Currently Watching: BG – Personal Bodyguard


I really did not want to watch it but this drama lines up great actors I knew I will regret skipping it. This show ended two weeks ago and we are currently waiting for the final two episodes to get subbed. Honestly, after finishing episode 7 this morning, I really hope that the next episode will get subbed soon. I am desperately in need of an answer! And a miracle! Could I get both?

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Just Watched: Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-Han


I finally finished marathoning Crisis! Oh em gee… the feelzzzzz! I really had this massive withdrawal and denial. The show ended on a high note and one major cliff! I had to sound the alarm and alerted my girls, Bel, Panda and Trotwood, when I completed it this evening. I was shocked by how it ended. I simply could not believe it… the team was created just to get Akira? I just can’t accept it! They went this far just to lure him? Ridiculous!

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Currently Watching: Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu


A contract marriage drama! Wow! And it is done with a twist!!! Oh my goodness, why don’t I think of this idea before? *laughs* I should have make money off of my husband! I mean… yeah, I should get paid to be a housewife, right? Well, this is what Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu is all about. Hey, what’s the matter? Got your tongue tied? It’s ok, same here. Let’s just shorten it to Nigeru.


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Just Watched: Erased, Seondal & Never Said Goodbye

Yeap, I’m on movie marathon again. Seriously, if not for Bel, I wouldn’t be watching these many movies. I have another movie to watch but currently, my son and I are too absorbed into Indiana Jones series. It will come later… But for now, here are my quick thoughts on the movie I just saw this week.


w3rprqm1_68a104_fErased feels like a time-traveled movie. This 2-hour show tells a story of Satoru, a manga artist by day with a part-time job as a pizza delivery guy. Satoru has this magnificent ability that I wish I have. He’s able to see what is going to happen and turn back the clock to prevent the incident from happening. Literally. Within seconds. But one day, he came home and found his mom was stabbed. He went back 18 years back to figure out who the killer that kills children in which one of the victims, Kayo, was his friend. When he thought he saved Kayo, he realized Kayo remains dead in the present life. He then went back again to figure out what happened. Would his second attempt of saving Kayo eventually saved his mom? This thriller movie is not suspenseful enough but brilliantly acted by Fujiwara Tatsuya, to my opinion. The children scenes were the best part of all. I wish I have the time to read the manga because I am sure not all of the stories get adapted to the movie. I’m a bit hesitant to recommend this drama, to be honest.



I can’t believe what I saw. This movie was hilarious from start to finish! Kudos to the person who wrote the novel that sparks the making of Seondal. I truly enjoyed it! My son and I laughed so hard this morning. This movie is about Seondal – Kim Seon Dal, that is. He cheated life once. With his good looks and partnered with few friends, he became the infamous swindler in the country. He’s able to steal many things and disguise himself as a eunuch, a king, a monk and even as a woman! Trust me, Seung Ho was beautiful as a woman! One day, he and his team decided to steal tobacco from a powerful and notorious merchant, Sung Dae Ryeon. This gets dirtier when on top of that, Chinese is involved in this corrupted trade. Seondal is no hero but being caught in between Dae Ryeon and the Chinese, he indirectly saved his country. The movie was predictable yet enjoyable. I highly recommend this movie!

Never Said Goodbye


Lee Joon Gi in a Chinese movie? Sign me up! And he sounds good in Chinese! I could understand what he said, and not just mumbling the words. Never Said Goodbye was never on my radar until Bel put it up for me to watch. I did not know that Joon Gi would do Chinese movie. Since he’s currently famous as Scarface in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, I don’t mind watching him in a different setting. And truly, Never Said Goodbye is different. Unlike the first two movies I saw, this love story is somewhat confusing. I’m not a fan of a flashback-style movie. The movie is about a Korean exchange student played by Joon Gi, who fell in love with Xiao You, a Shanghainese. The story started with how deeply in love they are but then something happened that prompted them to break up. It was his decision to do so and she could not understand why and her life went spiraling down since he left. And then the movie started to tell us the story of how they met, his life before her, her life before him, and also answered to why he wanted this breakup. It’s hard for me to recommend it since I’m not a fan of back-and-forth plots. Another odd thing is in the beginning, Joon Gi was speaking in Chinese. Later on, he speaks in Korean and the actress in Chinese. It reminds me of Love Me If You Dare. That’s a no-no for me… *sigh*


Currently Watching: Ishitachi no Renai Jijo aka Doctor’s Affairs


I have lost my count on how many Japanese dramas I have seen this year. It’s a good thing because I really want to spread my watch horizon to more Japanese shows. I’m not bored with Korean dramas but lately I found myself not into it as much as before. But changes is good, right? I think I should broaden up a bit so I can see dramas from different perspective. Now back to Doctor’s Affairs… As always, Bel recommended it to me. Gosh, she knows which good drama to watch! This jdrama is so addictive! And I’m a bit addicted with this male lead doc! Wow, look at him! His looks is extremely unique! There is something sexy and charming about him. The way he carries himself is just… wow!


Doctor’s Affairs is a 12-episode drama and 6 episodes aired so far. In the beginning, I sort of hesitant to watch it because it is a medic drama. I’m not into medical drama because it intimidates me big time with all these genius terms! Puhhhleeeez, just speak in commoners language! Also, I’m not good with blood so I was afraid I will get queasy. Well, my brave soul told me to give it a go and so I did. So far it has been great and I was able to avoid feeling nauseated while watching! Phew. Imagine if I faint while watching it… I might as well go for nap or sleep, right? *laughs*


Doctor’s Affairs is a marriage between Doctor X and Second Love. Morita Sensei transferred to a prestigious university hospital as a surgeon but disagree with the way the hospital is running. Mikio-san lead the hospital as the Chief Finance and he prioritize wealthy patients. Morita sensei disapproves of the system and prefers to help patients no matter their backgrounds are and all he cares is to save the patients. Morita sensei met Kondo sensei, a senior surgeon who is much older than him. But to him, it was love at first sight and he tried to get closer to her more and more. He even assisted her in surgery. What got me hook to Doctor’s Affairs is how charismatic and genuine Morita sensei is and I, too, fell in love with him at first sight! Kondo sensei started to develop that attachment with him as well but she’s very concerned over her age against him. I am not surprised. At that age, I’m sure she’s very alert and self aware of herself, and taking a suitor younger than her age can be intimidating as well as nerve-wrecking.

1065391v_1504101744_5Well, if you have seen Second Love, the age was not an issue with Kei and same goes with Morita sensei. I predict happy ending with Doctor’s Affairs. But unlike Second Love, this drama does not have racy scenes yet still able to make your heart goes dugun dugun *wink*. The progress of love is slow for both doctors as they are occupied in saving lives and plus, the first 6 episodes seem to focus on taking care of business. What that means? Kondo’s ex-fiancee came back, Morita’s mother needs surgery for her illness and his ex-girlfriend came back for treatment. Now that all these are taken care of, I hope the next 6 episodes will give us more love development between the two doctors. This drama is light and calm, and I see no issue with angst whatsoever. I highly suggest you watching it if you want are into a calm, medic drama.