Just Watched: Memorist


Y’all know I have to watch Memorist for Yoo Seung Ho. He is my boy. I love him forever! I am glad he is taking a more challenging role. But honestly, I almost dropped it. I did not like his character. It reminded me of Lee Ahn from He is Psychometric. I really hated that drama especially the second half of it. It went downhill. I thought Memorist would follow the same path. Lee Ahn was able to read a person’s mind simply by touching. And in this drama, Dong Baek has a telepathic ability to read a person’s memories just by touching. Eerily similar but as Memorist progressed, the show went from comedic to dark crime. This I like and hence, I did not drop it as I initially intended to.

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Currently Watching: Sassy Go Go


By the power of kfangurl I am now watching Sassy Go Go. She lured me with a picture of Ji Soo. Well, I am a weak person and immediately sold by it. Thanks, girlfriend! Sassy Go Go was in my radar to watch but I was drowned with paperwork and housework to even start it. But today is the day (November 10, 2015) and I succumbed to my enabler. In addition to Ji Soo, Eun Ji is also my favorite actress so I see no reason not to start this sooner. And then I realized, this show has ended! Like it ended today! Oh my Gooooooooood *hands on cheeks*, you know what that means, right? It’s marathon time!!!! *grins*


Since I am not even halfway through the series, this is my impression so far. Sassy Go Go reminds me of Dream High. Same concept. Boarding school. Super rich kids versus regular kids. Classical versus hip-hop. Dancing versus studying. The students are trying hard to excel in their studies and extra curriculum. In Sassy, they are trying to excel in cheer leading performance. Right? Did your mind fly straight to Dream High? I mean it is similar: stage performance. Plus, I love watching high school kids struggling with their lives. They made me feel so good! Muahahahahahhaha!


Kang Yeon Doo, played by our sassy Eun Ji, is very sassy and outgoing. She is the sunshine of this drama. When she transferred into a very competitive high school, she was upset that everyone was into their studies and not enjoying their lives as students. Yeon Doo feels pressured to be in that school but her cheery self did not hold her back! *thumbs up* In the beginning of the episode, I was introduced to her as the most cheeky, the most peppy, the most cheery person but with bad grades. She ranks 196th out of 200 students. Eeeeek! But anyway, she feels like an outsider in the school. Her dance club was terminated. And her schoolmate, Kwon Soo Ah, is out to pick on her. She butt headed with Kim Yeol, the smartest kid in school. Her only true friend? Ha Dong Jae. Even that, Dong Jae is keeping a secret from her.


All the kids from Yeon Doo’s dance club was forced to work together with Kim Yeol’s Study Club. But Kwon Soo Ah gives the heck of a trouble to her. Soo Ah is pressured by her mom to be number one is school. And she take her anger on Yeon Doo. But in the end, she joined the club knowing that it will be good on her resume when applying for college. I just don’t get it… Why did she choose to be harsh and a pain to Yeon Doo? Because of her past? Get real, kiddo.


Anyway, I’m currently on episode 6 and it is a great ride so far. The bromance between Kim Yeol and his bestie, almost suicidal Seo Ha Joon, is very cute. And the friendship between Yeon Doo and Dong Jae is super duper cute. If I could have a relationship, I want it to be like Yeon Doo and Dong Jae. Overall, Sassy Go Go is totally a go for me. The vibe I get since the beginning is very hopeful. I have been very disappointed with KBS/KBS2 dramas lately but Sassy Go Go really put me into a new perspective. I really look forward to how this show will end. My biggest wish is to have Soo Ah realize that Yeon Doo is only a friend. That’s all. All Yeon Doo wants is happiness! Amuden, Sassy Go Go is not only funny, witty and cute, but it also full of lessons of hardships, friendships and trust. And great music and songs!!!! Didn’t I say that earlier? *giggle* I’m truly amazed by this show. I typically not a high school drama fan. I found them very cliche but Sassy isn’t cliche at all. It is truly a must watch drama!