Currently Watching: The Nokdu Flower


I just had to add The Nokdu Flower to my watch list. The cast line is so stellar I cannot miss the opportunity of not picking up this epic sageuk drama. Why do I say epic? It is directed by Six Flying Dragons‘ director. I am a big fan of Yoon Shi Yoon but not a huge fan of Jo Jung Suk. But I am fully aware how talented Jung Suk is and I believe this is his first period drama – correct me if I am wrong coz I am too lazy to dig into his bio at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, though. Just because I am not a fan it does not mean I won’t watch it. I always go for the story regardless of the actors.

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Currently Watching: The Secret Life of My Secretary


I am glad I have this drama to fall back because I knew I would be miserable if I have no romcom to watch after Her Private Life. I am so smitten by this drama. It is so darn cute! I am also happy that Kim Young Kwang is back on my screen. The last time I saw him was in The Guardians. He was great in that drama. His role was definitely different and refreshing but in The Secret Life of My Secretary, he is back doing what he is great for. A handsome chaebol. And to be paired with Jin Ki Joo, it is a match made in drama heaven. She is super cute! Her deep-dimple smile is so contagious! I wish I am as cute as her!

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Currently Watching: Chicago Typewriter


I am late to the game but I finally jump on the Chicago Typewriter wagon. So many people raved about this show. I don’t know why I did not watch it when it was aired. Most likely I was on travel and didn’t get to watch it live. Obviously, once I missed it I usually don’t watch it. But lately, I am trying to catch up on dramas that I missed. Chicago Typewriter is my newest catchup project. Before this, it was Go Back, Couple. I think it is worth it. Somehow, when I tweeted it, it gives back fuzzy feelings to some of my tlist. I like that *beams*. Continue reading

Currently Watching: Her Private Life


Initially, I was more interested in his private… life! *laughs* I mean, it is Kim Jae Wook! If you are not interested in him, you are in the wrong blog! Please exit because I plan to fangirling and squeeing over him throughout this post! But if you are interested, eoseo oseyo to you, chingu! Welcome to Jae Wook’s first romcom drama blog post! We have been waiting for him to be the main lead – where he gets the girl (FINALLY!!!!), where he gets to show his quirky side, where he gets to show his romantic side, where he gets to show his capability in making all of us fall in love with him through and through – and no longer the second lead. I am so happy!!!!

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Just Watched: Go Back Couple


When I blogged for Familiar Wife, kfangurl asked if I have seen Go Back Couple. She said the story is quite similar. I immediately added the show to my watch list. Last month, my bestie would not stop talking about Go Back Couple. I immediately take it as a sign that I should start it. I watched the first 6 episodes via Viki but the remaining 6 episodes are not available unless I have Kocowa. How insane is that? This is a 2017 drama and they still would not release the next 6 episodes? So stingy! Of course, now I am watching it on a different platform.

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Just Watched: Kill It


I finally finished Kill It yesterday. I was initially sold by this drama because of the poster. I thought it was going to be a full action theme drama. I am surprised that it is more melodramatic than action. This is not what I sign up for! But you know me, I rarely quit a drama. So I watch and watch and watch. Do I like it? To some extent. What I don’t like? I kind of want a romance between Nana and Jang Ki Yong’s characters! Raise your hand if you are with me! They are so good together and I could feel the chemistry. Oh, my heart *faints*. But my sole purpose of watching Kill It is why. Why kills?

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Just Watched: My First First Love


I don’t know what to say about My First First Love… It was okay for me yet I felt it quite addictive. It is a light-hearted drama so you don’t really feel a burden. To me, this drama was cheesy and funny yet very entertaining. It is pretty much a slice of life drama from college students’ perspective without emphasizing much on the studies. It is all about that dating life, about survival, about freedom, about doing the right thing, about the future, about friendship, about truth, about family, about money, about dignity, about jobs, etc. The typical dilemma for young adults.

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