Currently Watching: Secret Forest


I finally able to start this glorious drama everyone has been raving about. I was either getting ready or already started my traveling when it first began airing. I was full of envy and jealousy that my Twitter friends could watch it and I couldn’t. But now the show has ended and they all are in withdrawal stage while me, enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I even spamming and tweeting madness whenever I get a chance. Some friend I am, huh? *laughs*

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Currently Watching: Pied Piper

AGJDSJLCWLH5DPTWG3LM_1024x0When I started this drama, I was not sure whether I will like it or not. I was not convinced with the male leads. And I was disappointed with Jo Yoon Hee’s performance in Nine. Regardless, I decided to plunge into Pied Piper. On the back of my head, I can’t help but think what if I don’t like it. It is a huge gamble. I have so many dramas on my plate and adding Pied Piper is like adding weights onto my shoulder. Since so many are raving it on my Twitter, this gamble better be worth my time!


The first episode was a meh. It didn’t grip me. Come to think about it, I can’t really remember what was it about except for the negotiation part with the villains. But I continued anyway. And right after episode 3, the show got very interesting and conniving that I couldn’t really slow down anymore. Before you knew, I was too absorbed with the show that most of my tweets on Pied Piper involves F, BS, C, MF, AF and all sorts of cussing vocabularies I know. You know I’m not usually like this. I’m very composed as a person. Some of my tlist got a kick out of my tweets! I guess they are amused and entertained by my sudden rage on Tweeter! *giggles*


So what Pied Piper is about? It is about a small, unrecognized team that focus mostly on negotiation rather than physical when dealing with crime cases. Needless to say, the crime is definitely more on mind controlling side. Joo Sung Chan was an international negotiator until he lost his girlfriend when he failed in negotiating her place out of a standoff. After that, he lost his mojo and went into hiding. Fast forward few years later, he came back when he was on the run. It turns out, he is hiding from Chairman Seo. They all wanted him back but I believe he is hurt after his girlfriend’s death. But the reason he came back and volunteer to work with the negotiation team was because of Pied Piper. Pied Piper was the reason his girlfriend died and now he is determined to unveil Pied Piper‘s true identity.


This show is addictive. Great acting by the two male lead (ignore Myung Ha). I find this show extremely good that I think it will go to my top 5 along with Signal. I’m glad I have the time to blog this post; I’m already at episode 14 out of 16. I could finish it all in one sitting! Please watch this underrated drama if you haven’t already. It is a great crime drama!


p/s: don’t let the whistling get into you!!!!