Currently Watching: Akira to Akira


So glad that Akira to Akira is finally subbed. This currently airing drama is my current obsession. Well, Saito is an added bonus, of course! *laughs* But really, you have to believe me when I said I’m obsessed with this drama. Why? It reminds me of Midas, a Korean drama by Jang Hyuk. Though the base of the dramas is similar, the stories are completely different. Akira to Akira is a hearty drama that focuses on friendship, relationship, inheritance, and life. And most of all, the background of this drama is circa financial sector in the 80s.

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Just Watched: Nigeru Onna


I’m feeling rather sad that most of Jdramas are ending this week. I mean my watch list is clearing up. It is good to clear my list but I quickly feel empty knowing that it will be a short list. So Bel quickly added Nigeru Onna to our watch list. The synopsis seems enticing for me to watch it. I don’t know… Lately, I’m into dark dramas. For some reason, I feel satisfied watching twisted dramas. It is gratifying and rewarding to my appetite. Call me crazy….. Or am I starting to feel Himura Hideo on me! I feel like killing someone!!! Not literally, of course! *laughs* 


Anyway, Nigeru Onna is a drama that you don’t want to mess up with. It’s very dark, very scheming, and very realistic! Perhaps it is one of the best wrongfully accused dramas of all time! Nigeru Onna is flawless and perfectly written. To be on the side of a wrongfully accused, to be in her shoes and understand how she is treated, looked, perceived and to be on her side to seek the truth are simply factors that made me marathon the last 4 episodes.


Perhaps, this is a really straightforward drama that you shouldn’t miss. Rieko was finally released from the prison after wasting 10 years of a crime that she never committed in the first place. Once out, her goal is to seek the truth from Azumi, her good friend, who was Rieko’s only alibi. It took her searching to countryside to find Azumi. While searching for her, Mio is following her every move and in the end, she pretty much attached herself to Rieko. Mio does not leave Rieko alone. She is weird and acted as if she’s Rieko’s personal angel. But Rieko does not know Mio’s dark life. She has committed REAL murder prior to following Rieko. One day, Rieko’s purse was snatched and Mio ran towards the thief and got Rieko’s purse bag. But Rieko does not know that the thief is now dead. Killed by Mio. Why would she kill him?


Either way, Mio has her own purpose. She wants to die but never dare to commit her own death. Rieko wants to live and wants to find the truth. These two are two sad characters. Rieko never got her answered because Mio killed Azumi. So the show ended without us knowing why Azumi confessed that she never met Rieko in the first place that led Rieko being condemned as a murderer. The show itself is not just about these two. Sakuma, the police officer, felt guilty over his rushing in fingerpointing at Rieko for Takuya’s death. And now he wants to protect her. But his so-called protection out of fear that Rieko would kill Azumi appeared to Rieko as if he is waiting for her to kill, again.


Ahhhh this show has so much goodness! In fewer than 6 episodes long, this is one drama you should not miss. I strongly recommend Nigeru Onna! For all the reasons… You will feel empathy with Rieko the most. I would love to tell you about Mio. The actress playing Mio is fantastic! She did a good job playing a creepy and crazy character. Overall, this is a must watch drama. You won’t regret it! Plus, it is refreshing to watch strong female characters in a drama. So refreshing!


Currently Watching: Q10

Q10-p2Lately, I’m more excited to blog Japanese than Korean dramas. I don’t know why. It’s taking forever for me to blog High Society and it is still under draft! I am losing it, the interest is really sipping away from me. But the feeling is different with J-dramas. They don’t dwell so much and they get to the point. And this is why you’re seeing more and more reviews on Japanese dramas… And Q10 is my latest victim *giggle*.


The reason I started Q10? Sato Takeru, of course! I’m awed by his talent in his recent drama Tenno No Ryoriban that I’m determined to watch more of his work. And Bel picked another great drama for us to start! Q10 is a 2010 aired drama and though it feel old (it’s the quality of the film), but the story is otherwise. Seriously guys, leave it to Japanese in coming up with all sort of unique stories. Q10 is no different… The poster itself intrigued me! What is he carrying? Is that a real person? Or just a cut board girl? Why is she wrapped in plastic? *rubs chin*. Hmmm… Many questions!


When I first saw the first episode, I did not know what to expect. And I’m not a huge high school drama fan. I announced my usual NowWatching hashtag on Tweeter and several tweet friends tweeted back and told me how they loved Q10. Well, that’s a good sign, right? The show started with a quick intro of Heita, a high school student and his family. One day, on his way home, he saw a “person” leaning towards the window in one of the rooms in his school  building. Being a Curious George, we went and checked it out. There, in the room, sat a girl who appeared sleeping with her mouth wide open. Heita told himself that he wouldn’t put his finger in someone’s mouth but as he was saying it, he found himself slowly inching closer to her. Before he knew it, he put his finger in her mouth and boom! a light lit up from her mouth and he fell to the ground. He saw the word Q10 tattooed on her right foot but wasn’t sure what it was for. The girl opened her eyes, scanned the place and requested him to name her in 15 seconds (or something like that). Panicking, Heita quickly named her Kyuto (Q10). It turns out, Kyuto is a robot! But her appearance is very human… minus her voice. I actually adore her voice, cho cute! Although some may find her voice a bit annoying…


One of Heita’s classmates, Hisashi, actually is infatuated with Kyuto (episode 3 is all about infatuation!) but when he saw a cut on her hand that exposed her robot-self, he freaked out. When he told Heita if he could own Kyuto, Heita jokingly said yes. But when Hisashi insisted, Heita started to feel agitated and frustrated. Heita came to realize that Kyuto is more special than just a robot. He is starting to fall for her… Wow, is it possible? I mean she’s a robot!


There are only 9 episodes in Q10 with each episode about 45-55 minutes long. This drama is funny at times, but at other times, very passionate and sad. It is just how you see it… I found myself laughing a lot more but I also suspect I will soon be crying, too. Kyuto is funny with all her ridiculous and curious questions, and her kawaii expressions. She actually made Heita thinks… Including me, too! You know, things that you have taken for granted… It is definitely interesting to hear it from a high school’s perspective on what he understands about life. Q10 is a harmless drama, you should totally give it a watch! Check out this clip I found on YouTube – great fan-made clip!

Just Watched: Saigo no Kizuna

7zIVsI decided to watch Saigo no Kizuna because of Sato Takeru. I love his portrayal as Rurouni Kenshin in the Rurouni Kenshin saga. Yeap, I saw all three and never blog it. One day I will… When I’m ready. But until then, I want to introduce you to Saigo no Kizuna as it is not so much of a movie movie, but more of docu movie of World War II that was set in Okinawa. Yeap, it is the infamous Pacific war. My hub was skeptical when I decided to watch this docu movie. He is a die hard Chinese man who still hold dear to the past and to what Japanese had done to his ancestors. I do not hold grudges as much because it was all in the past. I grew up listening to stories told by my dad and how he once lived under Japanese rules in Malaya. Yes, it was painful to hear but my dad told me that he learned a lot through the experience even though it was painful to his childhood.


So back to my hub, he had a different idea before starting this docu movie. He thought the Japanese will just glorified their past. *rolling eyes* I hated his mentality. As educated as he is, I feel bad that he could not get over it. Okay, I should stop ranting. It is his life and I should respect his opinion. Well, now back to Saigo no Kizuna, I’m surprised by the story. It is a true story of two brothers, both were soldiers and both were forced to defend their country. Except one of them, through his and Japanese’ eyes, he is considered a traitor. Seiyu is the eldest son in the family. In order to survive and support his family, he decided to migrate to America and work as a farmer. But he realized his opportunity was too limited and decided to change his name so he can get better opportunity. By doing so, he switched nationality as well and became American. Needless to say, as a American, he was being called to join the army. He and his great buddies were hesitated because it will be a betrayal to their country but at the same time, they can’t leave to home coz the family needs money. The dilemma was especially difficult for Seiyu because his mom passed away two years after he left for America and leaving his brother Yasu in charge of the household as the eldest son.


Yasu adores his nee-chan so much! He cried so hard when Seiyu left. Three years after his brother gone, the Japanese government has forced all the students in school to learn the military survival and training which eventually forcing them to enlist. It was difficult for Yasu knowing that his brother in America and he has to fight the American. When the war started, the two brothers fought hard. Seiyu became an interpreter while Yasu, since he is native Okinawan, was forced to be the solider at the front line. The brothers eventually met and was shocked by what they have became.


This true story reunited the brothers and their siblings after the war. Seiyu chose America to live whereas Yasu remain in Japan but these brothers grew up well and are pretty successful in life. If you are interested in history, this docu movie is a must see. I’m glad I saw it. I cried a bucket actually. What a great life story to pass on…

Currently Watching: Tumbling


Yay, another Japanese drama added to my watch list and the new victim is Tumbling. This 2010 JDrama is also recommended by Bel. After Suikyuu Yankees, I thought I could use another inspiring dramas that could motivates my son. He loves Yankees so much, and I loved it for the eye candies! *giggles* Tumbling is nothing different than Yankees. Same kind of setting, same kind of mission and same kind of drive. The only difference is the type of sports. This is a tumbling aka men gymnastic drama so it lingers around it. And they are in tights! *screams happily*


Tumbling is a drama full of testosterone. The boys are constantly butting heads with each other and with their opponents. But each time they encountered mishaps and troubles, they work things out in their own ways – whether through fist fighting or exchanging foul words. The moral of the story is they resolved the problems and that’s what counts. And you will definitely enjoy the angst these boys have. They are quite…. entertaining! Sure they are naive and sometimes cheesy, especially the hair *rolls eyes*, but that’s what a high school drama is about. It is expected, just like Yankees.


I have been putting this drama on hold lately due to my busy work schedule. *rubs hands* but not anymore, I’m free and am trying to catch up. This drama is 11 episodes long and they are mostly around 50 minutes to an hour. The story circled around Azuma Wataru, a crazy azz student who is known in his school as a mean bully. One day, a beautiful student transferred to his school and she was assigned to his class. Wataru was determined to know her but didn’t know how. Later on he found out her name is Satonaka Mari and she has joined female gymnastic rhythmic group. When he found out, he realized he needs to enroll in a club activity to earn credit for missing classes during his 2nd year in high school. He took this opportunity to join the male version of rhythmic group aka tumbling. His intention to get closer to her suddenly became sidetracked by him being so into the competition. His captain, Yuta (pst, he’s a cutie) was losing hope at the time but after the team had enough members, he decided to take them into the biggest competition in town.


Like Yankees, Tumbling showcased the struggles among the boys. You will get to see the inside story of each of the member. I like how they are very entertaining even though at times, I find it very aggressive. But beyond the aggressive, the relationship between the students and teacher are exceptionally good and it shows that hard work pays off. I love Tumbling except their *coughs* crazy hairdo! I hate to say this but I’m liking Tumbling way more than Yankees and Yankees was great! So now you know… please watch it if you haven’t!