Currently Watching: Hotel del Luna


I was not keen on starting Hotel del Luna at first. Maybe because at the time, I was still recovering from my illness. And when I started watching the first episode, I did not get a good vibe. Not only it is because of Hong sisters’ drama, I feared that the drama reminded me of Goblin even though it was not written by them. Mimi from The Talking Cupboard pointed out to me of Master’s Sun instead and I immediately cannot deny the similarity. The glamorous set. The richness. The beautiful cast. The luxurious brands. Yup, I can’t deny this drama won my heart now. Either way, I feel that it is a marriage of two dramas which to be honest resulted in a very interesting and engaging fantasy drama.

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Currently Watching: Chicago Typewriter


I am late to the game but I finally jump on the Chicago Typewriter wagon. So many people raved about this show. I don’t know why I did not watch it when it was aired. Most likely I was on travel and didn’t get to watch it live. Obviously, once I missed it I usually don’t watch it. But lately, I am trying to catch up on dramas that I missed. Chicago Typewriter is my newest catchup project. Before this, it was Go Back, Couple. I think it is worth it. Somehow, when I tweeted it, it gives back fuzzy feelings to some of my tlist. I like that *beams*. Continue reading

Currently Watching: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?


Initially, I was not planning on watching this drama. I know! I sounded super stupid for saying that. But because of my crazy travels, I have little faith in keeping up with all new dramas and especially popular dramas like Are You Human Too?, Miss Hammurabi, Come and Hug Me, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, and Life on Mars. But guess what? I managed to squeeze my precious hours for these dramas! Yeah, I am crazy! I just don’t care at this point. I need a stress relief and dramas are my getaway to escape my stress.

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