Just Dropped: Frankenstein no Koi


Hmmm, what can I say about this drama? I am trying to find the right word but I just could not come up with any! I have only seen two Frankenstein no Koi episodes so far and all I could think is how weird it was. Don’t get me wrong, this drama hired solid actors. But the writing is weird and slow. And I cannot let go of the ridiculous magic mushroom idea. I just can’t. I did think that I should give it another try but unfortunately, I am dropping it for few reasons.

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Just Watched: Death Note: Light Up the New World


I have heard of Death Note the series many times. But this is my first time watching it because it has piqued my interest while I was extremely bored on the plane. I mean… why not, I have nothing to lose. I was worried though whether I would be able to pick up the show without having knowledge of the series. Thankfully they made Death Note easily to understand with the narration and slight flashbacks. It was great!

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Currently Watching: Death Cash


Death Cash reminds me of the Final Destination movie franchise. But it is a lot more horrid. All death associated with cash. And they aren’t just regular cash, they are Death Cash. The type of cash that would cost your life. Scary right? You won’t know when you will get it. For anything, I could be getting one anytime soon! *screams* This what happens to Yuka’s friends. They all ended up dead. Their death are pretty gruesome, too! I can’t even tell you. Some of the death are too shocking…


The episodes are not easy to watch  even though I marathon the first three ones just like that. The episodes are pretty short. They are less than 30 minutes long. But the context makes it as if you’re watching an hour-long show. I’m not going into details in my review today because my drama buddy Bel is recapping it. So far, 6 episodes have aired though I have yet to watch the episode 6. I’m not really sure how many episodes Death Cash has. I’m going to assume no more than 11 episodes long. So far, I’m really liking it. Some parts can be quite slow and draggy but they are necessary elements before the buildup to the next death.


Death Cash is not for everyone. I’m surprised that I get this far with the show. I have a weak heart you see but for some reason, this show makes me curious. How this death legend got started (you will get your answer in episode 5)? And how it get spread out like that? Also, why is occurred among Yuka’s friends? Lots of questions; hence the reason I’m watching it. If you are interested in reading recaps, here they are: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3 and episode 4. Good luck!


Just Watched: Shark


If you are a fan of Japanese rock songs, this drama is for you. It can be very disappointed at times, though, I don’t know how to say it. Even though I finished it, Shark seems a hit and miss with me. I know where the story wants to take us to but I can’t really focus on the entire show. Mizuki, the main character, changes so much. He was ambitious, steady and fun in the beginning. He united Shark after the main leader passed away. And it was not hard to win the boys’ heart after their leader’s passing. Mizuki did a fabulous job at comforting them with his vocal and talent. But he himself became so inconsiderate later on and I found him very annoying and frustrating. *hangs head low*


The other character I dislike is Ichika. She discovered Mizuki and persuaded him to join Shark as the main lead. But at the end, she’s the frustrating one. I don’t know, I began to dislike her after episode 6. The boys finally united and then she started to mess things up. Oy… *slaps head* Quit it, Ichika! You’re making it harder for them! *angry sigh* Just let them be!


Shark reminds me of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Both lead singers died and were replaced. Both new leaders had to work very hard to unite the band once again. Both leaders have big dreams! Both teams got frustrated and had to fight among themselves to push for their first debut. The similarity between the two dramas is too obvious. Shark was produced and aired in 2014 whereas Shut Up in 2012. It could be a coincidence; it could be anything. I’m not going to pick a fight. Shark is only 12 episodes series with each episode is less than 25 minutes long. To me, Shark gives me enough energy to keep on going. The music is absolutely awesome. I’m a bit addicted to the group’s song, Keep Walking.


If it is up to me, I wouldn’t recommend it. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band has a lot more humor and feelings than Shark. BUT, regardless what I’ve said, I may watch Shark season 2. Why? Because I’m a Curious George! *laughs*