Currently Watching: Cheese in the Trap

b3EgeXk1_ff898b_fHow did this happen? From being curious, 8 episodes later I’m still glued to Cheese in the Trap. This anticipated manga turned drama received so many buzz in my Twitter list. As Grace would say, I’m officially trapped. But being trap doesn’t mean I really, really, REALLY like it. In a way I do, but deep down I feel something is missing. I really can’t pin down what it is… Perhaps, the slow pace and quirky mood? I usually like this style of drama. But this time I am half sold *pouts sadly* E1VOVAjL_d7660c_fIt has nothing to do with the cast although Baek In Ha, one of the characters, is driving me batshit crazy. I’m not a fan of the actress (since It’s Okay, It’s Love) and definitely not a fan of her as In Ha. Her over dramatic acting skill says it all and it is grossing me out! Yes, I am taking it personally. Other than that, I wish this show will give more feels because I only feel it tiny bit. I want more. The whole thing is just too cold. *shrugs* maybe I have been pms-ing for the past 4 weeks?X3bApaAL_fda961_fBack to Cheese in the Trap, this drama is all on Seol the cheese girl. She’s nerdy and quirky yet super cute. I love her and her conversation in her head. Very fascinating! She started her university course again after taking a year break. Prior to her break, senior Jung and herself were never on the same page. His then girlfriend always picks on Seol. And one time at the party, Seol witnessed something that creep her out. A drink suddenly spilled onto Jung’s girlfriend and she got wet. But what shocked Seol was that Jung acted all worried over the spill but as soon as his girlfriend left for clean up, he broke a wicked smile. Seol happened to see that smile and Jung caught her staring at him. To me, that entire scene was insanely creepy. Obviously, Jung spilled the drink on purpose. Wae? Did he not like her? Or did he find it very thrilling to make someone frustrated and angry? Hmmmm interesting behavior… VLQ2woq3_157f24_fFast forward a year later, Seol was forced to enroll into a class under a professor she doesn’t favor with. And Jung happens to be in the class. She continues to avoid him whereas Jung continues to get closer to her. Seol became suspicious and started questioning his intention. Why is he oh-so friendly now? It turns out he approaches her with an intention to date. Of course, Jung hesitated in the beginning but now, our cheese is trapped under Jung’s spell. At the same time, Seol started to befriend Baek In Ho and found out that In Ho and Jung knows each other. In Ho advises her to beware of Jung’s sleek tricks and Seol keeps that in mind. Sadly, he never really gives her a concrete reason. Why? Why can’t he tell her everything?  D45Xym23_da58ad_fTo me, the whole drama is intriguing and fishy. Some speculate that Jung is a serial killer. Some say that he is a murderer. Or whatever. I am curious. We know his background. We know how powerful he is simply by watching him controlling In Ho and In Ha. How far can he be to control these two? And now I need to know whether is he a serial killer or just a mistaken identity? Park Hae Jin as Jung is really something. He somehow brought in his serial killer mindset from Bad Guys into this show. It is hard to read him which makes Cheese in the Trap very interesting. All I ask is that can he and Seol be a bit livelier?

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Currently Watching: Misaeng

Misaeng-Korean-DramaI avoided this drama like plague last year. The thought that it is a drama of working class people shudders me. I’m so afraid to see how people get treated in real life. I’m very blessed. So very blessed. Throughout my working experience, I have yet to receive bad treatments from bosses and peers. Sure, I came across some odd and bizarre requests and I do get pissed once awhile, but it never prompt me to send my resignation letter for that. If anything, all bosses tear up when I gave them my resignation letter. I’m proud of myself sometimes… A good relationship at work is definitely a must. Even though some of the work I’ve done are either part I’ve learned through my education or something that I like, I always make the best of it. Life is too short and sometimes, being employed is better than is not. I suck it up big time before and it pays off. *giggles* I’m proud of myself.


Well, enough self praising self *rolling eyes* and let’s focus on Misaeng. What should I say about Misaeng? Wow! I actually went back and forth and back and forth figuring it out what exactly I should write for this post. Misaeng made me speechless. I guess I shouldn’t have complain my internship experience now. These kids really went through hell. It is true that some ace and ivy leagues students can be snobbish, but with my experience, I was looked down due to my 3rd tier university background. Oh well, those were the past but Misaeng really reminded me of my past. But I did not go through hell as they did. And nothing prepares them when they enter the real work force. I must say, the minute they entered the real work world life, they must have wish they could remain in the internship world. I was really scared for them. Oh my god, I cringed for them so much! Andwaeeeeeeeeeeee…..!


Misaeng introduced me to Im Shi Wan. I have been a fan of ZE:A songs but never bother to know their members. I actually don’t care. There are too many names to remember, I’ll stick to my favorite groups. But I’m surprised by Shi Wan’s acting skills. It is hard to find a good idol actor and Shi Wan is quite impressive. His face really fits in with his character. I must say PD-nim, good job on casting him *claps*. He conveys the emotions so good I really believe in him wholeheartedly. And it turns out, this is not his first acting gig! Omo! I feel so left out…. *cries*. I will try to watch his other dramas just to see if he was good in his previous dramas as he is in Misaeng. Hehehe, I just want to be miss little investigator *grins* and it is fun!


Well, apparently, Misaeng is a drama based off of manga. Wow, really? This manga must be super serious coz this drama is not a comedy at all. And also, there is a prequel to this drama titled Incomplete Life: Prequel. I think I should watch this too. Anywho, Misaeng follows the life of Jang Geu Rae. They always make fun of Geu Rae coz his name sounds like geurae (really?) but Geu Rae never felt offended by it. I guess he’s used to it. Geu Rae spent most of his life mastering the asian chess but he was advised by his teacher that he may be out of luck if he doesn’t win the next game. Well, we know he didn’t coz he entered the real work force for the first time in his life. He doesn’t have any university degree but to rely on his high school diploma. All the interns were baffled and wondered how did he get a spot in a prestigious company. I wonder that myself. His mom’s connection but how? *rubs chin*. Geu Rae had a hard time adjusting and learning new things and often looked down by his peers and supervisors. But when he made it to the list of top 4 that won seats in the company, he definitely some rookie no one should look down upon now. And for the next episodes, you will see how he learned through experience from his other colleagues and make it to his. I love that he is willing to give it a try in anything… That persevere and determination as he relate it with his experience as a chess student… Wow!


I’m currently on episode 10 out of 20 episodes. Misaeng is not an easy watch. It does portrayed regular life of an employee from every angle and every position. I really love the realistic and dynamic of this drama. It feels good to know that I’m not the only one that go through some hardship at work, although theirs are much harder than mine. If you have not watch it, please do so. It is not an enjoyable drama, but it is a drama you can relate with. But beware, this drama is an eye-bag inducer *giggles*. You may develop one yourself… *winks*

Currently Watching: My Lovable Girl


Aaaaaah, Rain oppa. I have never seen his other dramas but Full House. I hated him so much for torturing Han Ji Eun but at the same time the feels I got from watching his naughty yet cold ‘tude really, really worked on me. So remembering my experience of watching Full House, I was hoping to get that same cutesy effect from My Lovable Girl. Well *knocks her head with her hand*, what was I thinking? These are two different dramas. Two different genres. Full House was a romantic comedy, and My Lovable Girl is just romance drama. But a girl can dream, right? *shrugs*


In the beginning, My Lovable Girl was not on my watch radar. One of my kakao gf saw the first episode and wasn’t impressed. I blindly took her advice and decided not to watch. And then Michele started texting to me on it. And I suddenly realized, Infinite L is in it! L!!!! MyungSoo!!!!! My other pretty boy is in it! Oh mo, I told myself I’ll regret for the rest of my kdrama life if I don’t start watching it. Plus, the way Michele was describing it, I found it very interesting and intriguing! And I’m glad I listened to her. So, so glad. I marathoned the first 6 episodes in a day! Yes, I was highly addicted with the drama by the end of episode 6 and immediately had withdrawal because the waiting for the next episode began thereafter.


The story line is pretty simple and extremely predictable. You and I can read it very well. So why bother watching it? We watch it because of the presentation with different actors,  of course! Same plot line presented in different circumstances. How can I possibly give it a pass? Besides, it’s Rain and L and it involves music. Somewhat but I love music. My Lovable Girl is a life story of Hyun Wook, a composer and producer of an entertainment company. He came back from his looooong hiatus, after losing his songwriter girlfriend to an accident that potentially partially his fault. He later met Se Na. At the time, Se Na was just a hotel employee assigned to care for Hyun Wook’s adorable golden retriever. He then hired her as his pet sitter. He found out one day that Se Na wanted to be a songwriter and eventually discovered that she is his late girlfriend’s sister. He took her under his entertainment business wing. Unfortunately, her presence was very unwelcoming by his team and it was especially taken it hard by Jae Yeong, the company’s own songwriter and producer. He created a havoc and tore the company’s best kpop group apart and leaving Shi Woo, one of Infinite Power member, behind.


Shi Woo was the prettiest of the Infinite Power member but lacking vocal talent. His team pushed him away and blaming his popularity is nothing but his own appearance. He was very arrogant at the very beginning and used his celebrity title to win all, but in the end he came to realize that he got nothing to brag about. SeNa really pushed his boundaries in a way and made him understand his own ability and was humble by it. In the beginning, SeNa composed a non-typical kpop song for his solo debut but he rejected it thinking a fast, upbeat tempo would get the crowd to love him back. He blew it and ended up injured while performing on the stage and losing respect from his fans more and more. SeNa helped him made a come back and the song was extremely humble and down-to-earth, written to acknowledge his mom.


In the process of all this, Shi Woo slowly falling for SeNa while she’s falling for the handsome dog man aka Hyun Wook. By the end of episode 12, SeNa found out Hyun Wook’s real identity and by the end of episode 13, Shi Woo took heartbroken SeNa and made his. Of course he didn’t say it but action speaks louder than word. This is where Hyun Wook made the biggest mistake of his life by not being honest to SeNa. The girl is hurt. Shi Woo is already making her his. So what do we expect in the next 3 episodes? I, for once, really really hope that the second lead won the first lead’s heart! I want Shi Woo to win the final prize! Beside, it is just wrong to date your sister’s boyfriend! Don’t you agree? Yeah, that’s my prediction but who knows… KDrama is pretty much awesome at breaking their watchers’ hearts. SeNa could ends up forgiving Hyun Wook and go back to him (or not!). *shudders* I’m praying hard that for once, ONCE, that the second lead win! Who is on Team ShiWoo, please raise your hands! Besides, the chemistry between Rain and Krystal is pretty awful as a couple. Krystal and Myung Soo are way better as a couple and are more realistic considering their age and all. Amuden, this 16 episodes drama is nice and lovely even though it sometimes leaves you frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, the frustrating is okay and I get it why Hyun Wook didn’t want to be frank with SeNa. It is what it is too in real life. If you are into a mush mush drama, My Lovable Girl is for you. I like it since it is a light drama, it cools me off from my angsty dailies.