Just Dropped: Hospital Playlist


When I heard that this drama is directed by the same director for the Reply series and Prison Playbook, I immediately made up my mind that I must watch it. Forget that each episode is 1.5 hours long or the fact that it is a medical drama, I had an inclination that Hospital Playlist would be as awesome if not more than Playbook. Why I said this? The leads include Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok and Jo Jung Suk. I’m not familiar with the other two leads but my impression of them wasn’t bad when I saw them on screen. As I dig deeper into the show, the only difference I discovered was the writer. Playbook was written by a different writer.

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Currently Watching: Itaewon Class


Itaewon Class is my current krack drama! I just cannot get enough of this badass show. Adapted from a popular webtoon, I was not familiar with the story at all. Stupid me thought it is a high school drama based on the word “Class”. However, as it turns out, it was not a drama about rebellious teenagers. This is a drama about revenge and to prove to a certain someone that money plays a minor role in order to succeed in life. It is a business drama – very ambitious and aggressive yet appropriate. Totally well written and acted by the casts. I love how the antagonists love stirring the pot in order to provoke the protagonist. He is definitely provoked!

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Just Watched: Hot Stove League



Yes, I am a bit late with posting Hot Stove League. I was behind on my watch but I was able to catch up with everyone. The only thing I could not catch up was posting it under Currently Watching segment. I heard so much raving about this show which prompted me to pick it up. I knew it was a baseball drama. I am never a fan of Korean sports drama. I have dropped a few. I had a good time watching Prison Playbook with minimal baseball exposure. I thought it would not hurt watching Stove League, too. I started with zero expectation but by the end of it, I reached maximum satisfaction!

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Just Watched: To My Beautiful Woo Ri


I am on my lunch break and I have enough time to blog this web series I discovered last night called To My Beautiful Woo Ri. I was a bit surprised that this gem was unknown to me considering how much I enjoyed watching cold Kim Young Dae as Oh Nam Joo in Extraordinary You. This series was aired prior to Extraordinary, around May 2019. What got me excited is that it is only 3 episodes long. I spent less than 45 minutes watching it. It really felt good to catch on short drama in between my other dramas I am currently watching. It is like taking a breather, you know what I mean?

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Currently Watching: Never Twice



Suddenly, I lost interest in Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (review coming soon). The show has gone nuts. So I decided to find something new and landed on Never Twice. The synopsis was not to my interest but I went with my guts anyway since quite a few people on my Tlist enjoy it. Surprisingly, I love it so much more as the series progress. And so much so that I was able to catch up to episode 56 in a week and a half! It is so light and hearty. The angsty part is nothing I cannot take. Never Twice is so heartwarming and cute I just adore it. Now that I am caught up (episode 64), I can’t wait for the new episodes to come.

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Currently Watching: Crash Landing on You


If you are a fan of You Who Came From the Stars, and The Legend of the Blue Sea, then you WILL love Crash Landing on You. It is written by the same writer, Park Ji Eun! I did not believe I am still into cheesy romance. The appealing of this drama is out of this world. Hyun Bin is so gentleman and handsome as North Korean Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. And then we have Son Ye Jin, my heroine and one of my favorite actresses as chaebol Yoon Se Ri. Rumor has it that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are an item. I can see their chemistry online but I have never seen them offline. If the rumor is true, I wish nothing but the best in their relationship. I secretly hope it is true.


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Currently Watching: Argon


Yes, I am working on my To Watch List and Argon is one of them. I decided to pick it up this week as I knew my heart is finally ready to face Kim Joo Hyuk. His death was untimely and my heart sank by it. It is not even two years yet but I feel that I am finally ready to face his face. And Argon got so much great reputation from my tlist. It would be sad if I don’t pick this show up. I have always loved an investigative journalist theme drama. It sparks my intellectual interest since I am not that intellectual in the first place *laughs*. Plus, since it is only 8 episodes long and is available on Netflix, I don’t see why I should delay my watch. Right?

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