Currently Watching: Fukuyado Honpo: Kyoto Love Story


Once again, I started another new drama. I promised myself this will be the last one. I must finish Lawless Lawyer immediately once this drama ends. I seriously couldn’t resist starting another drama. Bel alerted me two weeks ago about Fukuyado Honpo and obviously, I have this itch to start it right away. I’m so glad I started it last night. It’s helluva good except it’s not an entirely romcom. A bit disappointed but whatever…

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Currently Watching: Cinderella Formula


Don’t ask me but while I suppose to catch up on my dramas, I decided to start on something new! I feel like slapping myself! I started Cinderella Formula because I thought it is a romcom drama. After a week of meeting people, I just need a drama that can wind me down and make me laugh. But it turns out, this is a slice of life genre. While I’m not in a mood for a serious drama, I do find it interesting.

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Currently Watching: Zero: Black Blood



Well, I was trying to find something easy, light and short to watch. I came across Zero: Black Blood on plex. The episodes were 30 minutes long and the series has 6 episodes only. But when I started, I knew immediately this show is not for me. However, my son is totally enjoying it! And for some reason, he is able to follow through the story line!

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Currently Watching: Ashi Girl


If you are a fan of Nobunaga Concerto (like me), you don’t want to miss Ashi Girl. Bel and I have been waiting for this drama ever since it got aired in 2017. This underrated drama is a funny gem you should not missed. The story is super easy to follow and very lighthearted. I am once again amazed how the Japanese is able to come up with a drama that is practical in life. The only unpractical part? The time traveling! But obviously, I am a fan of this genre.

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Currently Watching: Ossan’s Love


So here’s the thing… I do not recall I have seen BL theme drama before. Ever. Wait, does Bromance counts? Anyway, I must be having a memory relapse but omg if it’s true, I think my BL cherry just burst with Ossan’s Love. I finally got a chance to start it after weeks of hating and bickering with my TL for enjoying the show without me. Yes, I was THAT cranky! But yesterday I got to dance like a maniac because I was able to marathon all five episodes in one sitting! Thankfully the episode was 40 minutes long and they were funny!

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Currently Watching: Kimi wa Petto


I have been wanting to watch Kimi Wa Petto like forever! Finally able to start it while I was in India and I regretted not starting it sooner. This drama is so cute! Everything is so cute. Their chemistry gives me goosebumps. I just can’t. Despite a few things which I could not understand, I still couldn’t help but squeeing like a school girl. Now, as much I love the show, I really can’t weigh in on how good it is compared to the original Kimi Wa Petto and the manga, as well as the Korean version made into a movie titled You’re My Pet. I now want to watch all of them just to see how good each version is.

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Currently Watching: Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a piece of art! But not everyone will cherish this masterpiece. At times, I found this drama full of crap and stupid! And at other times, I found it so weird. However, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I found the show quite symbolic (whatever that means). Like I said, this drama is a piece of art – a moving art that combines a loose plot, very graphic and gory scenes, disgusting needs and just blood everywhere. The colors are vibrant and the lightings are perfect.

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