*. So while we wait for the first episode, let’s watch Infinite’s Back. If you suddenly hear a loud thud sound, don’t mind it. That’s the sound of me collapsing… Aigoo these boys are so awesome!



Wednesday Eu-Mak: Love is in the Air!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! How are you all doing? I’m doing fabulous! I look great, I feel great! For the past two weeks I have been very sluggish. The travels drained me out completely. I don’t look myself at all and I don’t really want to see any human but my boys. Yeah, this is what happened when you travel and meet too many peoples in two weeks than it is in a year! I’m glad to be normal except my right foot and ankle is still recovering from my tiny mishap I had in the Philippines. Don’t worry, nothing  is broken *winks*

This week is all about love. Wae? Valentine’s Day is around the corner! What do you have plan in mind? But wait, wait… Are you single, attached, recently detached or like me, hooked for life? *laughs* This is very important question. I don’ want to offend the single one *pouts* but I bet even if you’re single, you aren’t feeling lonely coz you’re surrounded by your gorgeous biases, right? *wiggles eyebrows* *poke* C’mon, you know you  have a few… *winks* My goal for this post is to make you all feel all so good no matter what condition you’re in. Love is all around *blows kisses* Celebrate it with your pet. Celebrate it with your family. Celebrate it with friends, near and far. Just go out and celebrate the love *fingers heart*even just by yourself…

The first MV is a feel good song for all of you. It is called Always Love You by SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun and SunnyHill’s Kota. The song is so sweet and lovely. The atmosphere is nice! Very summery, right? The MV makes me want to drop everything and fly to the pacific west coast and stroll on Hwy 1 on a convertible. Aish… those were the days I did with my husband.

The next MV is called Love Blossom by K.Will. Well, how appropriate the title is, right? I figured it would fit perfectly with the theme. Also, with Infinite Myung Soo aka L on the screen? How can I not select this song? *giggles* God I love him! Wooooops, did I just say that out loud? Ok, ok… and special mention for Sistar’s Dasom too *winks* But this song proves that love is all about fun. If it is not fun, take a big leap of faith and move one. I’m sure you’ll find love again…

And my final MV is by BTOB and it is called 2nd Confession. C’mon, I can’t leave y’all without my kpop boys, right? I love the pj version the most  just because… Boys in pjs are cute! I love watching them being all so cute with tiny pony tails *fans self* but for your sake and to be fair, I include the first version too… Hmmmmm *wipes drools* let this fantasy of them boys begin! Pst, ignore that girl… *sticks her tongue out*

I hope you love my Valentine’s selection *fingers heart* and enjoy the songs whenever you can. Take it easy and have a great Love day! *blows kisses*


Master’s Sun: Spooky Timeline-Cap Episode 5


On the previous episode, we started to see sparks of love between our Meow and King, and it is appropriate enough that this week’s theme is nothing but love. I thought it was a good flow of story from the Hong Sisters… I’m still skeptical and waiting for the moment to come when these sisters drop their bomb on us. I know I know, I don’t want to jinx it but I can’t help but thinking of it. History tends to repeat again and again, the latest victim was Big *shudders* Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this episode’s timeline-cap as you watch the episode on Viki.

Episode 5


missienelly: Hi ladies! Good evening. My son is in bed now. I should be available soon. He’s already in la la land *grin*

15 minutes later…

missienelly: I’m here!

ahsokaseoul: I’m here too…

missienelly: Eoseo-oseyo! Laurie is out picking up her boys and she should be back in few minutes.

ahsokasseoul: kk

missienelly: I’ll be right back. My shoulder is hurting from being on computer all day long. Need heat pad… *ouch ouch*

Ahsokaaeoulseoul: kk

ADGIRL: I am sorry I am late…

ahsokaseoul: Hi Laurie! Let me know when to start!

missienelly: I’m ready whenever you are…

ADGIRL: Just signed in and queuing up now.

ahsokaseoul: Done with the credits.

ADGIRL: OMG had a brain fart as to what we were watching. Couldn’t even think of the word to type in.

missienelly: Me too, done with credits.

ADGIRL: And credits on pause ready to play when you are

ahsokaseoul and missienelly: Ready!

ADGIRL: Play! Love that caricature sketch of SJS. Pause, it went to ep 6! Grrrr

missienelly: Aaaargghhhhh she just keep holding on to him. Did he just hold her hands? Yes, pausing now.

ADGIRL: What time are you at?

missienelly: 0:57

ADGIRL: Ok, I will watch to there and let you know when I am at 0:50. Love the hug.

missienelly: The hug… Can I get a hug too? ^^

ADGIRL: At 0:50. SWOON. He is holding her hand while walking her home. Hahahaha I am not a cheap shrimp cracker


ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Did you see that? She holds his hand so tight it leaves mark LOL


ahsokaseoul: Wouldn’t you?

ADGIRL: Would you want to let go? Not me!

missienelly: Hahaha I always got fired because of ghosts LOL


ADGIRL: And like the two of you am already married *stick tongue out*

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGIRL: Now she is getting hired because of them.

ahsokaseoul: I would be so poor…

missienelly: I think uri King is having a blast charging her

ADGIRL: OMG he’s so arrogant and yet I find it hysterical. His lines are the best.

missienelly: I’m also your one and only…. Bahahaha. I agree! His lines are the best!

ahsokaseoul: Ego?

missienelly: Protecting himself from getting hurt…

ahsokaseoul: but i love him

ADGIRL: MMMM! He is actually thinking of the hug and hand holding.

missienelly: My prices are too cheap LOL


ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: I know, right?

ADGIRL: Hahaha she smacks the stuffie


missienelly: Jesus saves me again LOL

ahsokaseoul: Snap out of it!

ADGIRL: That is good product placement. EEERie

missienelly: Oh lordy, where is my pillow?

ahsokaseoul: Creepy ass lady!


missienelly: Is that boy dead or alive?


ADGIRL: Her eyes are the strangest!

missienelly: She is!

ahsokaseoul: creepy portrait eeeee

missienelly: Wait! The other lady spoke Chinese!

ahsokaseoul: dum dum dum

ADGirl: WTH!

missienelly: Bride and groom death. Pause! Let me explain!


ADGirl: Paused

missienelly: In Chinese, when they dress the dead in red, it means they wanted the dead to revenge for his/her death. But I don’t know what’s the deal with this one since the groom is Korean hmmm. Ok, let’s play!

*according to A Korean in America, spirit wedding is never a custom in Korean society. It is really an adaptation of Chinese culture*

ahsokaseoul: Isn’t it a spirit wedding?

missienelly: Yes it is!

ADGirl: Maybe it is half Chinese half Korean?

ahsokaseoul: Ewww

missienelly: Maybe? I could be wrong! Whoa, some power.

ahsokaseoul: Back to Meow and Rocker.

ADGirl: When his face changed it creep’d me out

missienelly: Wacky Western song? This drama is hilarious!

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGIRL: So many variations of instrumental music.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t like milk


missienelly: The kids are too cute!


ADGirl: Yes they are

missienelly: Hahahaha

ADGirl: Scary people chasing her…. The kids mean ghosts

missienelly: Ooooooo that coffee ghost!


ahsokaseoul: Not the coffee ghost!

ADGirl: Wonder what he looks like without the make up

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: AAAAAAAAAA

ADGirl: Hahaha a ghost like stalker… Now you see me. Now you don’t!

missienelly: Report a ghost? LOL *ROFL*

ahsokaseoul: lol

Missienelly: Great! Who sing this song? Again! Again! Is it Onew?

ADGirl: King is following Meow, and keeping tabs. Too funny.

ahsokaseoul: I don’t know.

missienelly: I smell jealousy… hmmm

ADGirl: I will double check later I am sure it’s on the timed comments. I have them turned off.

ahsokaseoul: Those glasses!


missienelly :LOL as fast as ghost?

ahsokaseoul: Ha The storage room! lol


missienelly: Title and duty. Awful! The music! Again!


missienelly: Special customer = ghost *laugh*


ahsokaseoul: Poor Meow

ADGirl: OMG freaky lady… kills people for revenge or dead matching???

missienelly: I don’t know. She’s totally freaky! Soul wedding! You’re right, Angela!

ADGirl: This is disturbing!

ahsokaseoul: She freaks everyone else out too!


ADGirl: Another Cruella Deville!!!

missienelly: Saranghaeyo… He sure scared of her hehehe

ahsokaseoul: lol hahahahahah

missienelly: Her eyes! Evil!

ahsokaseoul: Blink!

ADGirl: Not sure if it is make up or plastic surgery to give her those eyes?

missienelly: She just spoke Chinese! Again!

ADGirl: The coffee drinker is the grandson?


missienelly: Definitely plastic surgery gone wrong! Gasp! Perhaps!

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Gypsy-like song now…Pause! Commercial

ahsokaseoul: kk

missienelly: Play again.

ahsokaseoul: Pause commercial. Play.

ADGirl: Play

missienelly: OK

ADGirl: Bahahaha she is so excited to touch him or hug him for free.


missienelly: I want that hug too! ROFL

ahsokaseoul: Awkward!

ADGirl: At least she is a normal woman…. hahaha his aunt has no idea

missienelly: What the…? Are they trying to make her the bride?

ADGirl: OMG she is going to marry meow to the spirit!

ahsokaseoul: ??

missienelly: Gasp! There he is!

ADGirl: He is jealous!


missienelly: I like to see him getting jealous! Hehehe *jealous man = sexy man*

ADGirl: They are trying to marry her to him!

missienelly: C’mon, King! Run to her!

ADGirl: I bet someone killed him and he was not sick

missienelly: And she has no idea….. Our meow is as innocent as always. He walks very robotic!

ADGirl: Pause commercial

ahsokaseoul: King to save the day…

missienelly: Thanks for the commercial! I’m getting scared!

ADGirl: Play. Sorry another one! Pause.

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: Now play!

missienelly: The music started to pick up urgh! Will he… ack! SCREAM!

ADGirl: That woman is scarier then the spirit in Arang!

ahsokaseoul: Spend one night with the ghost ewww

missienelly: Spend a night?

ADGirl: The consummated wedding night

missienelly: He is not a human!

ADGirl: Eeewww

missienelly: Eeeewwwwww

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: From the back, he looks very masculine and dashing though…


ahsokaseoul: That picture!

ADGirl: King to the rescue

missienelly: You’re right! He was murdered! Otherwise, why would he changed to that fugly looking ghost? Oh King…

ADGirl: I wonder by who… Bahaha

missienelly: Someone from the house!

ahsokaseoul: Commercial

missienelly: Don’t listen to her, King! me too! Play

ahsokaseoul: Damn so many today play…

missienelly: I know!

ADGirl: I know

missienelly: LOLOLOLOLOLOL

ADGirl: Probaby cause it is new and hot drama. I love how she realayed the message.

missienelly: Bahahahahha I do too!

ADGirl: UGH! Is the Aunt going to try and set her up with King?


missienelly: *wink wink*

ADGirl: The original Cruella of the show!

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Hahahah the original Cruella! Too funny!

ADGirl: Last weeks possesion had her dresssed and acting like Cruella

missienelly: Apparently, the after effect hasn’t left her body LOL

ahsokaseoul: Its seems you’re having difficulties.

missienelly: LOL the fire just so appropriate!

ADGirl: Yes it is. I am at 35:09. Where are you at?

missienelly: 34:48

ahsokaseoul: 35:01

missienelly: We are good *smile*

ADGirl: I will pause let me know when to play

missienelly: Okay where you at?

ADGirl: 35:09

missienelly: OK

ADGirl: play?

ahsokaseoul: 35:15

missienelly: 35:08 now. Let me hit play. Count 7 seconds Angela ^^

ahsokaseoul: These commercials are throwing me off! Ok Nelly!

missienelly: Indeed grrrr

ADGirl: Another commercial?

missienelly: All King would care is his biz

ADGirl: Hahahah it’s a guy

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: Gay?

ADGirl: The grandmother is going to have a heart attack.The music is funny again

missienelly: I know! That smirk on his face… LOL

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: LOL pop


ADGirl: Love the pop sound with his mouth

missienelly: *clap clap* the best!

ADGirl: Who knows maybe it just as a friend, as he had none.

missienelly: I was thinking the same… friendship

ADGirl: Cruella and Rock


missienelly: Can we dance with this music now?

ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: A little cha cha perhaps.

missienelly: Hwak! Uhm uhm uhm

ADGirl: I love their wit with each other.


ahsokaseoul: Me too

ADGirl: HA it’s a girl

missienelly: Gasp! That punch! Daenghida! Me too phew… Aaaawwwwwwwwww


ahsokaseoul: Kleenex!

ADGirl: WHAT!!!! Someone else gets the first kiss of the drama!


ahsokaseoul: Love it!

Missienelly: Looks like it, ADGirl. I get it! Green like lettuce!


ADGirl: What a beautiful sad love story.

missienelly: Awwwwwww beautiful

ADGirl: WOW! That would freak me out watching the flowers disappear like that


missienelly: He was waiting for her, to kiss her

ahsokaseoul: The grandson is at peace now…


missienelly: Hey, our King is smiling. Look at meow….. cheeky!

ADGirl: Love that smile

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: LOL

ADGirl: Her letting King know Rocker is not for her even if he likes her. giggle snicker. grab the hand rub it on her face


missienelly: LOL what’s up with the hand holding? LOLOLOLOL every opportunity Giggle

ADGirl: Is that for the aunt or did Rocker place them there to show her he can help her?

missienelly: Rocker!!!!! To the rescue….. Sigh… my hero

ahsokaseoul: Rocker the Ninja!

missienelly: I don’t care, ADGirl! lol

ADGirl: Freaky lady

missienelly: Ooooh well well well

ADGirl: Cha better not try to take over her body totally. I will be po’ed!

missienelly: She did it once! Eeeehhhh?

ADGirl: WTH the little one sees ghosts too?

ahsokaseoul: Eww

ADGirl: All little ones

missienelly: Chucky!


ahsokaseoul: lol

ADGirl: Hehe

missienelly: Not my favorite show eeeee

ADGirl: I have to say this does have freakier shit then Who Are You!

ahsokaseoul: Ewww that doll was creepier than the lady..


ADGirl: Especially the eyes changing color!

missienelly: Yes, way creepier and the music just crazy good too. Kang Woo-shi! I see ghosts! LOL

ADGirl: Sometimes the music relieves the creepy suspenseful parts for me.

ahsokaseoul: Awww

missienelly: Rocker is hot in that black, tight suit! Grrr

ADGirl: The one who says he likes me…. Did you see the green eyed monster appear for a moment in Kings eyes? King is all I see…

ahsokaseoul: Yes I did

missienelly: LOL

ahsokaseoul: I’ll give you a discount.

missienelly: C’mon, King! Party pooper!

ahsokaseoul: lol

missienelly: How did she get all the men with her dark circles? LOL funny line ever!


ADGirl: Love that Rock did not hide the relationship with Meow

ahsokaseoul: Awkward again. Melon colored jacket

missienelly: He got swag, girls. He got swag, despite that melon colored jacket! Kissu kissu kissu!

ahsokaseoul: *sigh*

ADGirl: Did I miss something? why is she leaving? I love how he does not realize how much he needs her as much as she needs him.

missienelly: I was not clear on that part too. Next episode? Break?

ADGirl: Their love will be real and it will be how they beat ghost Cha


ahsokaseoul: Sorry I don’t know either..

ADGirl: I can do next episode

missienelly: It’s getting similar to Who Are You now… Me too

ADGirl: I guess it means research and have to watch again later

missienelly: Yes!

ahsokaseoul: It’s Friday I can do another episode, too

Well, I can assure you that this episode left us with King desperately trying to save his Meow from the evil spirit wedding… And in the end? Nothing happened but of his own jealousy feeling. Hmmmmm, doesn’t he looks sexier though when he’s jealous? *nodded* I think so too. But the freaky part of this story is not the dead but the living. The matchmaking for her dead grandson, is it really necessary? Really? The livings are scarier than the dead. We are scary. And that witch looking spirit matchmaker is truly the original Cruella Deville! I had a blast but I thought there is something missing from this episode. The ooomph is not there. Where is the IT factor, Hong Sisters? C’mon! For more detail review of Master’s Sun, please visit our Jess Unnie’s dramatic review here.