Just Watched: Circle


Circle was the most complicated drama I have seen this year. The reason I said it was that this drama was difficult to predict. Really drove me insane! I really could not piece out the puzzle until the last three episodes. Yeah, I think my brain was not able to keep up especially that in each episode, the story was told in two different years. The first 30 minutes focused on the present world while the last 30 minutes on the year 2037. It felt like watching two different stories in a drama. Thankfully, Orion and Drama Panda were available to explain exactly the story was.

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Second Chance: Jung Suk-Won

Okay, raise your hands up if you DON’T KNOW who Jung Suk-Won is! Anyone? Anyone? Yes, we all know him, right? He is one hawt actor! HAWWWWWTTTTTTT! This 28 year old actor needs no introduction whatsoever. He is literally everywhere. The most recent news on him? NO, not his wedding to Baek Ji-Young (grrrrr that noona!)… C’mon, that’s old news, chingu-a! The most recent headline got me purrrrrring all over! Don’t tell me you don’t know? Fine, fine I’ll forgive you. He is on the headline for Bodyguard and Suk-Won is their male model for underwear! Ok, now now… don’t look too long and focus, ladies! Focus on his face and uhm…. you do the rest of focusing at your own risk, okay? 😛

So you ask why am I doing a post on Suk-Won? Molla? If you take a look at his profile, he’s been cast as supporting role aka second male lead like forever! Yeah! I’m surprised too! I wonder why? Is it his personal choice? Does he not love the challenge of being the male lead? Or maybe he prefers to be secondary lead so he can concentrate on modeling as well? I don’t know. It is his choice as we all know. I’m certain he has been offered a male lead role but he turned it down. Hmmmmm mmmm, well that is my theory and I’m sticking to it. I also understand that he hasn’t enlist yet. Since he’s at a prime age and recently married, I’m pretty sure family is on his mind. His wife  recently suffered a miscarriage and it was such a devastating news to these newlyweds. I know how that feels…

Anyway, *sorry for sidetracked news* I really hope Suk-Won will consider, at least once, a male lead role one day. With his edgy look, I still prefer him to be in action drama. I couldn’t stomach seeing him in a melodrama like Shining Inheritance. It just doesn’t fit his style, in my humble opinion. But I understand, I’m sure he did it for his portfolio. Now I don’t know if he has done any period drama… No, Rooftop Prince doesn’t count :P. This guy deserves to be recognize for his talent. He always play the silent or quiet character. I want him to have more lines in drama. I hope he hears me XD. Can you hear me Suk-Won????? Hahahaha I hope he reading this. Since he was funny in Rooftop Prince, the OST accompanying this post is somewhat appropriate because Suk-Won finally went for honeymoon with his wife. I hope you enjoy Happy Ending, a funky and cute song performed by Jay Park. I love this song so much I could dance to it all night long, all night long!