Currently Watching: Signal

1010You know how I somewhat partial with cop dramas, right? Some are good, some are just pure action. And those corrupt police drama ones… *shakes head* But Signal is above and beyond. It somewhat gives me God’s Gift and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel combo vibes. That butterfly effect… I love this element in a drama. But I didn’t expect Signal would go this route at all. In fact, I am surprised that it did. It really solidify my believe that this show has met my expectations. What else would Signal bring to the table as I catching up with episode 12? dd7ns75785ae3jrdu912This detective drama keeps me up to my toes. It continuously pushing me to think as hard as the characters. When past and present world collide, when the writer is forcing you as watchers to witness the parallel life between a character’s past and present… Wahhhh I just can’t help but noticing this growing envy of such awesome drama plot. How does one able to think it through and project it into a moving story? Yeah, I hear you. I am putting too much thought into this. Let me live this awesome Signal life, chingu *wink* IE001916557_STDAs I said earlier, Signal is unlike any other cop dramas you have seen. The color scheme is colorful only in Detective Cha’s home. The rest of the scenes are gloomy and grey but certainly meet the mood of this drama. Signal started with rookie Park Hae Young discovering an old police transmitter used by the late Detective Lee Jae Han. Hae Young uses the transmitter to communicate with Detective Lee. There is only one catch; the transmitter only works at 11:23 pm. Why? Is it the time when Detective Lee went missing?  Anyway, the cases that Park Hae Young is working on are unsolved cold cases and directly related with the work of Detective Lee. Detective Cha was the maknae of the office when she began working in the police unit. She received guidance and ultimately support by Detective Lee. 20 years later, Detective Cha is the team leader for the cold case and Hae Young reports to her. IE001920278_STDCha does not know that Hae Young has been in “contact” with Lee. When she was notified by Section Chief Ahn Chi Soo that Hae Young has been digging on Lee, she started to feel alert. The truth is she herself is looking for the missing Lee. She and Ahn wonder why a rookie like Park would be interested in Lee’s case? They both calculated the time and thought Park and Lee never cross path. However, they are both wrong. Park and Lee did cross path and the two are tied through the very first case Park worked on under Cha’s team. Now, although it sounds pretty direct and interesting, but what a cop drama will be without corruption, political influence and murder within the system, right? *wiggles brows* 20160118010010263000426910Signal touches all aspects of crime. From kidnap and revenge to serial killer and gang-rape crimes, the show has yet to fail me. It grips me so hard. It is edgy. It is hearty. It is compelling. It is emotional. And if you are watching this show, let’s take a moment and acknowledge all the characters in Signal. As I was in awe with all characters in Cruel City, I am having this deja vu with all characters in this drama. They are absolutely brilliant and together made Signal a really fantastic drama! I can’t help but saying this but Signal is one of the best dramas of 2016! I just know it!


Currently Watching: Secret Love Affair


Pppssssstttt…… Sssssshhhh, keep it down. It’s a secret! We cannot let this secret out or else, one of us is going to die! *giggles* Just kidding! I’m just messing with y’all. But let me tell you a little secret. Secret Love Affair was never in my list to watch until DDee from Obsessive Compulsive K-Drama Watching Disorder started spamming her Facebook and blog about it over and over and over until…. OK, I get it DDee. Point taken completely! I’ll watch it! Rawwwwwwww! And when I found out that the main lead actress is Kim Hee Ae, hell yeah I’ll jump in on this wagon. I’m a big fan of her work! Well… I haven’t seen all of her work but Midas. But *swaying her index finger* one drama was enough to evaluate how good she is as an actress! Anyways…..


Moving back to Secret Love Affair… Well, I kind of feel cheated a bit by this drama though. I thought it was about an affair and a whole lotta steamy hanky panky affair, but what I did not know is that it is more than an affair drama. The secret is just a cover up as the show also led us to the secret life of socials and socialites! Hmmmm where the hell is my affair??? I want steamy affair, and not some power struggle! Urgh… I got a bit frustrated but I decided to give it a go regardless… *shrugs*



The drama tells a story of Oh Hye-Won, a once a musical prodigy turned director in a performing art school. Her husband, Kang Joon Hyeong, is music professor in the same school. Hye-Won has a secret life. Aside as a director, she also manages the music school’s family foundation money. So on the surface, you will see an elegant, well-composed, and classy lady. But deep down, she’s basically lead a different life. From what I observe, she’s like an upgrade French maid. She gets to dress well but behind the scene, she get slapped, splashed water to her face and yelled by the family foundation. *facepalm* I guess the money was so good for her not to say a single word to anyone! Now, to spice up her already glamorous life, here comes Lee Sun Jae marching into her life. Whether it is coincidence or not, it is hard to tell… At least from Sun Jae’s perspective. Why? When SLA introduced Sun Jae, I couldn’t tell whether he fell in love with Hye-Won at first sight or he was mesmerized by the music or both. Sun Jae is a gifted, self taught pianist. Unfortunately, he never received a proper music education due to his family’s poor condition. Instead, he got creative by creating his space in his tiny apartment that he shared with his mom with an old, used piano and soundproofing it with eggs cardboard. Scccchmart!


Anyway, Joon Hyeong overheard a pianist playing in the auditorium one night and mistaken it for one of his students. But when he found out it was Sun-Jae, he went berserk and insisted on his wife to use whatever mighty power she has to scout Sun Jae to be his students even though the enrollment to the school has closed. He even made Hye Won auditioned Sun Jae. That basterd really want Sun Jae for his own good actually! *clenching teeth* The audition scene was one of the most beautiful scene I’ve seen in my kdrama life. I so want to make it out with both of them! *nods* I’m not kidding. Their chemistry was unbelievable! From then on, even though Hye Won hesitated she still made Sun Jae a student in the school. And Sun Jae turned her life upside down. But her life turned out more beautiful than ever despite the illegal consummate she had with him. She was able to see life! A life she never seen throughout her marriage life. Nevertheless, she constantly received pressure due to her affairs and her other life. Her other life is pretty dangerous. A slash fund is at stake. I’m skeptical and worried at the same time. What would happen to her? Can she handle all these on her own? She is so composed I never seen her once breaking down.


Secret Love Affair is sort of misleading but in a good way drama. I’m a fan of this type of drama though. Some says it is boring. Yes, I admit the pace of this drama is sloooooowwwww! However, I find it intriguing and giddy every minute of my time watching it. I’m excited to finish this show. I think it is the best melodrama in awhile regardless of its pace. It is NOT for everyone. It is hard to even recommend it because I personally found it irresistible not to watch! If you want to watch it, give it the first 4 episodes and see if you can handle it… The story gets richer after episode 4… And in addition, good performance by the OTP! I don’t think you should consider… just watch!