Currently Watching: Woman of 9.9 Billion


I was intrigued by my tlist’ tweets and vowed to watch it as soon as I got back from my last trip. What I had thought it would be one satisfying drama, I didn’t realize it also turn out to be one angry and stupid af drama too! I don’t know how many times I roll my eyes or slap my forehead. From one stupid plot or character to another stupid plot or character. I know what you are thinking. Why do I torture myself? Just drop it, Nelly. But… but… despite all that, it is quite addictive! Lord, I saw the first 8 episodes in one day! I just cannot and frankly, refuse to stop! What kind of addictive they put in Woman of 9.9 Billion?

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Our 2019 Favorites!!

  • Sooo better late then never right? Hope everyone had excellent holidays and it’s ready to tackle hug 2020. However we are here to talk about dramas that made us happy in 2019. I had a fairly good drama year. Very few dramas made me angry and I adore many. Nelly?
  • Nelly: I thought I did not watch many 2019 dramas but I am surprised I saw 26 Korean dramas this year! How??? Out of 26 dramas, I only was disappointed by three dramas, Mari. So yes, I adore many, too, Mari.
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Just Watched: The Lies Within


I decided to watch The Lies Within because of the politics behind it. And also the synopsis (yes, I read the synopsis since it is available on Netflix) – it is like waking up the sleeping dragon. I love the pace of this show but as you dive in deeper into it, there is nothing extraordinary about it. It is, unfortunately, quite predictable… until I saw the ending. The ending blew my mind. But please, just because the show is predictable, it does not mean it was not good. It is far than good! I think it is super brilliant!

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Just Dropped: Vagabond


It was terrible of me to even started Vagabond. I know I got succumbed to it from watching the trailer. Lee Seung Gi looks cool in it even though I am not a fan of his acting. But the main reason I started was for Suzy. I just love her despite her lukewarm acting. The two leads reunited after their successful drama, Gu Family Book, which I did not nor have interest in watching it. Again, it was because of Seung Gi. I am not sure why I hesitated. His last drama I enjoyed watching was King 2 Hearts. He is one of the male leads that never made my heart flutter… it was never love, sadly.

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Currently Watching: Hot and Sweet


I decided to watch Hot and Sweet, this cute and mindless romance web drama on Viki. Since it is only 8 episodes long, Hot and Sweet is an easy watch while you are having your meal alone. Like right now. Me and my breakfast. To be honest, there is nothing special about it. But I thought the acting was not bad and the cinematography was beautiful. The chemistry between the leads is pretty convincing. I just wished the writers give more depth to the leads’ background and fleshed out their characters deeper. I really want to know their past that made them who they are now.

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Just Dropped: Flower Crew – Joseon Marriage Agency


Yeah, after 5 episodes… the mood of this show went from bad to worse. I don’t feel it. In the beginning, it felt like another highly anticipated drama. I mean… it has been a long time since we last saw Flower boys drama theme. I was hoping for something strong, cute and silly but instead we got only a little of everything. Maybe it is because I had a blast watching Be Melodramatic, The Tale of Nokdu (reviews coming soon!) and Extraordinary You (reviews coming soon!), Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency felt short with me. I hate to dropping a show but I am afraid that my time is more precious.

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