Just Watched: Bread of Happiness


So I was in the mood for something calm and relaxing. Bread of Happiness, a 2012 Japanese drama screamed to me last night. I thought why not and gave it a watch. It reminded me of Little Forest. Just under 2 hours, this simple movie is nothing but life. It is so heartwarming I did not want it to end. It tells the story of a Tokyo couple that moves to Hokkaido Prefecture to open a bed, breakfast, and bakery. The couple named the place Mani. The name was picked by Rie based on her favorite childhood book.

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Just Watched: Bleach


Didn’t I say I will not be watching any movies since I am not traveling anymore? Well, apparently I lied. I saw back to to back movies the last two weekends and the latest one is Bleach, a live action based on the manga, Bleach. Somehow, I suddenly feeling attachment with movies. And why Bleach? I was trying to get my son off the tablet and felt this movie will bleach his brain out! *laughs* Well, it did! At least for one hour and 48 minutes!!!

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Winter & Spring


I just could not sit still today and decided to watch the second part of Little Forest. It is different than the Summer & Autumn. In Winter & Spring, Ichiko talks a lot about preserving food and food that survive through winter. The story line is pretty much the same. The excitement in this movie was a let down. I do not feel the joy as much as the first one.

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Just Watched: Little Forest: Summer & Autumn


So after watching Little Forest, I was told that the Japanese version is even better. Intrigued, I decided to watch it myself. Knowing that there is food involve, I knew it would be good. It turns out the movie is divided into two parts: Summer & Autumn, and Winter & Spring. I really can’t wait to start the next one soon. Summer & Autumn was pretty good. I have no doubt the Winter & Spring would be good too.

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Just Watched: The Lies She Loved


Yes, I promise this would be my last movie post and it won’t be any for a long time. I needed something… boring to watch I guess so I could fall asleep. Too bad I just could not coz when I saw this movie, my heart jumping up and down in glee! Issei Takahashi is one of the main lead and you know how much I loved him ever since his recent drama, Quartet. The poster seems dreamy so I was curious to see how his character is in this movie. The title The Lies She Loved indicated that he did something terrible but I don’t know how bad it is. Continue reading

Just Watched: The Last Recipe


Heh, I am on the roll! The flight was long. 14 hours long for one leg and 5 hours long for another leg. Yeah, and in between movies I still managed to sleep. I tell you, flying out to the other side of the world is exhausting and tiring. It is a relief to see a good selection of Asian movies on Emirates. After Little Forest, I wanted to continue with another feel good movie and I picked The Last Recipe. The word recipe reminded me of food and I thought maybe I would gain another 5 lbs.

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Just Watched: Kids on the Slope


After Inuyashiki, I needed something fun, cute and cheery. So I decided to watch Kids on the Slope. Another manga adapted movie, I am quite surprised that this movie was based circa 1930s. It is the jazz era where jazz is the music of choice. I seriously did not expect to be entertained by watching this movie. Perfect music. Perfect acting by Chinen Yuri and Nakagawa Taishi. The biggest surprise is to see Fujioka Dean in it playing trumpet and singing the most beautiful tune! Just about 2 hours long, I laughed and cried all the way to the end. It was one beautiful movie.

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