Breaking News: Midnight Foodstore


Or Midnight Diner or Late Night Restaurant. Whichever you want to call it, the show is up for airing in 8 days from today! The first trailer was posted today and in my opinion it is the most heart-wrenching trailer I have seen in years! Our handsome Mark Chao pulls a dramatic tragic scene with his daughter here. But he is only a supporting this drama.  I really can’t wait to start it! It has been my anticipated drama since Eternal Love. All because of Mark. Even though he will only be in one of the 40 episodes… But that’s okay.

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Just Watched: Of Love and Rain


My last memory of Peter Ho and Janine Chang was horrible. They both were trapped in an unforgiving “slap kiss” romance that hard to believe, it may still exist in today’s world! Yeap, I’m talking about Le Jun Kai! *shudders* Let’s not dig out the past. But last night, I had the opportunity to erase all that with Of Love and Rain. This 4-episode web drama was the most cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile and what’s more, entertaining. My BP was high last night after Great First Wives (review to come soon), my current daily drama. Thanks to Bel, my night was calmer dramatically! *beams*

of love and rain

Of Love and Rain is of a simple love story of two childhood friends reunited unexpectedly and while they both have that “I think I like you but wait… I think i want to love you”, they both doesn’t know where or how to start. Peter is a quirky meteorologist with an obsession with fair trade organic coffee. He drives around town in his I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe electric, futuristic car and coffee bean bag. Janine is a coffee shop owner who collects rain from places she traveled. One night, Peter drove and happened to see a lady standing under her umbrella with her hand sticking out to feel the rain drops. Peter said that it is dangerous to do that. He meant it is dangerous to expose her hand under the rain because the water pH is too alkali. She mistaken him thinking that because of her car accident that was blocking the street. As she looked closer at him, she recognized who he is. She is his first love since he was a kid and was surprised to see her again! I went awwwwwww…. His kiddish smile got me laughing too! Anyway, he gave her a ride to the nearest bus stop but then he had to take a bus home because he forgot to charge his electric car! Before they separated, she asked him to give him a call and wrote her number on his palm. As soon as he got on the bus, a few numbers from his palm got washed away and when he turned back to see her, he saw a man approached Janine. Peter immediately sigh and most likely assumed he is her boyfriend.


The misunderstanding continues until one day, the man that helped Janine asked her what is wrong. And before you know it, the man called Peter in and introduced himself as Janine’s insurance agent. It turned out that he helps Janine and her family with their insurance and told Peter that he can bundle insurance between two people. Guess what? It turned out that this is a State Farm sponsored web drama and I assured you, bundling two insurances together means bundling Janine and Peter together! Win win for them! I adore this web drama. It is light and romantic! Quirky and nerdy. Fluffy and fun! What’s more, if you bundle up all the episodes together, they are less than 14 minutes long! See, bundling is a good thing! Do you bundle, chingu? *wiggles brows* And you can’t go wrong with Peter and Janine. Whenever they are paired together, their chemistry is off the chart!!!!!

Currently Watching: Le Jun Kai

*Update September 9, 2013*

The OST song for Le Jun Kai is called Regret, performed by our Le Jun Kai alone, Peter Ho. Enjoy!

*Update September 4, 2013* 

This is a 9 episode web drama, not a 7 episode drama as I stated below. A little update: I just completed episode 8 and the story is becoming clearer and clearer and somewhat predictable, as in I predicted that the only way to get Joon to sign the contract is to get his son, the over-annoying-I-can’t-believe-that-voice-came-from-this-kid Tian Tian, kidnapped. And that’s where it stop again… Sigh. I can’t wait to watch the final episode. *curled lips*

I also wants to take this opportunity for thank you to you all for visiting my blog! My blog got hit 744 times on Sunday night! Record breaking set! I’m thrilled, and I am so blessed to Google for placing my review as first search list. For a thorough review, please visit Kat’s website, DramaPot. Xie xie, ni men!


August 30, 2013 Post

If you know my drama habit,  I’m always on the lookout for a drama that would give me a “slap in the face” effect and I FOUND one! AGAIN! Yes, yes yes another jackpot! I saw it on my Viki app dispaly and I got curious! First off, it is Peter Ho. Good God Miss Molly! Hello, hunk! Where have you been hiding all the while? He’s so masculine and sharp and mannish *not so good looking* *duck from Peter Ho’s fans* I can’t help but channel all my energy and focus intensely on him. Why? I mean look at him brothers and sisters! IT IS GOD!!! Bahahaha

Anyway, *breathe in and out* Le Jun Kai is a Chinese 7-episode mini-web-drama series I am currently curious about. Each episode is 15 minutes long but man oh man, don’t look down at the length of it as it is jam packed with super rich storyline. This is one drama I really wish it could have been longer than it is. But I am content regardless of how quick each episode went by… It is very intense and the acting is absolutely intensely engaging and excellent! The only intense drama I’ve seen this summer was Cruel City and it left me breathless. Le Jun Kai could be my next crack drama for this summer! The story is quite simple yet has the WTF elements in it. Le Jun Kai or Jun as they referred him decided to marry Ye Zi as a revenge to her father and mistreated her throughout their marriage. After one year anniversary, he decided to divorce her even though he knew that she loves him and he himself knew that his growing love for her is getting bigger and bigger. When Ye Zi told him that she’s pregnant with his child in hope that he will consider the marriage again, coldly *not a slight caring* he pushed the idea of abortion to her. What would a woman at her position do? What would you do? Here’s a trailer to excite your appetite 🙂

I think I give out too much spoiler here…  One feature I hated the most that is repeatedly used in this drama is the flashback. The story keeps switching back and forth between the past and present. As much as I hate flashback though, I think it is necessary because it is the past that tells the whole story of Le Jun Kai. I admit at times, I was a little confuse and lost. But I manage and I’m sure you will too. But another feature I love the most is the OST. My god it is so awesome. The open music for Jun Kai’s credit is just out of this world awesome. You can just know how intense this drama is by the music. THIS IS A MUST WATCH DRAMA! I’m sorry my review is really short but believe me, it doesn’t feel short when watching it. It’s on Viki now… go watch it! Shoo!