Just Watched: 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

So, I decided to watch a movie on my way to Denver two weeks ago. It was totally random and I picked this one out of a bunch of new collections from Bel’s library. I was hoping that it would be a light movie to entertain my 3 hours flight. The synopsis sounded interesting. It’s a high school theme movie. I cringed at my childish decision but I really judged myself later on.

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Just Watched: Gintama 2 – Rules Are Meant To Be Broken


Yup, finally saw the second installment of Gintama series! I had an inclination that the movie would be available on the Movie List on my flight to India. I squeed so hard when I saw it. Unlike the first Gintama, Gintama 2 is much more fun, funny and more action. I don’t know… everything about the second one is better than the first movie which is really rare. The CGI remains disappointing but I really could not be bothered anymore since I have gotten used to it in the first movie.

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Just Watched: After The Rain

RPY8PfAnother movie I saw on the plane. After The Rain. I was not sure whether I should watch it or not, but in the end I did. Did I regret it? Yes, I am. This movie was all over the place. I know exactly where they want to take the audience but it was just poorly done. They made it all pretty but I don’t see a point in that when the story is messy yet plain. I yawned way too much. Komatsu Nana is the main lead as Akira Tachibana. I found her extra boring and passive in this show. Her beauty face is one dimension which makes it harder for me to understand her feeling. What a waste of production.

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Just Watched: Sensei Kunshu


I was in the mood of cheeky cute. So it was so apt watching Sensei Kunshu last week because it gives me the mood I wanted – cute, funny and downright animated. Yup, animated. Sensei Kunshu is a live manga movie that might not be your cup of tea if you are not into it. It could be a turn off for me if wasn’t for my good mood. The main lead, Samaru is extremely animated. It felt as if I am watching a character out of manga in real life. At times, I felt embarrassed for the actress. Bless Hamabe Minami for bringing the character to live. Not many could do it. It can be extremely awkward and tried so hard but Minami chan made it work!

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Just Watched: Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together


This Korean remake, Sunny: Our Hearts Beat Together, was on my flight movie selection and I was so thrilled to finally get a chance to watch it. As much as I loved the original Sunny, I also loved the Japanese version. I cried buckets! It was such a heartwarming movie from the get go. I adore every characters in this movie. Sisterhood and sismance are the best. It is a tearjerker towards the end but it was worth it. Sure the guy sat next to me must have thought I was crazy. First, I laughed so hard. Then, I cried so hard! I even spilled water on him… *laughs*. I mean, I was too clumsy but at least it was water…

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Just Watched: Call Boy



I was told not to watch it when my son is around. It’s a naughty movie. Bel added Call Boy two weeks ago. I was bothered that everyone in the family could see in on my home Plex platform. So I decided to watch it immediately and if I don’t find it interesting, I would end and clear it from the list. The opening of the movie got me breathless already. I could not believe my eyes! Butt naked Tomi!!! Oh mae oh mae…

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Just Watched: Bread of Happiness


So I was in the mood for something calm and relaxing. Bread of Happiness, a 2012 Japanese drama screamed to me last night. I thought why not and gave it a watch. It reminded me of Little Forest. Just under 2 hours, this simple movie is nothing but life. It is so heartwarming I did not want it to end. It tells the story of a Tokyo couple that moves to Hokkaido Prefecture to open a bed, breakfast, and bakery. The couple named the place Mani. The name was picked by Rie based on her favorite childhood book.

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