Just Watched: My P.S. Partner


I have been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time. I finally had the time to watch when I was in the middle of nowhere in Bangladesh with a poor internet connection. This movie came in handy just because… I realized when I first started it, I was on the plane and my phone (yes, I was watching from my tiny screen) was visible to everyone. Ooops… that raunchy scene during the first 30 minutes got me shook a bit! Sorry, peeps!

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Currently Watching: My Golden Life


I have to admit now that KBS does great weekend dramas. I thought nothing would beat Father is Strange but they got me wrong again! Looks like I can never leave the weekend drama behind. It is time-consuming but I love investing my life watching family dramas no matter how stupid they are. I love the build-up stories for each character. I am nosy like that so I always want to be in the know of everything. And My Golden Life is no different. Many characters in this drama – some heartbroken, some greedy, some overwhelmingly nosy, some juvenile, some mature, some ambitious, some coward, and some just downright egoist.

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Currently Watching: My Little Baby


My Little Baby is a weekend drama produced by MBC. I didn’t expect to watch this. In my mind, a weekend drama is full of angst. But I decided to watch it since it is only 35 minutes long per episode. Needless to say, I nearly completed the series without posting my review. But don’t sweat, I have 3 more episodes to go. I can definitely complete it once this review is up. My Little Baby ended last night. It didn’t get as much love as I have hoped for. I guess the premise is not very inviting to people. I don’t know… But for me, a man and a baby? Sign me up!


This 16-episode of drama drove me batshit crazy and yet made me laugh so hard! I constantly get angry at the silliest things and then unknowingly laugh at it. I must be crazy! The show itself is nothing extraordinary. It’s just that the drama is full of crazy mothers raising their babies and a man entrusted with his niece. That’s all. But he is not just another ordinary man. He is a special detective. He is Cha Jung Han. And Cha Jung Han is entrusted to care for his niece, Eun-Ae, when his sister and brother in law died. And the episodes are day-to-day lives of him and Eun-Ae. It is funny to watch how he tackles things with his baby. From nursing the child to putting her to sleep, Detective Cha sacrificed his sleep to make his niece happy. But you would think his hurdle is with the baby, right? Wrong! The biggest mistake of his life is when he joins the mommy club in his neighborhood. *shakes head*. The mommies are so vicious!

maxresdefault (1)

Coincidently, living in the same apartment building is his first love and now a single mom to her 5-year-old son. Han Ye Seul has a different method when disciplining her child. It almost seems mind boggling that when her son throws tantrums, she would imitate him as well. If he’s on the floor crying, she would be on the floor crying with him, too. Anyway, Detective Cha thinks he has a chance with Ye Seul again. He did propose to her after seeing her several time even though the did not officially date. Sadly she turned him down and shied away from him. Meanwhile, Ye Seul’s dad is trying to get back with her husband.


Other obstacles Detective Han is facing is Eun-Ae’s grandmother. She did not get the paternity right for Eun-Ae so she came to introduce herself to Cha. But, using his detective skill, he found out that the grandmother is not the real grandmother. Sadly, our distracted detective did not further pursue on grandmother’s intention to get closer. She found out that Eun-Ae has a money trust and she wants that money! *shakes head* another greedy human being! I really, REALLY, dislike this grandmother. She even blamed Ye Seul’s son for a scratch on Eun-Ae’s face. But no fret, Cha caught it when he found…. oops, I rather not say it but it is an evidence of her lies.


My Little Baby sounds like a light drama but it isn’t. I’m somewhat glad that it is only 35 minutes long because if it is any longer, I don’t think I’m able to breathe. On the “would I recommend this drama?” part, I’m not sure if I want. If you are used to watching a drama that could raise your BP, then this drama is for you. It is super hilarious but the angsty part drives me crazy! Overall though, it is a balance of funny and crazy. If you don’t mind it, watch it! *wink*

Just Watched: Puberty Medley


It was brought to my attention that in order to be a cooler kdrama fan, I must watch Puberty Medley. I know a few of you, eyeing Sada and Bel intensely, were judging me. Please do not be surprised. There are too many dramas out there and I only have this one bruised body to deal with all the dramas, including my very own drama *giggle*. If I am not told, I won’t be watching it. But then again, I am a Taurus and I am stubborn. I’ve put Moon Embracing the Sun aside too many times that really, I do not know if I will watch it now.ad1Puberty Medley is a 2013 KBS drama special. It is only 4 episodes long but the show was so much fun that I finished it all in one sitting. I really enjoyed the pace of the drama, and it was such a breeze drama. The bully part was nothing compares to other high school dramas. The romance is so 1950s – shy, romantic, sweet, a tug and pull kind of love. I love it! The story is very simple. Because of his dad’s work, Choi Jong Woo moves a lot. The shortest he ever stayed in one place was about 6 months long. So when he moved in to this new town, Jong Woo concluded that it is best not to be friend with any one. Sure enough, two months into his school term, his dad was asked to move in to Seoul. His mom was happy because… let’s face it, who doesn’t want to move to Seoul! Right? I do, too!!! But then his parents changed their mind when they realized they have done nothing for their son. And so, they decided that they will stay where they are so that their son can graduate from his high school peacefully. And hope that he will get a life he deserves.ad2Meanwhile, when Jong Woo heard that they are moving again, he started to volunteer to participate in the town musical show and date the class’s leader, Ah Yeong, out of frustration. She annoyed him and as for revenge, he asked her out on a date. What intent to humiliate her in front of the class, she instead accepted his proposal. Throughout the show, you will see how these two went from being annoyed to love each other.ad4

The ending was unexpected. When we know Jong Woo moves a lot, this time Ah Yeong is moving away. To Seoul!!! They decided to keep in touch but life happens. 10 years later, Jong Woo saw her post and took a trip to Seoul to see her again. I guess they are meant for each other. What a warm fuzzy feeling drama. I love it! You should watch it if you haven’t!ad3

Currently Watching: Twenty Again


I’m giddy today. Twenty Again is making me super crazy happy! Wae? Because the main character, Ha No Ra, is taking charge of her life completely! Just like me!!!! Taking charge of my life! I’m all for girl power! Wow, Twenty Again is another awesome production by tvN! I know, I’m just super excited right now and I’m not even through the first paragraph! This drama is so wonderful and energizing I even tweeted Bel to watch it! Aaaaggghhhh and I just completed episode 8! I’m so giddy! Too giddy to even type this post! Just look at his face! Yeap, I just can’t help but to screen shot that face! He was shocked! He was surprised! He was proud! The man is proud!!!! And for the first time, in a loooooooong time, he’s in love again! *squee*


Was that too immature of me? I told you I was giddy! Omo, I think I’ve overused the word giddy too many times today! Who cares! Giddy, giddy, giddy!!!! *claps* *squee* Oh my god, I feel like I’m dreaming right now! *giggle*. What makes it even better? The fact that the lead actress, Ha No Ra took over her life back and said yes to her hub’s ultimatum divorce? Wow, I was blown away by what she said! Do it! Yes, go for divorce! It is not the end of the world! Take that, sucker!

20again 1

And here is No Ra, the woman in control, who said (not her exact words but…) “Go ahead sucker, go ahead and divorce me. I will still go to school!” Muahahahhahahhahaha! I was clapping and laughing so hard! She said it so confidently that she needs no reinforcement (aka her bestie) to back her up this time. I believe her self-confident has skyrocketed so high even her sucker husband was blown away by it! After all, she is no longer the housewife he’s known for the past 20 years!

20 again 2

So now you know why am I so giddy? She’s in control! She’s in power! She finally snapped out of it! After years of being behind the scene, aka serving her manipulative-yet-acting-as-an-angel evil hub Professor Kim Woo Cheol, Ha No Ra finally decided to be in charged of her life by finishing what she had left in the first place: getting her life back and earn a degree. She decided to go back to school secretly even though her idea was shot down by her husband and son. No Ra and her husband have been living separately under the same roof for the sake of their son. And he’s been blackmailing her that if she ever crosses the separation terms that they’ve agreed on, she will lose her store (I didn’t quite get the name but I think it is the store that belongs to her grandma). On the surface, her husband did not portray himself as a typical bad jerk but eventually his true evil started to emerge when NoRa caught him with another woman. Her identity was revealed to us as one of NoRa’s professors but she doesn’t know. Yet. *wiggles brows* 


And one of NoRa’s other professors is Cha Hyun Suk, her school mate who once had a major crush on her. But when he found out that NoRa was pregnant and got married to that sucker Professor Kim, Hyun Suk became extremely upset and left to Russia for his studies. NoRa moved to Germany with her husband so he can completed his studies while she ends up alone with their only son. Hyun Suk may have thought she had a great life because she did not come back for her grandma’s funeral but in reality, she couldn’t afford to go home at all. I have yet to know the reason as it was only revealed on episode 8 but she publicly thanked him for being at her grandma’s funeral. Her grateful towards him was beautifully done, in my opinion. I even shed a few tears… It felt really sincere and genuine.


Twenty Again is a 20-episode drama that debunk the myth that your life will end after divorce. I know how NoRa feels. I would feel lost as well had I not have a great support and to be honest, I too, will be as scared as her to move on with life on my own. Twenty Again brings a great message to us. We CAN move on after divorce. We WILL move on. What I love the most about this show other than great acting, except for….. the kids as NoRa’s son and his yoeja chingu, is the script. The pun. The punch. The lines are so daebak they really poke us at the right spot! Believe me, you will feel so good hearing it! I highly recommend Twenty Again if you have not see it. And if you are watching it, isn’t Twenty Again another must see drama for this year? *wink*