Currently Watching: Saboriman Katarou


I stumbled Saboriman Katarou aka Katarou: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix and I am currently addicted to this show! This drama is certainly designed to promote Japanese local sweets! If only it is summer now and if only I could just fly myself to Japan!!!! The sweets are so mouthwatering but Katarou made it mouthwatering 1000 times better!!!! Based on a comic from the same title, this 12 episodes drama is very entertaining and the slapstick humor is hilarious. Even my husband found it funny despite him complaining about how Japanese loves romanticizing every single expression!

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Just Watched: Hirugao


I got drawn into this drama because of my good friend, Maki. Yes, we squee regularly on Saito and she loves spamming me with (illegal) photos of this hawt man! She recently spammed me with Hirugao (the movie) trailers and I knew that it is time to start watching the drama. I heard the movie is independent of the drama but I think it is worth understanding the history of the main OTP. I mean… c’mon, I will do whatever I could to have sultry Saito on my screen. Saito Saito Saito! I hate sharing but he’s worth sharing *wink*. He is juicy like that *giggle*.

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Just Watched: Good Morning Call

20160121-goodmorningcall04Oh my god, the synopsis for Good Morning Call sounded very similar to LD<3K! Have you seen the movie? It’s a very cute one! So when I realized this drama is similar to the movie, I jump on the wagon right away! I just knew this storyline is my kind of romance! Plus, with my recent hectic lifestyle, I need something bubbly to cheer me up. Originally, I intend to blog it as I watch it. And then my trip took place and I ended up finishing it yesterday. I can’t help it since I quite adore the OTP even though the chemistry can be a tiny rough.


Good Morning Call, in my opinion, is a marriage between LD<3K and Itazura Na Kiss. I found the story a bit ridiculous but I went with it anyway because of the cuteness. Clearly, you can’t have two underage kids living under the same roof unsupervised, right? Well, this drama defies all gravities and red flags. As a sound mind adult, I shut one eye and forgive the writer! *laughs* All for the cuteness, bubbly-ness, cliches and crinches! Hah! *giggle*


Good Morning Call is adapted from shoujo manga style of the same title. So watching it gives you the feeling as if you’re reading a live manga. Some parts are so cliche yet you can’t help but to continue watching it. Why? They got you hook on Yoshikawa’s cuteness and Uehara’s handsome yet cold dude. Even I fell for it!!! Now, I did not read the manga so I really can’t comment how closely this adaptation is against the manga. I’m sure there is some similarities. I don’t mind though. It’s not easy to adapt all. Good Morning Call itself is 17 episodes long. This is the longest Japanese drama I have seen in a while. I felt let down in the beginning but after episode 1, I knew I had to finish it!


This drama is quite easy to follow. Two teenage kids were conned by the landlord and now forced to live together. It is a blessing that it is a 2-bedroom apartment. Unlike in LD<3K, the kids were forced to share the room! And then the kids had to hide that they are living together to avoid embarrassment in school. Uehara is a straight A student. He’s handsome, popular and Godly! Well, Godly to girls, of course. Yoshikawa Nao, on the other hand, does not do well in school and she dreams a lot. And, oh, she’s extremely innocent and plain. Throughout the show, you will notice some Itazura Na Kiss moments like Uehara tutoring Nao, Uehara ignoring Nao’s silliness, Uehara wanting to hug her but didn’t, and many more. But what makes Nao better than Kotoko is that she is an independent girl. She can cook, clean the house, able to excel at work (after uncounted broken dishes!) and quite reliable.


Clearly, the episodes are not just on them. The first few episodes are mostly sorting out the differences between them. Among the differences are the kids went from sorting out their living quarters to their feelings for each other, to love crushes, to her parents, to love insecurity with each other (mainly hers), and to being the center of the attention. Nao’s friends, especially Marina, are gold! I love her relationship with all of them. Her friends later became his! *laughs* I guess being popular has its own disadavantage, eh? There are some episodes that feel like fillers but I didn’t mind at all. It felt at home. Nevertheless, I’m happy I saw this drama! Thanks Netflix for airing this show. I really hope we get to see more Japanese dramas here. Overall, even though I did not rate Good Morning Call high, I would still recommend you to watch it. It’s definitely an easy watch drama *wink*.



Just Watched: Bakuman, Grasshopper & My Love Story

Yeap, Nelly has been very consistent with her movie watching lately. Something must have gone wrong with her. It is very unusual for her to watch three movies within 24 hours. There is only one thing why she did what she did. She must have been bored with her dramas. Well, who can blame her, right? *giggles*. Anyway, here are her quick review on the movies she saw. And coincidentally, all were Japanese movies! So go figure!



Saiko and Shujin are two besties in high school. Shujin is creative in writing and Saiko is great at drawing. One day, Shujin asked Saiko his future plan. Saiko told him that he would need to study hard  to earn a seat in a college. Shujin thought that it is too late to turn their fate around. He proposed to Saiko that they should team up and produce a manga. Saiko would draw and Shujin would write. The intense part of this movie is the process of drawing characters and writing plots. This movie really opens up my eyes. I have never seen a manga series done before. It was done in very detail. On top of that, they have to compete with other manga writers. Bakuman tells a journey of the boys from drawing and writing to getting their work publish and competing with published manga series. I highly recommend this movie. It makes you appreciate them more.



This movie was bloody for my taste. I did not expect it to be this way. The storyline is simple. Suzuki resigned from his job to find who murdered his fiancee. What it seems to be a simple death by accident, Suzuki ended up being in an underworld yakuza organization. His journey to find and take revenge of his fiancee was not easy. He met with different assassins and their lives seem to be overlap or intermingle. I wouldn’t recommend Grasshopper, though. It was poorly written. BUT, the acting and directing were not bad. Sadly this movie left me a bad taste in mouth…

My Love Story!!


I’m so glad I saw this movie! Saran wrap kiss is the best!!!! You just have to watch this anime-adapted movie!  Because of this movie, I even saw the anime! Thanks, Bel for hooking me up! I’m not going to write long since she wrote a fabulous post! What I can quickly summarize about My Love Story is that Takeo, a high-school freshman student who looks like he can be your dad fell in love with the cutest girl in town. And the best part is the girl is head over heel with him, too!!!! This is a true beauty and the beast story with no third wheel but Takeo’s only confidence. In the beginning, I thought the actress playing Yamato would be awkward playing next to a leading actor twice her age. Nope, she was natural. They both were. And they made this movie really, really fun to watch!  I highly recommend this movie!