Currently Watching: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes


I have been delaying The Smile Has Left Your Eyes for the longest time until I ran out of things to watch. Mind you, I don’t have a long list of dramas to watch lately. The Smile completed this week so I guess I better finish it now. I am trying to keep my list short and sweet and be very selective on the dramas I want to watch. I am glad I chose The Smile because it is crazy interesting and mysterious with a touch of crime and romance. I started two weeks ago and I am now sitting on episode 13. Seriously, I am dying to see the ending because this drama lost me at first but now put me on adrenaline.

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Currently Watching: Because This is My First Life


When I heard the first lead pairing for Because This is My First Life, I simply could not accept it. I love Jung So Min so much especially from her recent weekend drama, My Father is Strange. But I was way on top of my head and I just could not picture sweet So Min with Lee Min Ki. I may have judged him by his looks. To me, his rough feature does not fit the rom-com genre. Also, this is my first time watching him as a lead. I was first introduced to him in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band but his presence was too short for me to like or dislike. I have never seen his other works, especially in movies.

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Currently Watching: My Father is Strange


There is something in KBS weekend world air! I’m not sure what it is but they have been applying the same formula for the past three weekend dramas. They hit a jackpot with Five Children. I then said the next drama will need to work harder to meet Five Children‘s success. Laurel Tree Tailors happened. First of all, what a title. The synopsis wasn’t attractive at all. Like Five Children, I did not watch it immediately. It took me several weeks to finally gave in.

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Just Watched: Twenty, Strobe Edge, Poison Berry in My Brain and Biri Gyaru

Hello and greetings from far, far away. I just landed in Dhaka 3.5 hours ago and of course, I’m wide awake even though I’m so sleepy. I can’t go to bed now because it is 8:37 am *cries*. I must resist from falling asleep. The bed is welcoming… I can hear it calling my name *bites lips*. So instead of surrendering myself, I decided to blog these 2015 movies I was able to watch on the plane. So here are my short reviews:


So, Twenty… Hmmmm. The first time I watched Twenty, I couldn’t finished it. And finally, I re-watched again and was able to complete it. I guess, I should say, I forced myself to complete it. I really don’t find it interesting. This is one mindless movie. Yes, I love mindless movie, and Twenty is completely stress free. But I guess I was not in the mood and was unable to connect with the boys *sad face*. Twenty is a story of three besties trying to figure out how will they live their lives once they reach twenty years old. It has some funny moments… But it was more of a forceful laugh than an actual, natural laugh. Sorry chingues, Twenty is not for me. I see the attraction. All beauties in one movie. That’s all. *sigh*


My second choice of movie was called Strobe Edge. It is a sweet Japanese movie that put a smile on my face. I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s a typical love story with multiple triangle relationships. Based on a manga series from the same title, I found myself hiding behind pillows and squee-ing over Sota and Kasumi’s cuteness. Seriously, can we have more romance high school movies and dramas like this? The story is simple. Ninako fell in love with Ren but Ren is already in a relationship. She confessed to him anyway and told him not to worry about it. Ren was taken back by her confession and remain friends with her per her request. Ren finally fell for her after his relationship ended but Ninako couldn’t accept him because of the rumor between him, his bestie Ando, and Ando’s ex-gf Mao. From that, you can actually guess how the story goes. It is a predictable plots but the process of falling in love was cute. I highly recommend you to watch this movie once it made available, of course *wink*.


I flipped over the channel many times and I was not impressed by the title! Poison Berry in My Brain? Weird, isn’t it? But guess what, I was impressed by it. Forget Yuki’s cuteness, the show really reminded me of Inside Out! Sakurai, a 30 year old unemployed woman met with Ryo one night and fell in love immediately but did not approach him right away. So when she saw him at the train station, she approached him and before she knew, she slept with him and went steady immediately. But she got so insecured when she found out he is only 23 years old! He doesn’t care but her five senses in her brain constantly fighting for his intention (the good versus evil, the right versus wrong, etc.). As an aspiring novelist, she also met with her editor but has no intention whatsoever but he ended up falling for her. And now Sakurai is in dilemma between Ryo and his unsteady income yet handsome versus Ochi, a gentleman with a stable income and great life. Wah… the struggle Sakurai need to decide between the two. Who would she choose? The best part of this movie is her five senses. Love them to pieces. And the ending? I was surprised! She decided that she loves herself more and left these two men! She was a proud single woman! I approve! Another manga adaptation, I highly recommend this movie! I was completely drawn by Sakurai and her brain! *laughs*


This movie was a last minute decision. I was debated between this one and another high school movie. I’m glad I picked Biri Gyaru. This movie is very inspirational! Based on a true story novel, the movie is about Sayaka. She is failing in her class and at her concerned teacher informed her caring mom and suspended her for protecting her friends. After the talk, mommy dearest enrolled Sayaka into a night class. Her life changed dramatically after meeting Teacher Tsubota. What I enjoyed the most was that watching Sayaka’s transformation throughout the movie. She went from harajuku sexy high school student to a nerd! She decided to take revenge on her dad for neglecting his duty and vowed to show him that she will be accepted into a prestigious university. I was so impressed by this girl. Even her besties decided to rethink of their future after witnessing the new Sayaka. Biri Gyaru is definitely a must see movie, and a good role model movie for girls! I was totally inspired by Sayaka’s determination. I wish I could go back to school now… *smiles*