Just Watched: Train to Busan


It takes me 4 years to finally watch Train to Busan! I have never been interested in any zombie shows or dramas. I mustered my strength when Kingdom and Kingdom 2 aired. Even so, I was too scared I watched them in broad daylight. Yeah, I am a chicken and wuss. I don’t do well with the horror genre. When I started to work from home due to COVID-19, one of the things my son and I decided to commit to watching different movies every night. Though my son cheated at times, I stick to the rule. Only unseen movies and of course, I suggested Train to Busan. I needed a friend!

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Currently Watching: Six Flying Dragons


If you are looking for the most interesting, intriguing, engaging and intellectually stimulating sageuk drama, Six Flying Dragons is the drama for you. Even though I am only on episode 39, I can assure you that this drama is really great. A year ago, I was in a different place and time. I was not interested in watching it all. In fact, I started episode 1 because of all the hypes it received. No luck at all. I was bored and frustrated that I could not feel the excitement like others.

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Currently Watching: Assorted Gems


I’ve been putting this show on hold for the longest time! I saw it many times on Viki and not once it crossed my mind at all. Bel and Lena recently been advising me to watch it. I started watching it last month but due to my illness, I put it on hold again. But for the past week, I have been a very good kdrama fangirl. I started watching it religiously and I am absolutely addicted to it! And then it dawn on me again… Why did I put this drama on hold again? I knew that the minute I read synopsis, I started to turn the drama down. This is why I shouldn’t read synopsis but just watch it. I became bias whenever I read synopsis and Assorted Gems fell into my own victim. Aish *shakes my head continuously* I’m ashamed and should have follow my own gut instinct!


This 2009, 50 episodes family drama is crackalackingly hilarious! I have to admit I have never seen family drama this funny before! Of course, at times, it makes me really want to strangle someone but it is no news. Most family dramas are made to make you angry! Assorted Gems is no different but it is tolerable. I’m not losing my temper as much as I was with other crazy family dramas. But what I like mostly about family dramas, in no particular, is the personality of the characters. The writers were given time to develop each character in depth and we as watchers get to attach to the character we love more and more. I typically don’t get attached to characters but in Assorted Gems, no matter how bad they were, I really am attached to the parents. They are fun to watch. They are definitely not your average Korean parents! If you have seen it, I am sure you know what I’m talking about!


Assorted Gems is a drama of four siblings. They are named after gems: Jade, Ruby, Coral and Amber. Jade is the eldest and she was, once, a drama writer but decided to quit and run a restaurant business. With the help of Yeong Guk, her tenant in her house, she got back into writing again and became very successful. She fell in love with Yeong Guk but he suddenly disappear and it made her clueless and lost. Ruby is a night-shift nurse who fell in love with the resident doctor, Dr. Yoo. Dr. Yoo’s mom however objected his marriage proposal to Ruby and instead hooked her son with a more wife-material girl. Lo and behold, the marriage got cancelled because of the bride’s past romance. Dr. Yoo is now using his opportunity to get back to Ruby but she’s hurt and playing hard to get. But another tenant in the house, Kyle the monk, is protecting Ruby very closely. I felt sorry for Dr. Yoo but at the same time, I kinda want to be on Kyle side but he wants to be a monk. Coral is the first son in the family and the third child of four. He is studying for his practical exam so he can be certified in law. He seems to be the perfect son so far except that his girlfriend came for marriage because her parents want her to start a family. The last son in the family is a high-schooler named Amber. Hehehe, quite girly, isn’t it? He’s a smarty pants but really, really smart in his school. The kids gang up on their parents and kicked them out of the house. Their parents misbehaved and they mutually agreed that their parents will ruin their future lives if they let their parents hang around in the house. So what exactly did the parents do? *giggles*


The dad came home one day with a new baby! Apparently, he had a one night stand with another woman and bore a child. Sadly, the mother of the child lost her life and he had to take in the baby. The mother, on the other hand, is a gambler. And she is willing to put money into anything. The children had it with their mom when she put down $10,ooo into shaman just to kick the baby momma’s spirit out! Yeap, I don’t blame the children at all at this point. Nope nope nope. Parents misbehaving drama at its best *laughs*. Wait, wait… There is more! They still have their grandmas! They live next to each other but don’t get along but were forced to do so for their children and grandchildren.


The side characters are pretty hilarious too! The drama is very engaging and they did really good job incorporating the side characters into the plots. I’m currently on episode 43 where the angst is not angsty at all. I did get frustrated a bit with Amber, aka Ho Bak in Korean, but it is still tolerable. I’m 7 episodes to go. I heard the ending is pretty awful. But, what people say awful, I usually will feel otherwise. I don’t know *shrugs*, I shall judge it when I’m done. I am pretty receptacle like that. I don’t mind bad ending as long as it is done well and acceptable. But for all I know, at this point, this drama is worth watching. Assorted Gems will leave you satisfied, that’s for sure!