Song of the Moment:Seongbukdong


Yes, I have not been posting any songs on my blog since I don’t know when. I am super busy and my Wednesday Eu-Mak is now officially neglected by me! Booooo *heads down*.  I stop listening to songs too. I only listen to the podcast and to songs that I have on my phone. But today I decided to take a peek into the music world and Kim Feel pops up right away!

This song is a great come back for my post. It is a beautiful song; the melancholy feeling describes my somber mood. I love how it started softly and gradually built up then dies down again. The piano part at the beginning really creates the hell-raising feeling. Kim’s voice is undeniably awesome. You can almost hear his voice breaking out when he pulls a slightly higher note. I seriously think he will be great carrying a rock genre song. That tiny raspy… I want him to!

Here is Seongbukdong for you! Enjoy!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Marry Me Marry You

Kim Jeong Hoon Digital Single Album 'Marry Me, Marry You'Is it wedding season in where you are? I have not been to a wedding since my good friend’s wedding three years ago. I am craving to attend for another wedding. If I’m in Malaysia right now, I would be going to wedding ceremonies every weekend. It is festive in Malaysia. But in the States, wedding is a serious affair. Everything is poised and proper. It can be too proper for some. What do you like most about weddings? To me, the dresses and photo shoot, of course!

Speaking of wedding, Kim Jeong Hoon came to picture! And he collaborated with Hyun Young from Rainbow into this sweet, sweet wedding melody. Marry Me Marry You is the title. I’m sure there is a lot of photoshop going in this MV but do I care? Jeong Hoon looks eerily young! Which fountain of youth is he drinking? *laughs* Overall, I love this MV. It is super chic.

But if you want a formal MV, here is another MV for you. It showcasing a series of wedding ceremonies. Still beautiful… Wedding still put me into tears! For all newly weds out there, congratulations!!!


Song of the Moment: On My Own

fx-Amber2Current mood: somber. Don’t ask me why… I need vitamin sea and vitamin sun now. It’ll come soon. For now, I’m stuck in the office. In this four walls. A bit depressing. And with ongoing meetings and reports, I am burnt out. And just so happened that I stumbled on Amber f(x)’s On My Own. Perfect tune. Completely calming song. I’m shocked that Amber has gone this route. Ballad is now her tune. She can’t go back to Shake That Brass. I won’t let her. NO!


My only debate with On My Own is which version I love the most. Korean versus English. They are the same. But now I’m torn. I love the Korean one. Wait, I love the English one! *sigh* I just can’t decide. Nevermind, I’ll post both MVs and you decide which one you like. Cheers!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Pain Poem

maxresdefaultOk, are you ready to slow dance with your partner in crime? Don’t have a partner? No worries, you can substitute with cat, dog, pillow or your stuffed toy. This song will make you want to slow dance. And on the back of my mind, I was badly searching for that common Spanish words I know but I never heard any! It’s okay, though… Because Pain Poem delivers that feeling I yearn for. The song is so emotional, and Kim Bum Soo’s voice is so emotional. Well, you can always expect the extraordinary performance from Bum Soo-ssi.


The MV reminded me of the Descendants of the Sun! Well, that’s because David McInnis is in it! Anyway, this Spanish/Latin vibe song was released on April 21. I’m so glad I stumbled into it. The MV is not only beautiful, the song is, too! Can we get more songs like this? We need more ballad like Pain Poem in our lives! Right?

Wednesday Eu-Mak: A Soul Comeback!

011316_vos_01Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun. Yeap, it is another Wednesday. And I hope it is not too late for me to wish you a very Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year! For you singles out there, did you review a lot of hong pau (red packet)? *smiles* Amuden, my wish for all my readers to have a very prosperous, exciting and healthy year. And to start of today’s post is a major comeback by V.O.S. Yes, Voice of Soul. The group has come a looooong way. Formed in 2004, the trio became two-member group when Park Ji Hun departed in 2010. But as of last year, he rejoin the group and now back to a trio group again. I’m so happy that the did. V.O.S was one of the groups I listened quite often back in the day. *giggle* back in the day… as if I’m that old! *laughs*


So let’s start with their comeback song that was released on January 13, 2016. The song is called The Only One For Me. This is an amazing comeback song and video. The song is heart-wrenching and memorable it made me feeling so sad… Their vocal is stunning, super ballad-y as always. Please tell me you don’t feel like crying after hearing the song and watching the MV.

So yeah, I just can’t helped but listening to the song over and over again. The followings are some of my favorite songs from V.O.S. I hope you enjoy them!

And a bunch of great drama OSTs!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think I should stop, right? I hope you love all the songs I pick for you! With that, I wish you a good day and great week! I will be on hiatus again starting this Friday. I’m heading out to India on work and hope I will be blogging on and off from there. But, as you know, work comes first. Otherwise, I will see you in March!




Wednesday Eu-Mak: Feelin’ Melancholy

MG_8878Don’t ask me why but this is how I have been feeling for the past three days… I have too many things in my head. I have one major decision to make that will determine my path and this could  be forever. If not forever, at least it will be for the next two to three years to come. Yeah, my shoulder is heavy. I don’t know what to feel now. It will be another major stepping stone for me and my family. I know what to do. I know the outcome. I just need a big push from myself to say “Yes, let’s be brave again!” Oy….

And that chingu, is the story of my Wednesday life! Happy Wednesday! It’s eve Thanksgiving Holiday for us in the States. What do you have on your agenda for this long weekend? My family and I are leaving for Philly and celebrate our first non-Thanksgiving day with them. I said non-Thanksgiving because apparently, they don’t celebrate it. Hmmm… it is odd but we will not hold any judgement against them *smiles*. So yeah, that is it… Nothing fancy. It will be quiet, that’s for sure.

So to continue with my melancholy mood, I have a few songs for you to hear it. I hope you don’t get too tear up by these songs… Enjoy!

Along the Days by Huh Gak

I’m always amazed by Huh Gak’s voice. And this heart-wrenching MV along with his voice really gives me a chill. I feel like I was with Ha Suk Jin the whole time… By the way, Huh Gak needs more recognition and exposure, too many kids are drowned  by cookie cutter idols that always put real talent aside. I really hope you share the same feeling as I am when listening to Along the Days.

Lonely by Jun Pham

This is my first Vietnamese song ever! And I’m quite surprised by how much I love this song! The singer made the language sounds super lovely. The MV is top notch! I’m impressed!

Sends Back by Volume Brothers (feat. Kim Hyun Soo)

Wow! Oh, wow! This song started softy ballady and when it reached the climax, the singer hits the highest note he could get and the music turned to pop rock! I love it! I was  blown by the entire song. His voice is really good. And the MV is sweet. This song needs more views! This is one awesome love song!

Ok, three songs should be enough to knock you out, right? *giggle* I think so. And my time is up! I’m outta here and happy Tofurkey day!!!





Wednesday Eu-Mak: Let’s Soothe Ourselves…

Bigstock-22321633-Spa-still-life-with-bamboo-fountain-and-zen-stoneHappy Wednesday! Yes, I know…. I have been on hiatus for awhile. I lost my mood with blogging since I came back. And I also not feeling well so I’m trying to take better care of myself. Hence, you will see me less active in social media but I will keep up with blogging. I feel depressed that I can’t do it all but health comes first. Health always comes first, right? *wink*

So I’m not going to blab around like I always do. I have too many things in mind and I’d rather share these songs with you… I hope it’s not too sad for your Wednesday…

What a beautiful and emotional song…. I feel like crying *sad face*

For those who are not familiar with Lucia, please give her songs a hear. Recently, Rapmon (BTS) recommended Lucia to his Army and she is not receiving lots of love. She is an example of great solo singer *smile face*

Taken from the My First Time OST, this song has that 80s influence which I like…

Something different… Just to life  your mood. So be nice to me, y’all!

Whoa, Park Seo Joon is singing. Again (?). I’m not sure if I have heard him singing, I couod be hallucinating. But I really love this song… He’s not a great singer but hey, he tried. I like that he tried *wink*.

I hope the songs did not ruin your Wednesday… I really like it and I hope you do. Until then, take care!