Currently Watching: Switched


So I caught up with Mr. Sunshine (review to come soon) and was shocked by the ending and immediately felt I need something light and fluffy to cheer myself up. I started Switched with a mind that it would be fluffy and cute. Well, God dang it was I wrong! This drama, only 6 episodes long, but oh man… it is packed with twisted plots! Seriously, I did not expect a high school drama to be this complicated! Currently on the last episode, I am hopeful for some happy ending. Some!

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Currently Watching: Black Revenge


I have been putting Black Revenge on hold since June. The series ended last year but someone finally subbed the show. Thank you subber for your work! I finally able to start it last week while I was in Istanbul. I was bored and needed something edgy and intense to keep me awake. In the beginning, I was not keen on watching it even though I was bored. But it turns around really quickly when I realized what’s going on. It is a revenge! It is my kind of story!

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On Hold: Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu


This is my first On Hold post for this blog. I can’t helped but to pen down Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu. The reason for putting this drama on hold? No one is subbing it. This series is only 9 episodes long but I am not sure why the subber stop working on it. Many reasons, of course. So far, I have seen 5 subbed episodes. There are 4 episodes left to be subbed. I wish I could do it but I do not understand Japanese. This is sad because the story is quite interesting. Shameless me wants to ask my J girlfriend to sub the remaining episodes but I know she’s busy with work and life. Sigh.

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Currently Watching: Fukuyado Honpo: Kyoto Love Story


Once again, I started another new drama. I promised myself this will be the last one. I must finish Lawless Lawyer immediately once this drama ends. I seriously couldn’t resist starting another drama. Bel alerted me two weeks ago about Fukuyado Honpo and obviously, I have this itch to start it right away. I’m so glad I started it last night. It’s helluva good except it’s not an entirely romcom. A bit disappointed but whatever…

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Currently Watching: Cinderella Formula


Don’t ask me but while I suppose to catch up on my dramas, I decided to start on something new! I feel like slapping myself! I started Cinderella Formula because I thought it is a romcom drama. After a week of meeting people, I just need a drama that can wind me down and make me laugh. But it turns out, this is a slice of life genre. While I’m not in a mood for a serious drama, I do find it interesting.

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Currently Watching: Zero: Black Blood



Well, I was trying to find something easy, light and short to watch. I came across Zero: Black Blood on plex. The episodes were 30 minutes long and the series has 6 episodes only. But when I started, I knew immediately this show is not for me. However, my son is totally enjoying it! And for some reason, he is able to follow through the story line!

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Currently Watching: Ashi Girl


If you are a fan of Nobunaga Concerto (like me), you don’t want to miss Ashi Girl. Bel and I have been waiting for this drama ever since it got aired in 2017. This underrated drama is a funny gem you should not missed. The story is super easy to follow and very lighthearted. I am once again amazed how the Japanese is able to come up with a drama that is practical in life. The only unpractical part? The time traveling! But obviously, I am a fan of this genre.

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