Currently Watching: 100 Days My Prince


I don’t know why I decided to watch 100 Days My Prince. I just felt like it at the time. But now, 10 episodes in, I am not impressed by it. Is it me or does anyone feel the same way? I don’t want to drop it because I really am hoping for the rainbow on the other side. I was hoping it would be as squeeworthy as Bogummy’s Love in the Moonlight. I did not get any of it. I am a bit upset. And EXO DO as the Crown Prince is a bit depressing. His 1 dimension facial expression frustrates me. Is he angry? Is he mad? Is he in love? I wouldn’t know! Why couldn’t he gives us more like he did in It’s Okay, That’s Love?

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Currently Watching: Let Me Introduce Her


Okay peeps, if you are looking for a drama with plots that thicken every single episode, Let Me Introduce Her is the one for me. Totally makjang! I know, some of you may not like makjang style of drama but this is the best makjang I have seen lately. I am like… wow! I started on Monday and I have 6 episodes left. This drama is so juicy! It is like a daily drama but only 40 episodes long. And you know how much I missed watching daily dramas… correction, makjang daily dramas! *evil laugh*

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Currently Watching: Devilish Joy


Aaaah I finally able to watch currently airing drama. It feels weird not watching more than one  in a longest time. And it feels weird to marathon dramas lately. I feel old *laughs*. Don’t mind me, I am just wacko today. Speaking of wacko, this drama started quite like that. In fact, it was off-putting because it was so cheesy my heart could not take it at all. Mari told me what do I expect? She pointed at the title. Devilish Joy. Hmmm she’s right, what do I expect? Anyway, I went on with the cheese and guess what… here I am 8 episodes later and really, really liking it!

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Just Watched: Wednesday 3:30 pm


The problem with me whenever I travel is difficulty getting a good long rest in bed. While some days I get 3 hours of sleep, other days I would get a solid 7 hours. Seriously, my body works mysteriously. So I took my extra hours last Thursday and browsed Viki. I had a tiny withdrawal when I completed A Love So Beautiful (review will come soon). I need another cuteness to fill the void and found Wednesday 3:30 pm. Only 10 episodes long, and less than 24 minutes long per episode, I knew I would be able to marathon it in a day.

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Currently Watching: Witch’s Love


When I heard Witch’s Love is only 12 episodes long, I jumped on the wagon right away! Since it has ended, I could finish it rather quickly. But not as quick as I had hoped for. I am currently on episode 9 – a week after I started it. What can I say? It’s not the drama, it is me and my busy lifestyle. But I fell for this drama right away! It is so cute even up to now. However, I am having this crazy second lead syndrome even though I am so into the male lead! Eottoke??? Triangle love, I tell you.

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Currently Watching: Familiar Wife


Thank goodness I have enough time to catch up with Familiar Wife. I have been wanting to see it for quite sometimes but a bit afraid since I am still not done with my travel. It is a good thing that this drama has reached episode 12 which means we have 4 more episodes to go. I haven’t caught up with this week’s episode but I will. The reason I watch Familiar Wife is because of Ji Sung. Who does not like him, right? Remember him in Kill Me, Heal Me? Plus, the poster really intrigues me.

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Currently Watching: Your House Helper


So yeah, I lied. I added Your House Helper yesterday to my list. However, I realized this drama is still airing! Thankfully though it ends this week and I can marathon it with ease. Speaking of marathon, I am currently on episode 19 of 32 episodes. I did not realize I have gotten this far. If not because of this morning’s hiking with the family, I could have been caught with all the episodes by now.

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