Currently Watching: Your House Helper


So yeah, I lied. I added Your House Helper yesterday to my list. However, I realized this drama is still airing! Thankfully though it ends this week and I can marathon it with ease. Speaking of marathon, I am currently on episode 19 of 32 episodes. I did not realize I have gotten this far. If not because of this morning’s hiking with the family, I could have been caught with all the episodes by now.

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Currently Watching: Queen of Mystery


I just love Choi Kang Hee. She is just so adorable! From the way she talks and makes faces, I just find her utterly adorable! I have been trying my best to watch all her dramas though I couldn’t get into her Glamorous Temptation and quit 7th Grade Civil Servant. And even though I said I have been trying, I still haven’t seen her old dramas. Anyway, I love her in Heart to Heart and I thought Queen of Mystery will give me the same feels as well. I have been playing catch up with this drama since Monday and I am finally watching episode 10. I really enjoy watching the OTP. Their chemistry is awesome. She calls him Detective Ha. He calls her ahjumma. So hilarious!

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Currently Watching: The Royal Gambler aka Jackpot


So I started my post and I forgot all about it… And since it was saved on my work laptop, I am not going to complain and decided to rewrite it. This post is definitely overdue. The Royal Gambler (aka Jackpot) has done airing and I placed this drama on hold because I wanted to finish blogging it before enjoying the last 5 episodes. I noticed that there are not many people on my Twitter timeline watching it. I wonder why… Is it because of Jang Geun Seuk? Or no one is interested in this drama? Hmmm… *rubs chin*


Jackpot has been on my radar ever since I found out that Jang Geun Seuk is in it. I’m fond of his acting so I wanted to watch this because of him. I have never seen him  in sageuk drama and I thought this is my chance to see him before he gets enlisted. Seriously, I’m so thankful that I am because the story is captivating and awesome. I’m not a history buff so what I saw, sadly, I believe in it. I should check the fact but too lazy to do so *shrugs*. Anyway, I’m entertained by Jackpot. Every time I watch the show, I pray that the show will not end. I find it so amusing and interesting. Plus, I have never seen this side of Geun Seuk before. He really put his pretty face aside and not afraid to dive down into dirt and mud.


This 24 episodes drama received an average rating of 8/10 on MDL. I am quite happy with that. The show did go a bit crazy and unrealistic midway but the performances by the casts remain top notch. Well, except for Im Ji Yeon. Her performance isn’t bad. I nicknamed her the second Jin Se Yeon *giggle*. Anyway, what I dislike about Jackpot is the repetitive plots. I know this is common among period drama but you know what, these directors need a wake-up call. Why? Repetitive plots bore us to death and it is not only waste our time, it resulted to some of us to drop the show! C’mon, PD-nim… Learn from it!


*clears throat* now that’s out of my system, let’s focus a bit on the story. It was sad in the beginning. Dae Gil had a tough life. He was born premature and got thrown out of the palace because the King believe he was the cause of drought and believed that the boy is not his child. The Queen’s ex-husband took Dae Gil and raised him as his own thinking that Dae-Gil IS his own son. Pardon me if you got confused a bit because I totally skip the history between the Queen, the King, and the Queen’s ex-husband. Dae Gil life went mayhem as he was raised by his dad as a gambler. He won a few but lost too many. Dae Gil continuously challenged by Lee In Jwa. Dae Gil had to gamble his life and realized that In Jwa is correct all along. But deep down, he doubts In Jwa’s intention but unable to dodge him. For now.


Meanwhile, In Jwa resented the King. Why? He believes the throne is his after what happened to his family. He uses Dam Seo and brainwashed her into thinking that the King caused the death of her father. In Jwa has a purpose. He keeps Dae Gil closer to him because he knows the boy’s royalty background. Right now, the combination of raising Dam Seo as an assassin, starting a fire between Dae Gil and Prince Yeo Ning, and keeping Dae Gil under the dark is In Jwa’s weapon to achieve his dream. To kill the King Suk Jong.


See? What did I tell you? This show is fascinating had the writer and PD did not screw it up with repetitive and silly plots. But I would still recommend Jackpot. The story is very engaging. The performance is superb. The OST is wonderful! The cinematography is beautiful. To hear this from a saguek hater, Jackpot really is amazing. Again, I have to emphasize that Jang Geun Seuk’s performance is unbelievably great! The show may make no sense to you, so please be prepare if you decided to watch it. Overall, I highly recommend The Royal Gambler. *wipes sweat* Now if you excuse me, I’m going to finish this show. If you don’t hear from by Wednesday, you know I’m somewhere in the corner crying… T____T


Just Dropped: Descendants of the Sun

Descendants_of_the_Sun-p1This drama has put me to snooze so many times and really, I really just can’t continue with it anymore. I feel that it is challenging my intelligence. I know a few of military stuff since I’ve been growing up watching a lot of war documentaries and movies with my late dad and hub. But when I notice that the writer did not fact check on some military policies and procedures, I feel very disappointed and frustrated. Is it so hard to check facts? I’m sorry, this time, I really can’t let it slide…


I have no problem with the storyline whatsoever though. It is all oh so beautiful. The cinematography is very beautiful. The Songs (Joong Ki and  Hye Kyo) are pretty people. The abs were delicious! *licks* But my brain shuts down and rejects Descendants of the Sun. And with that, I have no other excuses but to drop it. Drop it while it is hot! This is a rare moment and you know I hardly drop dramas. I always give my all out but I’m determined to just move on… *sigh*. 


My wish is for someone to bottle up all the gorgeousness of the OTPs into one hour clip and post it up on YouTube. Yes, I will watch that! Are you still watching it, chingu? If you dropped it, please tell me why…  Can you smell my guilty when everybody else are still enjoying it? *cries* 



Currently Watching: Emergency Couple


Medical drama and I don’t get along really well. I’m too afraid of blood and this phobia could sent me into coma. Yeap, I’m that bad. Ok, I may be a little dramatic but you get the idea… And because of this phobia, I missed out a lot of good medical kdramas. I wish I could hypnotize myself. Even though I know the blood in dramas is fake and it’s all just another acting, my brain though couldn’t process it well. It still wants me to think it’s a real blood. Stupid brain, why can’t you be normal? *knocks her head* So because of my weakness, I delay watching Emergency Couple for the longest time until I got caught up with my other dramas.


Why do I even bother watching it even know this drama could send me, ironically, to the emergency room? The drama teaser, of course. The fact that the OTP hates each other to the gut was enough to justify why I should watch it. Plus, it’s Choi Jin Hyuk’s first time playing the main lead! I gotta support him even though I’m not his biggest fan! *ducks from his fans*. Song Ji Hyo on the other hand is not new to most of us. The only female lead in current airing Running Man (lucky gal)she has been one of my favorite actress to watch since Goong. I know I know but you know what? She shows versatility in that she’s able to play innocent wench, bitchy or lovable characters anytime. Amuden, it’s great to see her back in drama. She’s been quite tomboyish lately…


Ok, enough of them… Let’s focus on Emergency Couple. The story plot reminded me of 2006’s Alone In Love. Have you seen it? No? Hmmm you should watch it. I love it. Ok really, back to ER Couple. It is quite funny to be honest. A divorced couple found themselves working together as interns in the hospital emergency room. Yeap, how awkward is that? *laughs* This show is crack-a-lacking! I laughs so hard at this show. At episode 15 and still able to laugh, this show is definitely worth your time. I’m happy that it not only meet my expectations, which is a true romance comedy genre, it also met my friends’ expectations too. We enjoy it so, so much! And of course I enjoy it more and more after the bloody scenes on the first two episodes *shudders*


Emergency Couple is currently exclusively airing on DramaFever in my region, I’m not sure which site it is in yours. This 20 episode drama is classically laugh out loud funny. The hate love relationship is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I seriously enjoy watching them battling and fighting each other. *giggles* I find happiness in people’s miseries. Whaa…..? Pure evil? Well *flips hair*, that I am! Well, don’t waste your time reading my blog… Go watch it!

Just Watched: My Friend Is Still Alive


I’ve been trying to cut down my watch list in half. And my success rate so far? I’m nailing it! Woohoo… As of today, I have 6 dramas on my watch list. 4 are currently airing show… *grins* With my work travel coming soon, I decided to focus with what is there on the list and focus on movies or drama special. Well, after watching Lee Ki Kwang’s success drama special Twenty Year Old, I decided to give My Friend Is Still Alive a try. Thanks to aqaria of Crush on Da-Hae, I finished this drama in teary yet happy.

My Friend Is Still Alive is only an hour long and it fits into my busy schedule. The story is very simple and despite trying to fulfill the needs of a dying hwaksaeng who wished to get his first kiss before he moves on to the after life, the message the writer(s) wanted to convey is mostly about friendship. And surprisingly, you would think the network would hire new and amateur actors and actress but nope… The drama consisted of pretty great and quite seasoned casts! The boys were great! Seriously, I’m not biased and really I’m blessed to witness such great chemistry on screen, in my opinion.

My Friend is Still Alive

My Friend Is Still Alive told a story of a dying teenage and his bestie. His dying wish is to have his first (and hopefully not the last) kiss. His bestie’s mission is to lure any attractive girl who would fall into this kissing trap. Well, one day his bestie found the right girl to be the girlfriend for his dying hwaksaeng but found out he himself is falling for her. What would you do at this point? Be greedy and keep her for yourself OR fulfill your dying friend’s wish? It’s the biggest dilemma for teenage kids and it sure is testing out their true friendship.

The sad ending is compensated with a much rewarding feeling from these two boys. Really, I’m happy how this drama turned out to be. As much as I wanted to cry, I can’t because the writers were truly amazing because of the humor they injected in this drama. I tell you… This drama is excellent. Lee Ki Kwang did it, once again! *claps* *shouts Bravo*. This is a must watch!