Just Watched: Call Boy



I was told not to watch it when my son is around. It’s a naughty movie. Bel added Call Boy two weeks ago. I was bothered that everyone in the family could see in on my home Plex platform. So I decided to watch it immediately and if I don’t find it interesting, I would end and clear it from the list. The opening of the movie got me breathless already. I could not believe my eyes! Butt naked Tomi!!! Oh mae oh mae…

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Just Watched: Bread of Happiness


So I was in the mood for something calm and relaxing. Bread of Happiness, a 2012 Japanese drama screamed to me last night. I thought why not and gave it a watch. It reminded me of Little Forest. Just under 2 hours, this simple movie is nothing but life. It is so heartwarming I did not want it to end. It tells the story of a Tokyo couple that moves to Hokkaido Prefecture to open a bed, breakfast, and bakery. The couple named the place Mani. The name was picked by Rie based on her favorite childhood book.

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Just Watched: Bleach


Didn’t I say I will not be watching any movies since I am not traveling anymore? Well, apparently I lied. I saw back to to back movies the last two weekends and the latest one is Bleach, a live action based on the manga, Bleach. Somehow, I suddenly feeling attachment with movies. And why Bleach? I was trying to get my son off the tablet and felt this movie will bleach his brain out! *laughs* Well, it did! At least for one hour and 48 minutes!!!

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Winter & Spring


I just could not sit still today and decided to watch the second part of Little Forest. It is different than the Summer & Autumn. In Winter & Spring, Ichiko talks a lot about preserving food and food that survive through winter. The story line is pretty much the same. The excitement in this movie was a let down. I do not feel the joy as much as the first one.

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Summer & Autumn


So after watching Little Forest, I was told that the Japanese version is even better. Intrigued, I decided to watch it myself. Knowing that there is food involve, I knew it would be good. It turns out the movie is divided into two parts: Summer & Autumn, and Winter & Spring. I really can’t wait to start the next one soon. Summer & Autumn was pretty good. I have no doubt the Winter & Spring would be good too.

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Just Watched: The Lies She Loved


Yes, I promise this would be my last movie post and it won’t be any for a long time. I needed something… boring to watch I guess so I could fall asleep. Too bad I just could not coz when I saw this movie, my heart jumping up and down in glee! Issei Takahashi is one of the main lead and you know how much I loved him ever since his recent drama, Quartet. The poster seems dreamy so I was curious to see how his character is in this movie. The title The Lies She Loved indicated that he did something terrible but I don’t know how bad it is. Continue reading

Just Watched: The Last Recipe


Heh, I am on the roll! The flight was long. 14 hours long for one leg and 5 hours long for another leg. Yeah, and in between movies I still managed to sleep. I tell you, flying out to the other side of the world is exhausting and tiring. It is a relief to see a good selection of Asian movies on Emirates. After Little Forest, I wanted to continue with another feel good movie and I picked The Last Recipe. The word recipe reminded me of food and I thought maybe I would gain another 5 lbs.

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