Currently Watching: Baek Hee Has Returned


I am bored lately. 90% of my dramas are currently airing dramas. To wait every week for new episodes can be frustrating. I decided to marathon Baek Hee Has Returned since it is only 4 episodes long. This short series is funny, cute and fun! The acting is quite stellar! I got totally engrossed in this show. Even my son is!

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Just Watched: Northern Line Limit, The Throne and The Classified File

You know I’m on work travel when all you see on today’s post are movies! Yeap, I was forced to watch them in order to stay awake on my flight. I kind of glad I did because the movies were wonderful. I even shed my precious tears!!!! So here are my quick two cents on the movies:

Northern Line Limit


Bel had asked me to watch this movie before. I should have listened to her sooner. It’s a military movie! Anything military genre like, I’m in! (don’t remind me of DotS, okay?) Plus, Kim Moo Yeol and Jin Goo are in it. Based on true story, this movie was about the navy clash between the North and South Korea. Obviously, it was told from the South Korean side. The story mainly focused on the lives of the South Korean soldiers and how they fought against the sneaky North Korean. I cried at the end of the movie. It’s a war movie so death was inevitable but I loved how the movie portrayed the courage and high-spirited soldiers. They were so young and naive. Battle of Yeonpyeong was their first true battle and left a deep scar not only to them, but to the country. Overall, I enjoyed it. It was just a steady pace in the beginning but it picked up towards the end. If you love anything military-like movie, you would want to watch it. I wished I saw it with someone… I had so many questions. Well, I have summoned my husband and good friend to watch it so we can discuss the NK tactics *wink*.

The Throne


This movie can be a little bit frustrating. The back and forth flashback annoyed me in the beginning and I was able to feel comfortable with it 30 minutes into it. The Throne was great. The King was painful to watch and so did the Crown Prince. The King expected a lot from the Crown Prince to take the thrown. But he was disappointed that his son was more into arts than governing the country. The Crown Prince blamed the King for not giving him the fatherly love he deserved. Basically, the movie lingers around father and son relationship. The Crown Prince was mad that his father did not celebrate his mom’s 60th birthday and threatened to kill him. The King charged his son for treason and asked him take his life. Well, the Crown Prince did not but he ended up dead anyway. The King killed his own son. How? You just have to watch it. This is a really good movie of how a son tried so hard to please his father and a father showed too much of his disappointment of his son to members of the palace. The struggle was hard to watch but I really thought it was acted well by Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In. Bravo! *claps*

The Classified File


I hesitated to watch this movie. The synopsis was not interesting at all. I mean a fortune teller and a detective joint forces to find a missing girl? First of all, how could they possibly solve a kidnapping case? I did not start this movie until my last leg of flight. *giggle* I was running out of movie to watch! But, by the end of this movie, I was beating myself for not starting it sooner! Another true story that you must not miss! The detective really did not believe the fortune teller (I didn’t either) but by the end of this movie, he was impressed by how much the fortune teller’s reading and speculation has helped him with the case. They solved the missing case and worked together few years later again to solve another missing case with the same girl! This movie also showed that the police force in SK is truly corrupt. Well, as if we don’t know already, right? Anyway, this movie left me in tears. What is up with me and crying on the plane? *shakes head* You have to watch this movie. The detective and fortune teller were brilliant. They remain true friends until today. It’s a good hearty movie and seeing how dedicated they were to their work and families were truly admiring and rewarding. It gives a great sense that as long as you do your part, you will soon be recognized.


Just Watched: Boomerang Family


Boomerang Family cracks me up really good and occasionally, bad way too. I saw it on my way to Manila two weeks ago. I laughed so hard the person sat next to me got so curious and asked “jaemi isseoyo?” I said yes and told him to watch it too. And I find it so funny that with my broken Korean and his almost non-existence English vocabulary, we somehow bonded through this movie. Oh yeah, that ahjusshi and I were completely plane buddies! Kidding *sticks her tongue out*! But we bonded so much I even helped him and his friends with their immigration paperwork. *pats on shoulder* It felt good to help these men coz if you have experienced traveling with Korean men, they are mostly unfriendly.


Amuden, back to the movie. As I said earlier, this movie cracks me up. Ahjusshi and I laughed so hard. The movie is interesting and funny. It told a story of a middle age mother with her three immature grown children. The first child started to live with her for awhile. He’s one thoughtless and jobless eldest son, who does nothing but eat and sleep his fat ass out. The second child is a pathetic and failure film director. His feels he is living a hopeless life he decided to take his own life. But as he was about to hang himself, due to being penniless and painful separation with his wife, his mom called and he decided to head back to his village. And the last child, the three time divorced daughter with her carbon copy daughter came home after another unsuccessful marriage. So the three of them gather up in their mother’s tiny shack and the rest is history.


What I liked about this movie is the genuinely life of a regular family. And this not necessarily applicable to Korean family, but family in general. The fight. The snort. The fart. The yell. The curse. Eeeeermagewd, simply hilarious. The best scene between the two brothers? The jjimjilbang part at the very beginning. Classic and beautiful! I laughed the hardest. But what makes the family together? Just them being together. Despite the fact that the children hated each other, they also genuinely cared each other too.


Boomerang Family should be rated mature. The jobless older child is in gang business while the second child, desperate for work, lured to be a porn director. The third child found her fourth victim, an insurance man who has is willing to marry her. Like I said, this movie should be rated mature. There are too many smoking scenes which I disapprove. But overall, I love this dysfunctional family movie. Heck, I love it so much I’m watching it now for the second time! Go watch it… And, you’re welcome!