Currently Watching: The Guest


Finally, a drama I could brag about! Scary? Maybe. Intrigue? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Romance? Get the hell out of here. However, I must say, The Guest is not for the weak heart. Surprisingly, my heart is strong to handle all the grossness. I started watching it when I was in Myanmar. Jet lag is my best friend and it gives me ample of time to catch on new dramas. Hence, I started 100 Days My Prince and of course, The Guest. Bel warned me to watch it at day but I could not resist. When someone says that, it felt like a challenge. The worse part was I saw the first episode while having dinner! I felt so satisfying watching the bloodiest scene while slurping my delicious pasta con funghi!

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Currently Watching: Blade Man


I have to be truly honest with you. Blade Man. The reason I watch it is because of Lee Dong Wook-ssi. But honestly though, I was pissed that he took another project when he just wrapped up with Hotel King not too long ago. On top of that, he is (is he still?) in Roommate, a Big Brother like variety show. Why is he doing this to himself? For money? To catch up with his career? Is he not tired? He accepted Hong Bin character after Ji Sung turned it down. When I heard this news, I got more skeptical. Can this man do as good as Ji Sung? We all know how Dong Wook is just an average actor. So to fill a character that was once written for Ji Sung, I was worried for this guy. Can he do a good job? Can he be THE Blade Man? *shrug* Yes, I had so many questions. So, so many!



I cringed when I started with the first episode. Yes, I was afraid. I heard some good and some not so good responses on the Twitter. I remember, before I started the first episode, I prayed really, really hard so that the first episode would knock my socks off. 11 episodes later, the show impressed me in a huge way! I never thought that I’m gonna say this but I really, really, really LOVED it! Dong Wook look awfully pale though but that’s not the issue – he was able to pull this almost mental yet nerdy character quite flawlessly! And it turns out, for once, he is doing good at being a weirdo! *laughs* So when I was mentally imagining Ji Sung as Joo Hong Bin, I accepted the fact that I should quit with the comparison. But I did have another concern. Shin Se Kyung! I cringed as well. She hardly impressed me. I had trouble believing in her. I remembered Drama Fan told me how she was impressed by Se Kyung in Tree in Deep Roots. I appreciate her honesty and it is great to have that kind of conversation with someone because sometimes, another person can point out things that you and I may have missed it. The point is, I was disappointed by Se Kyung’s performance in Deep Roots, Fashion King and When A Man Loves. But I finally saw a rainbow in her in Blade Man! What happened? She finally stood up. Except for the way she cried, which I find it funny for some reason, I was impressed by her performance. She definitely received a good coaching from Blade Man‘s PD. What else could it be? But anyway, I’m feeling good and she has gained my trust again.


Sadly though, Blade Man is in a stiff competition with other dramas – namely My Lovable Girl (my review is coming up soon) and My Spring Days (I decided not to watch it). At one point, the rating was below 6%. Yes, it was such a disappointment news to hear it. Wae? I do not know. Maybe K-netizens aren’t ready for a manhwa comedy meets super power drama. *sigh* I guess no one is watching Heroes in SK. Believe me netizens, Blade Man is the bomb. It is very entertaining, yo!


Mmmmmkay, what can I say a little bit about Blade Man *rubbing her chin*. Hong Bin owned a successful game business. He is a gamer and hired nerdy gamers to develop new games for his company. But behind being a successful gamer, he leads a pain and sad life. This fantasy drama is about Hong Bin and his sad life. When he is sad and angry, the weather will turned gray and rainy and his body will sprout blades! It’s so weird! Besides that, he also have a sharp sense of smell. I’m telling you, the way this drama portrayed the scene is very manhwa-ish! I find it very, very, VERY entertaining! And then he met Song Se Dong. Se Dong and her team of 7 men are gamer underdog who recently hired by Hong Bin to develop games for him. Part of the hiring decision was made due to Se Dong. Hong Bin has this fascination of smell and his senses give that ultra sensagasm when he’s around her. Okay, I think I just got this backward. He got to know her when he ran into her in the airport, this can be seen from the first two episodes. Hong Bin met his son for the first time and he couldn’t get the boy to stop crying but Se Dong did. He then hired her as his son’s nanny in which later found out, she is a game developer and that’s how she got involved with his company. Phew. Sorry to Blade Man police patrol if I got this whole thing backward/forward or jumble up like bibimbap *facepalm*. Anyway, he started falling for her when he took her and his kid to see his ex-girlfriend’s parents. But he was feeling a little ashamed and confused since he couldn’t control his anger and ended up hurting the people he loves. The silver lining though in this drama is his PA, Secretary Ko. He continuously looking out for his boss no matter how much bruises and cuts he gotten when defending and protecting Hong Bin as Blade Man. The only setback in this drama is Hong Bin’s dad. The relationship this father and son have is completely ruined. I believe Se Dong position in this drama is to mend their relationship together, in which I started to see it now.


This 20 episode drama is completely different that any kdrama I have seen. The key to success for Blade Man is to watch Hong Bin and his father get back together as a family. This is a really good message drama by using supernatural as medium for humor. So far, I’ve seen 13 episodes and I have 7 episodes to go. This currently airing drama is a hit among my Twitter chingus. I’m pleased with them and I’m pleased with Blade Man. This is a very unusual kdrama that turned out to be super duper awesome! It may not be a cup of tea for some but it is definitely my kind of cup of tea! I highly recommend Blade Man! Two thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to see the ending to this!