Just Watched: Memorist


Y’all know I have to watch Memorist for Yoo Seung Ho. He is my boy. I love him forever! I am glad he is taking a more challenging role. But honestly, I almost dropped it. I did not like his character. It reminded me of Lee Ahn from He is Psychometric. I really hated that drama especially the second half of it. It went downhill. I thought Memorist would follow the same path. Lee Ahn was able to read a person’s mind simply by touching. And in this drama, Dong Baek has a telepathic ability to read a person’s memories just by touching. Eerily similar but as Memorist progressed, the show went from comedic to dark crime. This I like and hence, I did not drop it as I initially intended to.

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Just Watched: Time to Hunt


I was just being random one night and wanted to watch something different. Something funny. Something badass. Something Korean. I landed on Time to Hunt. My son and I thought it would be fun to watch a non-Disney or non-classic movie once awhile. I did not realize this movie is fairly new and available on Netflix. I guess COVID-19 really pushed some of the movies that should be released in theaters to choose a different path to get the movies out to the public. Time to Hunt is one of them. Sadly, this is the reality we are living in. As much as I prefer to watch in the movie theater, I had a good time watching it on my big telly, too!

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Currently Watching: 100 Days My Prince


UPDATE as of October 31, 2018: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I take it back! Watch it!!!! The story got better and better. DO finally broke out of his shell by episode 12. I know it is a bit too late but I assume it is because he finally able to feel his character fully. He still need to work on his facial expression but he is much better now. I am in the middle of episode 16 (final) and I am just dying to see the demise of VP Kim!

Yes, please watch it! I highly recommend it NOW!

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Currently Watching: The K2


I don’t know what got into me that I decided to watch The K2. To be honest, I wanted to watch something dear hub would get excited. Clearly by mid episode 1 he fell asleep. I’m not surprised. I, on the other hand, was hoping that The K2 will be as cool as Healer, Cruel City or City Hunter. Yes, I had expectation. It’s rare but I did. Clearly I should have not because as of right now, I really want to drop it. Especially after seeing episode 13. But I’m too deep into the drama to back out. Many people advise me to drop it. I know I should have. But since The K2 is ending this week, I feel I might as well give it a go. Two more episodes… Two more episodes. I can do this.


So, if you are watching this drama, I’m sure you know why I want to drop this show. In the beginning, I was looking forward to see the romance between the bodyguard aka Je Ha and Anna, the candidate’s daughter. I was hoping for the sweet, sweet love blossom into a secret garden. And then something else happened. Choi Yoo Jin. Anna’s stepmom. Je Ha’s sleek move from taking Yoo Jin as his hostage into saving her life from local terrorist, then and there I, and I’m sure all of us who are watching it too, saw myself shipping them instead. This is absolute wrong! Where is this writer taking us??? The woman who power craze falling for her stepdaughter’s bodyguard? And what’s more, she herself feeling jealousy when she saw Anna’s love for Je Ha?


Yeah, it is wrong. This is why most of us who saw it dropped it. I understand how they feel. But I remain calm and curious. The if questions in my head keep me from dropping the show. And I somewhat glad I did not. I saw her true feeling for Je Ha by the end of episode 14. What’s more, when Je Ha revealed her childish love to her (and in front of the doctor), I can’t help but to evil laugh at her! Choi Yoo Jin secretly in love with Je Ha and wants him to be her slave. Not in this life, woman! Do you know how old you are? Oooh I forgot, money buys everything.


What I love about The K2 is Choi Yoo Jin herself. She is a two-faced villain. Her portrayal of  a ladylike wife to presidential candiate Jang See Joon in the limelight and a mastermind for her husband’s election as well as taking everyone down is something only a perfect villain could do. Yoo Jin is perfect. It’s been her dream from young. She killed Anna’s mom, married her dad and granted his wish to run for the presidential candidate. She is willing to do everything. All for herself. All because she is a chaebol daughter. Truly, money buys everything including her puppet, See Joon.


What I hate about The K2 is Anna. I definitely feel they cast the wrong actress. I love sweet Yoona but her portrayal as the damsel is weak and dull. I can’t feel her love for Je Ha. I can’t feel her motivation to revenge for her late mom. I can’t feel her driven to want to escape the life she’s currently in. I feel that the writer did not develop Anna’s character well enough. This makes me sad. Another undeveloped main character going down the drain… Sorry, Yoona. I hope you get a better role next time.


As I said before, The K2 will end this week. What I’m hoping from this show? Happy ending, of course. I really want to see Choi Yoo Jin going down and hoping as she going down to hell, she will drag all her evil minions and peers with her, too. I want to see how this writer punish Yoo Jin for her evil sins. I really hope for justice. I also hope that See Joon will not win the election simply because his motive isn’t right. He may have the face but his mind and soul are corrupt! Finally, I do want to see Je Ha and Anna love one another. This is easy. The not so easy part is to watch the final two episodes.


Will I recommend the show? No, I will not recommend this show. This Cinderella and Snow White like drama is awesome but the characters are poorly written and the writer lost his/her grip with the story line. There is nothing a director can do about the story even though the performance and execution were done at 1000%. I can see Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah gave all they can in this drama. I really hope this writer will do his/her homework in future. It is a shame that this drama is turning very shallow. If you do decide to watch it anyway, please do not expect another Healer. It is not. I am disappointed. I will choose my next drama wisely.

Just Watched: The Himalayas & Orange

Yeap, I was able to squeeze a couple more movies during my flight! I was on a roll! So here are my reviews:

The Himalayas


This movie really touches me to the core. I cried a lot! The men bonded over their mutual interest! To hike the Himalaya! This is a courage citizen stories of a different kind. The goal is one! To get on that peak! And another peak. And another! But I loved it. Based on true story, The Himalayas is definitely a movie you need to prepare your heart. This is a hearty movie that everyone should watch it!



I was contemplating whether I should watch Orange. But I did and quite liked it. My only beef with this movie? It was a bit too long. Too many fillers, I really couldn’t stand sitting for too long. But overall, it was a great movie concept. Naho and Hiroto are both married. They decided to write letters to their younger selves to save their depressed friend, Kakeru. Basically, their letters are meant to change the world. But I didn’t get the ending. They were able to save Kakeru but what happened to their future? Naho and Kakeru dated prior. Did their lives change too? The acting was great. The emotional part was extremely strong especially by Kento as Kakeru. I’m always drawn to his movies and this is another great one!