Currently Watching: Temperature of Love


Temperature of Love. A simple kind of drama. Nothing fancy to rave about yet… I am, however, loving every single bit of it. I don’t even know where to begin. I started out of blue today because I am not ready to be angry with Witch’s Court (I will start it soon). Okay, who am I kidding! I started it because of Kim Jae Wook! Kim Jae Wook in suits and vest. Kim Jae Wook and his voice. Kim Jae Wook looking very serious. Kim Jae Wook smiling. Kim Jae Wook stretching on a couch. Kim Jae Wook. Omo… I am in love. But wae wae wae he is the second lead again???!

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Just Watched: The Last Princess


When I first saw the trailer, I knew I must watch this movie no matter what. I fell in love right away with Son Ye Jin’s portrayal as Princess Dok Hye. Her stunning beauty and her elegant and poised character struck me immediately. The trailer got me into tears. And when I finally saw the movie, my heart and soul were moved by it. Wait, I was also angry! Angry at how the Japanese treated the Princess and angry at how the citizens were treated.

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Currently Watching: Voice


*deep exhale* I don’t know where to begin. Yeah, honestly I don’t. And why am I still watching it? *deep breathe* *deep exhale* because I haven’t seen many Korean dramas this year. Because it is Jang Hyuk. Because it is a crime and thriller drama. Unfortunately, Voice disappoints me but I heard it picks up after ep 11. Sure, the cases can be brutal. And I love the craziness of the villains portrayed in this show. However, they are not bloody and violent enough for me. Voice could never compete with Japanese’s crime dramas. If you want to see real psycho villains, you should watch Japanese dramas. They will get you good!

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14 Days of Fangirling: Day 9

Day 9: Second leads that will always be second leads


SadaThere isn’t a rule when comes to Korean dramas. Everyone who are handsome and pretty, and with an at least little bit of talent could get a chance to be a lead. One could move his or her career starting from web dramas and slowly to major production dramas. All they need is a chance. That’s it.


Me: Hmmm it’s hard to name them. It is funny that how Lim Ju Whan used to be main leads but now he persistently accepting second lead roles. And then there is Kim Jae Wook who always in second or third lead role. Choi Si Won is another actor that always the second lead, never the groom! *cries* Like Sada said, they all need to be given a chance and I agree. I especially agree with Jae Wook.


Mari: My beloved Kang HaNeul seems to have been fallen into this category. There’s also Ji Soo but I’m hoping that it is only because he is still fairly new to acting. For female actresses, there are waaay few that I like but wish they could get a lead are Lee Da Hee, Kim Yoo Ri, and the drop dead gorgeous Lee El. Give them a chance! Don’t curse them as second leads forever!

14 Days of Fangirling: Day 1

Hey, everyone! Mari, Sada and I decided to participate in Dramas With a Side of Kimchi’s fangirling challenge which started on February 20th. For Sada, she will keep it on Korean drama level. She said that if she includes Chinese and Japanese dramas, it will be too much of a hassle. I agree with her suggestion and Mari and I will keep the same format, too. Although ya’ll know you can never trust Mari… *giggles*

Even though we are 4 days behind, I have decided to blog it daily. Not that I don’t have plenty of time, but since it is a short challenge, I think I can handle the heat (and pressure)! *wink*. So, without further delay… let’s focus on day 1 challenge!


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Just Watched: Age of Feeling


I have been waiting for this show for the looooongest time! It was originally scheduled to air last year in November but due to conflict of location, it finally received a green light to air in January. Phew… I hate to say the drama is cursed because of Kim Hyun Joong. His anticipated drama, City Conquest, came to face too many obstacles *sad face*. Too many that the production had to go on halt a few times and eventually cancelled. All of us were waiting for Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback to small screen after Playful Kiss. The drama itself looks so good. It is not just another action drama, but it is a bit violent. For some of us who loves this genre, violent is what we want! *sighs* just too bad…


But no sweat to all whom have been patiently waiting for this action guy coz you get action and violent in Age of Feeling. Before I go any further, I just want to point out that there must be some political issue with KBS and the City Conquest production because Age of Feeling is as violent as City Conquest. Well, that’s my instinct. Who knows what happened… But I seriously do not buy the crap excuses KBS threw at the production and to us. OK, enough ranting. Let’s start musing with Age of Feeling instead *winks*




To be honest y’all, to be really really honest… I got lost most of the time when watching it. I just couldn’t focus. Too many characters to remember. The plots are fine but I just couldn’t follow. Perhaps I was distracted by hunkies *giggles*. But I love the music and the action. And because of these two combo, it motivates me to finish it quickly. So quick that I did not get to write this review while watching it. Yes, I was soaking myself wet with this super intense, well absorbed drama. The story is simple. Two kids looking for revenge on the death of their parents. In between that, they found friendship, love and unexpected forces in a place they never thought it would exist. The drama is set in the 30s so most of the feeling you would see are very old yet refreshing. The acting are somewhat believable. I really impressed with Hyun Joong’s comeback acting. Wow is all I can say. His co-star Soo Hyang however, she’s not up to the par with Hyun Joong so I was disappointed with her and her character.


I enjoy this drama for what it is but I really had hoped it would be as engaging as Cruel City. I’ve seen a few disappointed scenes but I let it fly because of the action. My hub and kiddo enjoyed it a lot, I enjoyed it a little less. This is a watch at your risk drama. You really need to have this mood before you start Age of Feeling. Good luck!


Currently Watching: Who Are You

I’m not a fan of anything ghostly, be it in dramas, movies or MVs. My last ghost show was the Hollywood version of the Ring, back in 2001. I saw it in a theater with a bunch of friends. Everyone seem to be fine after the movie but I was literally haunted and traumatized by that movie I actually believed that creepy bony girl will crawl out of my 13″ TV and my monitor. It was the most scariest things that ever happened to me and it took me years to move on from my nightmares. I am old enough now to know that it was a fictional movie but once awhile it still gives me the crawling creeps! Thank goodness I didn’t watch the original version… Oh god, now I’m scared! Gotta hug this pillow aka bantal busuk (literal translation: stinky pillow) really, really tight!


Who Are You is currently airing on tvN channel. This 16 episode drama attracted a lot of audience due to its ghostly theme. While we are on the subject, I noticed that there are sudden ghost drama influx among the TV networks in Korea. It seems that everyone agreed with this theme. I guess the writers talk! Joa! As long as the story line is interesting and gives us audience something to rave and cheers about, that’s all that matters to us, right? I wonder what would be their next plot would be? Anyway, let’s leave ’em alone for now. Let’s focus on Who Are You and the greatness of this drama in which I heard that DramaBeans, the mother source for most bloggers and fans alike, has decided to drop recapping this drama after one episode… *tears in my eyes*. I wonder why… Oh well, the ladies must have not interested I guess. It’s okay *sob sob*

So, because I’m afraid of anything ghostly yet eager and giddy enough to know what Who Are You is all about…. Hold up! The truth is, er… *looked down in embarrassment* *red cheek* I watch it for Kim Jae-Wook. Yes, I said it. Phew, that went well! How can I not? Don’t tell me you are not? C’mon! It is his first post military project and how I really miss his gentleman-like charm from Mary Stayed Out All Night. He is one hot total package! From that sleepy yet sharp enough to penetrate my heart with that gentle glaring eyes down to his runway model-like body and to low yet sexy voice *smooth as hot Caramel down your throat*, believe me God is great when He created him ever since he was in his momma’s womb! There! I said it! Whoa, that took a big chunk o’ relief off of my shoulder *smily sigh* Uhm, where was I?

Right! Because I was eager enough to watch the show but scared at the same time, I decided to watch it with my Facebook girlfriend Laurie aka adgirl22. We are digging with this drama. We love it so much we decided to post our live simulcast of our conversation on Laurie’s blog. Our funcap is more unique than any other recaps, it is not structured but it captures our thoughts and feelings together. I must say this is the best KDrama watching experience. It is a lot more fun and I’m less bored. Yes, I get distracted easily whenever I’m watching dramas. I can feel that we will be doing a lot more simulcast in the near future. And Who Are You is the perfect first project for us. WRU is intense yet romantic, serious yet quirky, scary yet funny, edgy yet normal… The intensity can be nail biting at times! The ghost effect is not scary but…. BUT with the added background music it made the show really creepy and spooky! Jeepers! Kamjagiya! Maldoandwae! F*ck! Sh*t! What the…? Yeap…. all those words came out of my mouth. The story is quite solid, IMO. Though each incident is not related, however the clues are! So whatever questions you may have when watching it from one episode, it will carried over to the next episode… Once you accumulate all the clues, I’m DEAD sure the answer will be revealed. I’m sorry, I’m trying so hard not to give out the story…

This 16 episode drama is a MUST watch. The color is so vibrant (summer drama always very colorful). The action is not too bad. The romance, hmmmm… It is starting and I can’t wait to see it blossom. This drama can be a bit sad since it involves death. But nothing personal, death is death whether you like it or not. Did I say it is a MUST watch? If you haven’t start, well what the HELL are you waiting for? WATCH IT! WATCH IT NOW!!!! And why not watch it with Crazy Lady & Rockhead FunCap, ei? *grin*