Just Dropped: Tail of the Nine-Tailed

Well, Tail of the Nine-Tailed is not for me. The end. *laughs*. I really want to stop right here but I am sure you need to know the reasons why I am dropping it, right? It is just not for me. I am not a fan of the fantasy drama genre but I started this drama regardless hoping that I could tolerate it. Wrong. I could not. Even the fluff could not make me stay and continue. Boo, Nelly, boo!

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Just Watched: Lie After Lie

It has been a while since I last saw an interesting melodrama. When Joy alerted me about Lee Yoo Ri’s new drama, I knew I cannot miss it for the world! Yoo Ri is a queen of revenge drama. Just looking at the title, Lie After Lie, I knew how juicy this drama would be. I wish Bel was here to watch it with me. We would have had so much fun eating popcorns and throwing cat toys! *laughs* And our Twitter DMs would be filled with profanity words! Mainly from me *ROFLMAO*

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K-Drama Question: (Not A) Challenge

I came across a question on Twitter posted by @EUNH0ES two weeks ago and I got so excited. The night before I saw this question, I actually had a wonderful dream that involves me, my son, and two good looking actors, Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. Should I share this vivid dream of mine with y’all? Well, why not, right? It is so silly but I thought it was the cutest thing…! I woke up with a grin!

It has been a while since I saw Korean actors in my dream so I was shocked to see Gong Yoo and Eun Hye in a car with me. Eun Hye was driving and Gong Yoo sat next to him. My son, A, and I sat in the back. Gong Yoo kept turning back and pinched A’s cheeks. When A smiled, Gong Yoo got surprised. It turns out we won a competition to spend time with him and Eun Hye. So when he saw A’s two dimples, he was surprised. He told us (in English) that we were selected because of A’s cute smile. He also said had he knew about the dimples, it would have made his job (of selecting the winners) easier. Gong Yoo turned his back and spoke to Eun Hye in Korean.

I started to translate what he said to A. Gong Yoo looked back and made fun of my pronunciation. I am like… okay, man, this is not my language but I understood what you were saying *giggles*. But suddenly… when he turned his head back again, he reached to Eun Hye and kiss her! It was the shock of my (dream) life! I woke up feeling happy yet stunned by the kiss! What was that? What is this dream about? Though I read something that my dream will be vivid this month. I believe it! I dreamed of my dad, too.

Anyway, there is a reason I brought up my dream. The question posted by @EUNH0ES is apt. She asked, “Which Kdrama couple do you want to see reunite for another drama and what genre would the drama be?” You know where I am going now *laughs*.  So I asked the usual suspect… my girlfriends. Of course, I got a few answers but it is good enough to spark this conversation!

Me: Obviously, Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. I would love to see them in a romantic-comedy police drama. What do you think?

Sada: She would like Kang So Ra and Yoo Yeon Seok to reunite again after their disaster Warm and Cozy. Makes sense… Sada did not specify in what genre but I could picture them in a noir setting. They both have this aura to carry characters in this setting.

Jules: Kim Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin. Clearly, Jules was not satisfied with them in Heirs. She hopes they would make a comeback together in a melodrama genre. I am excited if they do!

Sada: Looks like she also wants to see IU and Lee Joon Ki back together. She wants to see them in something modern but with action. Perhaps a continuation of Moon Lovers?

So, which Kdrama couple do you want to see them reunite?







Currently Watching: Record of Youth

This drama received a lot of attention because it’s Bogummy’s last drama before enlisting. Despite the hype, I knew I have to watch it because of my love for Park Bo Gum. I am loyal you see *wink*. Plus, I’m curious to see him in Record of Youth. I heard it’s an underdog story similar to Itaewon Class. Y’all know I enjoyed that drama so much! However, unlike Itaewon Class, Record of Youth is a bit draggy and boring most of the time. I know it is meant to follow the life of three main leads, but in my opinion, this drama is biased towards one particular character. Bogummy’s character, Sa Hye Joon. While I am fine with that, it sucks to those who really watch this drama for the story. 

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Just Watched: Do You Like Brahms?

Do You Like Brahms? I do and I loved this drama so much! I feel that Kdrama Gods have answered my prayers! This drama came at the right time when I was painfully trying to finish Sweet Munchies. Let’s not go dwell on the past… *shudders*

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Just Watched: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

As you can see, I had to join the crowds! I simply did not want to miss the fun like everyone else! I did not start It’s Okay To Not Be Okay immediately though. I was wary of the prettiness after watching The King: Eternal Monarch. I had to be cautious a bit just in case, ya know. When I saw a few satisfying tweets, I made a move. And lord please have mercy, as soon as I started, I could not stop it. It is quite addictive! And the way the show was set up, incorporating mental health disabilities, I am impressed that the writer made it seamless. 

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