Currently Watching: Kimi wa Petto


I have been wanting to watch Kimi Wa Petto like forever! Finally able to start it while I was in India and I regretted not starting it sooner. This drama is so cute! Everything is so cute. Their chemistry gives me goosebumps. I just can’t. Despite a few things which I could not understand, I still couldn’t help but squeeing like a school girl. Now, as much I love the show, I really can’t weigh in on how good it is compared to the original Kimi Wa Petto and the manga, as well as the Korean version made into a movie titled You’re My Pet. I now want to watch all of them just to see how good each version is.

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Currently Watching: Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a piece of art! But not everyone will cherish this masterpiece. At times, I found this drama full of crap and stupid! And at other times, I found it so weird. However, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I found the show quite symbolic (whatever that means). Like I said, this drama is a piece of art – a moving art that combines a loose plot, very graphic and gory scenes, disgusting needs and just blood everywhere. The colors are vibrant and the lightings are perfect.

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Currently Watching: BG – Personal Bodyguard


I really did not want to watch it but this drama lines up great actors I knew I will regret skipping it. This show ended two weeks ago and we are currently waiting for the final two episodes to get subbed. Honestly, after finishing episode 7 this morning, I really hope that the next episode will get subbed soon. I am desperately in need of an answer! And a miracle! Could I get both?

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Currently Watching: Life As A Girl


Yeah, the title says it all. A guy living his Life As A Girl. Pervert, you say? I did not think of it initially but certainly, there were few instances that led me to think like that. Not so obvious, though. To say, Miki (Mikio – his real name) Ogawa, a transgender, it is not. He dresses as a woman and moved to the city but deep down, still attracted to women. It is hard to judge…

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Just Watched: Unnatural


Not knowing what it was about except that it is a medical genre and has Satomi in it, I waited last minute before starting Unnatural. I must say anything with Satomi is a winner. She lights up in any kind of drama and in here, while the genre consists of medical, investigation and mysterious, her presence really sets a tone that medical drama can be fun, entertaining, interesting and funny! My love-hate relationship with medical drama totally disappears as soon as I started seeing her. Satomi is the epiphany of Japanese dramas. She is, no doubt, one of the greatest Japanese actors today.

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Currently Watching: Hana ni Keda Mono


So I wanted something light to watch and came across Hana ni Keda Mono on Bel‘s plex. It is a high school drama and you know I never say no to this genre. High school drama, in my opinion, is fun in a sense that watching these high schoolers acting all adult and trying to solve the problems on their own. Sometimes I wonder if this is how teenagers are today. I don’t recall my teenage life being this complicated… then again, I was raised in an all-girls school. My situation was different. We only compete on who’s the smartest or who’s the prettiest *laugh*. I can’t believe we were so shallow back then…

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Currently Watching: Final Cut


I can’t believe this show is ending soon!!!!! I have been watching it since early this week but put it on hold last Saturday at episode 5 because I couldn’t take it. Of course, I mustered my energy Sunday morning and watched it until episode 8. One more episode, people. One more episode! If you aren’t watching it, I highly suggest you do. It’s a revenge drama that makes you wonder how far you would go to expose the truth. To be honest, it isn’t far because everything was done with a decent of respect. Well, almost.

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