Currently Watching: A Man In A Veil

Yes, you guess it right! I finally started watching Korean daily drama again! Bel would be so proud of me! It takes Hot PD (his nickname I gave in Beautiful You) aka Kang Eun Tak for me to come out of my comfort zone and start watching daily dramas again! And I cannot believe it my first daily dramas in a long time has to be such a trainwreck since the beginning! Do I like it? I guess I am! I mean… I am on episode 101 of 105 episodes! We are now in the extension period but I don’t know how they will wrap this show. Will there be another extension? *nervous smile*

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End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 18

Wow, today’s challenge is who my favorite antagonist this year. Interesting one. I’m never a fan of antagonist but that does not mean I do not have one. In fact, I have a few in mind. Here is my list:

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Just Watched: Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Lately, I started seeing Korean dramas involving music again. No, they are not musical dramas but they are dramas with music as part of the plots. Including Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, three music element dramas I have seen this year. So which one I love the most? I’ll tell you later *winks* but for now, let’s focus on Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Thankfully, it is available on Netflix which makes it easier for me to watch.

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Just Watched: Into The Ring

Ever since I saw Nana in The Good Wife, I immediately fell for her talent. I love her acting so much. She’s a natural. I enjoyed her in Kill It, too. If Bel is here, she would nod her head. Sadly, she missed Into The Ring. She would have loved it especially the dry humor and sarcastic elements. It would crack her up as it did with me. I found this drama is so refreshing though I almost dropped it because the first two episodes were so booooooooooring! I powered it through because of Nana *laughs*

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Currently Watching: Once Again


It has been a long time since I watch a family drama! I lied *laughs*. My last family drama was Never Twice but still… You know how much I love this genre! I can’t get enough of it. If Bel is around, she would be watching it with me. This time, I started Once Again. Well, you know why… Lee Sang Yeob, of course! I feel like winning a lottery again. Back to back dramas with him. He is so cute! I am 100% for him! Well, almost. As you know, there are many relationships to maneuver in a family drama. The inlaws. The parents. Husbands and wives. The children. Work relationship. Neighbors and friends. Once Again has it all.

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Currently Watching: Woman of 9.9 Billion


I was intrigued by my tlist’ tweets and vowed to watch it as soon as I got back from my last trip. What I had thought it would be one satisfying drama, I didn’t realize it also turn out to be one angry and stupid af drama too! I don’t know how many times I roll my eyes or slap my forehead. From one stupid plot or character to another stupid plot or character. I know what you are thinking. Why do I torture myself? Just drop it, Nelly. But… but… despite all that, it is quite addictive! Lord, I saw the first 8 episodes in one day! I just cannot and frankly, refuse to stop! What kind of addictive they put in Woman of 9.9 Billion?

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