Wednesday Eu-Mak: Based On A True Story

True story, I missed Epik High so much! Based On A True Story arrived at the right time when I needed it the most. My heart skipped a beat when I heard this song for the first time. It is so soothing and beautiful… powered by stunning velvety vocal by Heize and the men. I missed Tablo and Mitra’s rapping to my ears. It feels homey… they brought me home again!

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Song of the Moment:Seongbukdong


Yes, I have not been posting any songs on my blog since I don’t know when. I am super busy and my Wednesday Eu-Mak is now officially neglected by me! Booooo *heads down*.  I stop listening to songs too. I only listen to the podcast and to songs that I have on my phone. But today I decided to take a peek into the music world and Kim Feel pops up right away!

This song is a great come back for my post. It is a beautiful song; the melancholy feeling describes my somber mood. I love how it started softly and gradually built up then dies down again. The piano part at the beginning really creates the hell-raising feeling. Kim’s voice is undeniably awesome. You can almost hear his voice breaking out when he pulls a slightly higher note. I seriously think he will be great carrying a rock genre song. That tiny raspy… I want him to!

Here is Seongbukdong for you! Enjoy!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Marry Me Marry You

Kim Jeong Hoon Digital Single Album 'Marry Me, Marry You'Is it wedding season in where you are? I have not been to a wedding since my good friend’s wedding three years ago. I am craving to attend for another wedding. If I’m in Malaysia right now, I would be going to wedding ceremonies every weekend. It is festive in Malaysia. But in the States, wedding is a serious affair. Everything is poised and proper. It can be too proper for some. What do you like most about weddings? To me, the dresses and photo shoot, of course!

Speaking of wedding, Kim Jeong Hoon came to picture! And he collaborated with Hyun Young from Rainbow into this sweet, sweet wedding melody. Marry Me Marry You is the title. I’m sure there is a lot of photoshop going in this MV but do I care? Jeong Hoon looks eerily young! Which fountain of youth is he drinking? *laughs* Overall, I love this MV. It is super chic.

But if you want a formal MV, here is another MV for you. It showcasing a series of wedding ceremonies. Still beautiful… Wedding still put me into tears! For all newly weds out there, congratulations!!!


Song of the Moment: On My Own

fx-Amber2Current mood: somber. Don’t ask me why… I need vitamin sea and vitamin sun now. It’ll come soon. For now, I’m stuck in the office. In this four walls. A bit depressing. And with ongoing meetings and reports, I am burnt out. And just so happened that I stumbled on Amber f(x)’s On My Own. Perfect tune. Completely calming song. I’m shocked that Amber has gone this route. Ballad is now her tune. She can’t go back to Shake That Brass. I won’t let her. NO!


My only debate with On My Own is which version I love the most. Korean versus English. They are the same. But now I’m torn. I love the Korean one. Wait, I love the English one! *sigh* I just can’t decide. Nevermind, I’ll post both MVs and you decide which one you like. Cheers!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Pain Poem

maxresdefaultOk, are you ready to slow dance with your partner in crime? Don’t have a partner? No worries, you can substitute with cat, dog, pillow or your stuffed toy. This song will make you want to slow dance. And on the back of my mind, I was badly searching for that common Spanish words I know but I never heard any! It’s okay, though… Because Pain Poem delivers that feeling I yearn for. The song is so emotional, and Kim Bum Soo’s voice is so emotional. Well, you can always expect the extraordinary performance from Bum Soo-ssi.


The MV reminded me of the Descendants of the Sun! Well, that’s because David McInnis is in it! Anyway, this Spanish/Latin vibe song was released on April 21. I’m so glad I stumbled into it. The MV is not only beautiful, the song is, too! Can we get more songs like this? We need more ballad like Pain Poem in our lives! Right?