Just Watched: My P.S. Partner


I have been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time. I finally had the time to watch when I was in the middle of nowhere in Bangladesh with a poor internet connection. This movie came in handy just because… I realized when I first started it, I was on the plane and my phone (yes, I was watching from my tiny screen) was visible to everyone. Ooops… that raunchy scene during the first 30 minutes got me shook a bit! Sorry, peeps!

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Currently Watching: Laughter in Waikiki


Waikiki! Wai-kee-keeeeeee! *laughs*. Sorry, I can’t help saying it and somewhat reminds me of Miss Korea. Anyway, I finally got into Laughter in Waikiki wagon. I was not able to watch it immediately due to my busy schedule. But since I am on travel, I get some me time to catch up on this drama. Initially, the premise of this drama reminded me of 3 Papas but I immediately realized it only has a tiny similarity. To be honest, I find Waikiki to be more entertaining and hilarious. It is a solid written drama from a genius rookie writer!

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Currently Watching: A Daughter Just Like You


My love for daily dramas continue again! I added A Daughter Just Like You to my watch list. I was so on the roll with Great First Wives and was hesitated to start this one. In the beginning, it felt so unpleasant and uninteresting. I was so absorbed by the Great First Wives that I felt A Daughter was not up to its par. I confessed that I almost on the edge of giving it up until Bel started to power through the episodes. Thanks to her, I was able to power through nearly 30 episodes during my Pope-cation time and I’m completely hooked by it! And yes, this is another MBC production drama which surprisingly, I’m loving and addicted to it! I think next to SBS, MBC is my next choice of network for daily dramas. I’m totally staying away from KBS now although the next daily drama we plan to add is from that network. Well *shrugs* we shall see!


Now, let’s focus on A Daughter Just Like You. This drama is about power! Power of another kind! A power in the family! And in here, we are talking three Queen Bees. Two women and a man. Yes, you read it right. A man can be a queen bee, too. They are the pillars of their households! The decision maker. The money maker. The controller. The know them all. Yeap! So this drama is circa three families of three backgrounds. In this post, rather than focusing on the OTP, I will focus on these families and how they are ties to one another. It can be a little confusing so buckle up! Y’all ready for this roller coaster emotional ride? Hana, dool, set… go!

Home Shopping Network Mom


Hong Ae Ja is a one woman show in her family. Her husband, Ma Jeong Gi, is an educated idler. He contributed nothing to his family. He spent most of his time trying so hard to be a poet and neglected his duty as the man of the house. She divorced her husband on his 60th birthday and freed herself from her marriage and awful mother in law. Besides working hard as a host for a home shopping network, Ae Ja raises their three daughters very well. Her oldest daughter is Professor Ma Ji Seong. She’s married to a well-off family but sadly, her backbone is too soft so she ends up letting her mom rules her life. And since her husband, Woon Jae, is a momma’s boy who does not have a proper limb in him, Ji Seong’s marriage is in trouble all the time. At stake? Their daughter. But Ji Seong had enough and now seeking divorce from her momma’s boy hub. Will she succeed?


Her second child is Dr. Ma In Seong (not an MD). A true perfectionist and dedicated to her work, In Seong never does house chores in her life but after she got married, her life was turned upside down. Her marriage to her husband, Jung Geon, was a journey to be remembered. Her mom accused her now husband to seduce her so that he can live off of her salary while her dad in law accused her of seducing his noble son! Their drama was out of this world crazy and their only way out was a fake pregnancy that her dad in law dreamed one night. So imagine when he realized that the was never a baby! And now, In Seong and Jung Geon are facing many challenges to survive. Will they live to tell their grandkids of their life disaster?


And Ae Ja’s last child is Dr. Ma Hee Seong (an MD). She is very feisty and the most outspoken child of the three. She gets away doing whatever she wants, even the way she dressed in her workplace. One day, a new temporary doctor in charge stepped in (Dr. Kang Hyeon Woo) and they butt head together. Ae Ja’s Director Ahn is in love with Hee Seong but she never gives in. One day, Hee Seong started to fall in for Dr. Kang after spending time with his son. But when Dr. Kang played hard to get, she decided to annoy him by accepting Director Ahn’s proposal. But did she?


Ex-Marine Dad


So Pan Seok has been a single dad and in charge of the household and his three children ever since his wife’s passing. He is very frugal in spending, and exercised military style while disciplining his kids. The house is very tidy and he is proud of the way he raises his kids. Pan Seok runs a real estate business in his neighborhood and loves to buy cheap things that sold in bulk from home shopping network. One of his favorite channels is Hong Ae Ja’s network. One day he was fooled by the items he bought from Ae Ja and demanded a refund. When the network refused, Pan Seok protested in front of the network’s building and forced Ae Ja to resign from her 20 some years of dedication to the network. This resulted tension between Ae Ja and Pan Seok, and it gotten worse especially when Pan Seok’s oldest child, Jung Geon, is falling hard in love with Ma In Seong.


Their love story was a story to tell. He was assigned to pick her up at the airport and never had expected that she would turn out to be in badly condition (she had not shower in days having to work on her assignment in rural Mongolia). Since then, they keep running to each other but they had such a bad meet for the first time that every encounter ended up in a quarrel. Jung Geon is the best salesperson in his team and suddenly get assigned to work in the main headquarter. His worse nightmare did not just end there when his new boss is none other than Ma In Seong. The two did not get along at all. When they were forced to leave on a work assignment, things turn out to be worse. Jung Geon got drunk one night and accidentally entered In Seong’s room and slept with her. Jjakamman, nothing happened. Since then, Jung Geon fell hard for her but she wanted to focus on her assignment and leave back to her company that is based in Boston. With Jung Geon’s persistent, she finally gave in and let herself to love and be loved. As I mentioned above, their parents got into their way and though marriage took place, it was not a really rosy for them. I do fear for their lives. Ex-Marine dad is painfully annoying and heartless. The man thinks nothing but himself and has no empathy. My heart goes out for these two souls. I really feel their pain and I can’t stand ex-marine dad at all!


So Sung Geon is Pan Seok’s second and the most laziest, useless son ever. At his age, he sis till undecided on what to do with his life. Not so much an educated idler, he constantly change his major and wasted his time and starting new major. He is now a TA working for Prof. Ma Ji Sung. He has no life, basically. His daily routine? *yawns* Eat. Study. Work. Sleep. That’s it. But ever since In Seong’s take charge of the household and defy her dad in law, Sung Geon is now assigned to do some house chores that hardly was never his task. He resisted in the beginning but eventually gave in. But what would become of his life? I really don’t see any stories for him… This is sad!


The last member in So Pan Seok’s family is So Jong Yi. The baby in the family, she was abused by Pan Seok since her younger age. She has no voice in the house and always oblige to Pan Seok’s demand. Due to her dad’s frugal lifestyle, she never gets to enjoy what an average girl life should be. Instead of attending college, she decided to be rebellious and work. Her life suddenly became meaningful when she started to fall for Sung Geon’s friend, Baek Seon Jae. Seon Jae decided to stay in Pan Seok’s home to run away from his controlling mom. But the world is so small. Literally, small! Seon Jae is Professor Ma’s brother in law! He left his studies midway to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. His idea was turned down since he is one of the two heirs for the family business. Yeah, I hear you chingu… The complication of life. Will he succeed in proving to his family that he can be a successful chef? Or must he give up and became a puppet in his family’s company? And what about Jong Yi? What would she do with her life? Can she take the challenge of marrying a mama’s boy?


Diva Rich Mom


Ho Eun Sook is…. *breathes hard* a woman that thinks nothing but herself. She’s one super selfish woman. She doesn’t care what her husband thinks, she takes NO from her sons, and she doesn’t give a fudge over her daughter in law. She does however care of her fake image in the public eyes and her granddaughter! Seriously, when I think of her I really want to take all my plates and smash it one by one to the floor. This woman, oy this woman, is unbelievably the worse of the worse of the three main characters. To start, because she hold the biggest share in her family’s business, she feels that she has the right to behave in diva manners. With that, she exercises her diva mannerism towards her husband and her two sons. Her childish behavior really a turn off. If I could strangle her right now, I would!


Baek Min Sook married Eun Sook and was entrusted to the company. Together they both have two sons, Baek Woon Jae and Baek Seon Jae. Woon Jae is the puppet and momma’s son. He could not say no to his mom for anything. It has gotten so bad that she interrupts into his marriage. The thing is Woon Jae tries so hard to please his mom that he just doesn’t know when to say no and when to determine what’s important and what’s not. In the end, he not only jeopardizing his own marriage, but ruins his credibility as a person. When his wife left him, Woon Jae not only became berserk but he became the jerk as well. To make the situation worse, his dearest mom adds fire to the fire. She doesn’t like her daughter in law, Professor Ma Ji Sung. She gathers all her energies into persuading her son to divorce her daughter in law. Since she never likes her daughter in law, her determination to trap her daughter into something nasty became greater. The question to ponder is that how will Min Sook deals with his life? He loves his wife very dearly but he must accept that he, too, is at fault on the breakup of his marriage. Will he surrender and divorce her?


On the other hand, Eun Sook lost control of her younger son, Seon Jae. He quit his university and went home and stayed over as a freeloader in his friend’s home. His friend is So Sung Geon. As a freeloader with a passion to cook, he dreams of becoming a chef but it is something that he knows that it will not going to fly with his family. One day, he joined Sung Geon and Jong Yi as seasoned employees but then realized that the store is owned by his family. Or should I say… it’s his! He almost came face to face with his mom! Behind his story, lies another romance. He and Jong Yi started to love one another and tried so hard to hide the relationship. Her father, for once, is the ex-marine dad. But on the other hand, his mom is very calculative and a total diva and all she could think of is that Jong Yi purposely seduced her son for the money! What do you think Seon Jae will do to get his mom and dad’s approval? How will he convince them as well as Jong Yi’s dad? *shakes head* It is going to be a hard battle.


Yeoreobun, A Daughter Just Like You is unlike any daily drama you have seen. There is always a moral behind every scene. At episode 112 of 120, I believe Ae Ja is really learning the fact that what goes around, comes around. Sadly, she refuse to butt down even when she knows she is dying. Part of me believe she is doing it on purpose to get her daughters’ attention! I’m pissed. There are many people with kidney disease but she’s the worse. On the other hand, I get it. She works hard to bring food to the table. She works hard in raising her daughters. She doesn’t deserve to be treated rudely by her daughters. I think Ae Ja and her daughters need to meet in the middle. Compromise. And speaking of compromise, Ex-Marine dad is learning to compromise. Slowly. It was hard for him to give in but he is slowly learning the fact that his son has his own life and that his daughter needs a freedom of her own. As for Diva mom, I don’t think she can be helped. The best is to just send her to mental hospital. She is done.


There are a few surprises here and there in which I do not want to reveal. This is one of the perks from watching daily dramas. A Daughter Just Like You has been nearly perfect so far I can assure you that the ending will be great! We have 8 episodes left and so far there is no talk on extension. I think we can rest assured that A Daughter Just Like You will end on time. I highly recommend this drama. Forgive me if I sounded very emotional and cluttered. I’ve been writing this post since September 27!!!! I was moody, angry, and frustrated while watching the show. So my post has become my own venting place *giggle*. But yeah, definitely watch it!!! The show is so awesome I can’t decide which daily will be my best of 2015. Yeap, wish me luck! By the way, check out Bel’s post on A Daughter Just Like You. She wrote it better than I do… I am just a mess now *laughs*.