Currently Watching: IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei


What does IS stands for? Intersexual. Yeap, it is appropriate to continue my next Japanese drama watch with another gender issue drama. Kataomoi was a great drama aired in 2017. But IS-Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei is an older drama. 2011 to be exact. And the situation and approach are much different. I am still at the early stage of the drama and not sure where it is taking me too. But I would like to speculate. Let see if it actually make sense and whether I am correct.

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Just Watched: Kataomoi


WOWOW wow’d me once again! This network is brilliant and Kataomoi is a masterpiece. Leave it to a daring network to once again giving us an outstanding performance, a high-quality storytelling and the most compelling sensitive issue in today’s world. Transgender. Furthermore, you can’t help but respect Miki Nakatani as her portrayal as a she-man. She is brilliant! Being this is my second time seeing her, first was IQ246, I think I am a fan!

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Just Watched: Five


If you need a good laugh, you want to watch Five! Only 8 episodes long with each episode less than 30 minutes, this show will make you laugh from start to finish! I finally able to finish it because the final two episodes took a bit longer to be subbed. I am pretty sure the subbers were busy with life. Thankfully, it gets finished. I ended up watching the last three 3 Papas episode unsubbed because no one is subbing it anymore. This is always a hit or miss if you decide to watch Japanese dramas. Because of that, I vow to watch a show only if the series is fully subbed.

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Currently Watching: Saboriman Katarou


I stumbled Saboriman Katarou aka Katarou: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix and I am currently addicted to this show! This drama is certainly designed to promote Japanese local sweets! If only it is summer now and if only I could just fly myself to Japan!!!! The sweets are so mouthwatering but Katarou made it mouthwatering 1000 times better!!!! Based on a comic from the same title, this 12 episodes drama is very entertaining and the slapstick humor is hilarious. Even my husband found it funny despite him complaining about how Japanese loves romanticizing every single expression!

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2017 Top 5 Blog Views

Hi, everyone! As we leave 2017, I would like to share with you 5 dramas I blogged that gets high views. Now, the views may not seem high when comparing it to some popular blogs out there but it is to me. For an unknown blog like mine, I think the numbers are pretty impressive! So here they are in order:

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Currently Watching: Kahogo no Kahoko


My current krack drama at the moment and I am still waiting for the last episode to be subbed! I am actually okay because seriously the show is so cute and fun I do not want it to end! I can safely say that Kahogo no Kahoko is a great drama! My only complain? 10 episodes way too short! But I get it, too many episodes can be taxing and losing the real purpose. Though I say it is too short, I do find a few episodes a bit draggy.

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Just Watched: Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-Han


I finally finished marathoning Crisis! Oh em gee… the feelzzzzz! I really had this massive withdrawal and denial. The show ended on a high note and one major cliff! I had to sound the alarm and alerted my girls, Bel, Panda and Trotwood, when I completed it this evening. I was shocked by how it ended. I simply could not believe it… the team was created just to get Akira? I just can’t accept it! They went this far just to lure him? Ridiculous!

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