Just Watched: I Hate You Juliet


I was looking for an easy drama that could be my background noise while I work last week and I came across with I Hate You Juliet on Viki. I actually hesitated to start this one. Even though it’s a short web drama with only 18 episodes long, I had a reservation just from the drama poster. It didn’t look genuine. It also gives me that amateur vibe. But I gave it a green light anyway because I was desperate for much-needed background noise.

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Just Watched: My P.S. Partner


I have been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time. I finally had the time to watch when I was in the middle of nowhere in Bangladesh with a poor internet connection. This movie came in handy just because… I realized when I first started it, I was on the plane and my phone (yes, I was watching from my tiny screen) was visible to everyone. Ooops… that raunchy scene during the first 30 minutes got me shook a bit! Sorry, peeps!

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Currently Watching: Angel’s Last Mission: Love


Well, do you want to know the truth? I started Angel’s Last Mission: Love because of L. I feel so shallow for saying that *laughs*. I really enjoyed him in Miss Hammurabi and I had a feeling that he would do well in Angel. I am not wrong! Well, I am not right, either. He still has a long way to go but I am content with what I got from him for now. His role as angel Kim Dan suits him, though. But pairing with Shin Hye Sun is a hit or miss. The problem is Hye Sun. She is not bad but not good either. But no matter how seasoned of an actress she is, she still could not perfect her facial expression. She is my broom #2 but at least she can act!

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Currently Watching: Heaven’s Promise 


Finally! FINALLY! Kdrama God has answered my pray. KBS is finally making a comeback with a stellar daily drama! I miss KBS so much but their recent C-grade dramas really turn me off. Urgh. Congratulations, the network finally earns its reputation back with Descendants of the Sun (which y’all know I dropped it *shrugs*) and now, Heaven’s Promise and Five Children . Especially with daily dramas, nothing has grabbed my attention. I really feel good now. And this drama is not just another feel-good drama, it is a satisfying after a series of gross meal dramas! Ha, that’s my closed attempt to a metaphor…! Kinda! *giggle*


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Currently Watching: My Secret Hotel


I was looking for something light and fluffy to fill my romance comedy drama void. And when I heard so many people went oooohs and aaaaahs over My Secret Hotel, I got curious but I still wouldn’t let myself to watch it. For some reason, part of me was not turn on by Nam Goong Min oppa *ducks from oppa fans* and Yoo In Na chick. They just not my desired couple. And also the male lead. I don’t know him and I’ve never seen him. So the three of their faces on the cover of their drama poster didn’t entice me at all. And then they were teasers for the My Secret Hotel. Now, we all know how tvN is great at making teaser dramas. They are quite innovative, funny, cute, and very alluring and tvN are great at fishing viewers through teasers. But for some reason, I still did not buy it *shrugs*


One night, I was bored and have nothing to watch. My Secret Hotel was the last thing I have in mind but since several Kakao girlfriends of mine were so into it, I threw my towel away and started it. It was funny but not funny ha ha. It was cute but not swoon worthy. But I remember being all excited. By the end of episode 4, I started to feel exhausted. They were several scenes that keep on rolling from one episode to another to another. I mean why? To jolt our aging memories? By the end of episode 6, I started to lose interest. I saw my interest rolling down the hill and by episode 8, I decided  that this show is so wasting my time I wanted to quit so badly. You know I’m not a quitter so I saw episode 9 and 10 last night. The writers and director must have heard the screaming and cussing of their viewers. They amp up the comedy and did some abs baring scene. What did I think? Sure, I laughed and swooned but by the end of the day, my facial expressions were nothing extraordinaire. I was still bored. And speaking of writers, the original screenwriter passed away after episode 4. She died before she was able to complete the drama due to cancer. Too sad. RIP to her.


This 16 episode drama is a failure in my opinion. The story plots are quite interesting but it wasn’t for me. My Secret Hotel told a story of a wedding planner manager, Nam Sang Hyo, who found out that the groom for the wedding is her ex-husband. And what’s worse is that the groom, Goo Hae Young, did not expect to see her and sort of still hold some feeling towards her. On the day of his wedding, a dead body, which is the body of the missing assistant manager, fell off the ballroom roof and landed on the aisle. Of course they had to cancel the wedding. The bride was upset and she immediately demanded for a refund. But the wedding planner was afraid that the hotel will lost its reputation and encouraged the couple to give the hotel another chance. Hae Young hesitated at first because of his connection with Sang Hyo. He disagree but ended up agreeing to the wedding to avoid humiliation. Two hours before the wedding ceremony, the bride disappeared and ran away with her own lover. Oh boy, this wedding was not meant to be… Her colleague, Eun Joo, replaced the bride with Sang Hyo because she knew the past relationship between Sang Hyo and Hae Young, and secondly, she’s trying to eliminate her competition since they both are interested with the hotel heir and president of The Secret Hotel, Jo Sung Gyeom.


Long story short, the wedding went on as planned. Hae Young still has feelings toward her but she sort of resent him. The president, Sung Gyeom, wants Sang Hyo back. She’s at lost, torn and confused by her own feelings suddenly. While this is going on, the murder investigation had let the detective to the accidental death case of the president’s father. After the first body, another murder case occurred to another employee. So what will happened next? How’s the love triangle between the three would end up and will the murder case get solved?


Like I said earlier, this drama is a failure. I do not like the OTP and the chemistry between the three of them are extremely weak. I do not feel the pitter-patter in my heart. I feel so sad. It has so much potential. Yoo In Na’s character as Nam Sang Hyo is definitely a turn off. Yeap…. this drama is a bust. Save your time and skip it.

Currently Watching: Man from Another Star

You_Who_Came_From_the_Stars-p1So as y’all know, I couldn’t start watching new dramas released in December and January because of my work travel. It was painful. I wanted to cry and I was full of jealousy and rage at the same time. Having unable to start watching on the first week with all my friends, it really dampened my kdrama ego *steams coming out of ears* I want to be at par with everybody. When I got home two weeks ago, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My ego was killing me. I have two dramas in mind and I decided to start with Man from Another Star first. Like a vampire who finally got to drink blood to feel full and recharged, I am happy to say I AM FULL! *burps* Exsqueeze me *wink*


Man from Another Star unites two of my favorite star. I saw them together in The Thieves and I liked what I saw. They were very comfortable together no wonder they were cast together again for this drama. Two thumbs up from me! Plus, I love them both. And together, they produced one of a kind couple chemistry I haven’t seen in awhile. The squee between the two totally caught me off guard. I never expected that the female lead will be the one playing the dorky part and the male lead playing hard to get. Maybe I’ve seen too many dramas in the past I dunno… 2/3 of my life but i can’t recall any OTPs behaving this way. Please jolt my mind if you’ve seen similar OTPs as the one in here… Uhm, jjakkamman. I think I’m losing my mind *pulls hair* Wasn’t Master’s Sun OTP as quirky and funny as this one too? *shudders* molla molla I’m going nuts.


Amuden, Man from Another Star is definitely my current crack drama. The minute I landed back, all I could think was to start this drama. Imagine that I’m all caught up by now… Yes, I sacrificed my sleep for Kim Soo Hyun baby *giggles* The story is about an (handsome) alien who was left behind by his other alien friends 400 years ago and now his time to return back to where he was from is nearing. The alien, Do Min Joon is the perfect looking alien I’ve seen in a bunch. He doesn’t have a cone head! Daenghida! *wipes sweat* Min Joon has special abilities to stop the time, to travel in lightning speed, to hear conversation near and far, and to see things clearly than others. One day, he fell in love with a hallyu star, who resembles the girl he sort of had a feeling with 400 years back. The only different? Of course, the hallyu star, Chun Song Yi, comes with a big attitude. But because his time on earth is almost expire, Min Joon is conflicted and debated whether to pursue his love for Song Yi or to treat her coldly because he knew there is no point of investing and tormenting himself on her.


So my friends and I are speculating how the ending would be… My take? He will go back to where he came from, come back to earth as a mortal person and marry Song Yi. Well, my very own fairy tale ending… I approve! *laughs* Anyway, two new episodes out this week and I’m dying to catch up with. I’m sure you are too if you are as current as I am. If you are not watching it…. I just don’t get you *shakes head* Why not? Watch it! It’s the bomb, yo!