Currently Watching: The Guest


Finally, a drama I could brag about! Scary? Maybe. Intrigue? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Romance? Get the hell out of here. However, I must say, The Guest is not for the weak heart. Surprisingly, my heart is strong to handle all the grossness. I started watching it when I was in Myanmar. Jet lag is my best friend and it gives me ample of time to catch on new dramas. Hence, I started 100 Days My Prince and of course, The Guest. Bel warned me to watch it at day but I could not resist. When someone says that, it felt like a challenge. The worse part was I saw the first episode while having dinner! I felt so satisfying watching the bloodiest scene while slurping my delicious pasta con funghi!

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Just Watched: Fight for My Way


It has been awhile since I saw a great Korean rom-com! Fight for My Way is one heart light hearted drama. The edgy style of acting powered with well-diverse characters made this drama feels very real and fresh. This 16 episodes drama maintains its quality consistently. Well, by quality I mean the pace is steady throughout the show. What I love the most are the characters. They are so relatable. It is like watching your friends’ stories on tv. I admit they are not perfect, but it is the beauty of it. They made Fight for My Way entertaining and enjoyable.

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Just Dropped: Descendants of the Sun

Descendants_of_the_Sun-p1This drama has put me to snooze so many times and really, I really just can’t continue with it anymore. I feel that it is challenging my intelligence. I know a few of military stuff since I’ve been growing up watching a lot of war documentaries and movies with my late dad and hub. But when I notice that the writer did not fact check on some military policies and procedures, I feel very disappointed and frustrated. Is it so hard to check facts? I’m sorry, this time, I really can’t let it slide…


I have no problem with the storyline whatsoever though. It is all oh so beautiful. The cinematography is very beautiful. The Songs (Joong Ki and  Hye Kyo) are pretty people. The abs were delicious! *licks* But my brain shuts down and rejects Descendants of the Sun. And with that, I have no other excuses but to drop it. Drop it while it is hot! This is a rare moment and you know I hardly drop dramas. I always give my all out but I’m determined to just move on… *sigh*. 


My wish is for someone to bottle up all the gorgeousness of the OTPs into one hour clip and post it up on YouTube. Yes, I will watch that! Are you still watching it, chingu? If you dropped it, please tell me why…  Can you smell my guilty when everybody else are still enjoying it? *cries* 



Currently Watching: Hidden Identity


Lately, I have been craving action dramas. I guess my rounds with some action Japanese dramas really made me think twice for my next to-watch drama. And Hidden Identity came in just in time to fill this void in my watch hole. What’s more? This is Kim Bum’s latest comeback since he broke up with Moon Geun Yong. I’m sure I was not the only one waiting for Kim Bum’s comeback to small screen. And with the preview pics of him in stache and guyliner, of course I can’t say no to that! Can you? *wiggles brows*


Hidden Identity reminds me of Ten and Cruel City. It’s an action police drama, as it is as dark as those two (and many more dramas that I’m lazy to list them here). I typically not a fan of kdrama police drama. We all know how ridiculous and injustice the Korean law system is. But somehow I was able to stick through it. The first two episodes did it with me. I was sold completely by the entire cast. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but as a team, they are daebak! I truly enjoyed watching the team and the way they dealt the situation, I’m impressed. I mean, the cases are not extraordinary, but I just love the way they tackle things in their own way. Yeap, this drama is interesting in its own way.


So what is Hidden Identity about? Just by its title, the team was created secretly and perhaps no approval given by the top. It is consisted of 6 undercover police officers that led by Team Leader Jang. Each of them has their own abilities to fight crime in any means they have. They will do whatever they can to hunt the criminal. Under the Team Leader Jang’s fierce leadership, they were able to catch the criminal. However, the one main plot that get carried away throughout the series is the revenge Min Tae In forever carrying with him. His sister was killed and he is determined to find the crooks. But after 10 episodes, I still questioning his intention. I don’t know, Kim Tae Hoon is notorious for playing baddie so it is difficult to actually see him on the good side. I will feel at ease if he remains the good detective until the end of the series.


Back to Hidden Identity, Team Leader Jang recruited Cha Geoun Woo as his sniper man. Coincidentally, he was given an undercover mission by his Leader to save another team member that was trapped and his under cover was blown by the crooks. Unknowingly, the person Woo had to save is none other than Min Tae In. They have a history together. They are connected through Tae In’s sister. Woo dated Tae In’s sister and he witnessed the brawl that caused her life. So to meet again at such situation, it was not only awkward but also felt that they are meant to meet again. You can totally see the reaction between the two through their eye contact, and Tae In’s life was totally depending on Woo’s move. Well, this was one of the nail-biting situations you get to see in Hidden Identity. Throughout the 10 episodes, the team will work to solve the crime and at the same time, you will expose to clues that would lead Woo and Tae In closer to find the murderer.


Well, the question now becomes would I recommend it to you? I’m in a tough spot. I was completely blown away by the first two episodes but felt I was let down the next two episodes. And then, the climax came in waves… Episode 9 and 10 were very suspense yet awesome, I couldn’t sit still. Hidden Identity is not for everyone. There is no romance and there will be no romance. Also, I found Hidden Identity drowned by OCN’s action drama, My Beautiful Bride (review to come soon). I found My Beautiful Bride more intriguing and exciting than Hidden Identity. Nevertheless, Hidden Identity is worth watching if you don’t mind the agenda but definitely not worth rewatching… *shrugs* that’s how I see it.

Currently Watching: One Sunny Day


I have to be quick. This is a 10-episode, 12 minute average per episode drama produced by LINE. I just started and I’m already in the first 5 minutes of episode 1. I don’t know how fast can I type and I’m already feeling out of breath. I love marathoning a drama but this one will exhausts me. And guess what? I’m on episode 2 already! *screams* Okay, here we go. This webtoon drama,  One Sunny Day, was aimed for Thai audience. Why them? I do not know but honestly, I must thank them coz this show brings together gangsta oppa aka So Ji Sub *giggles* and my lubba girl, Kim Ji Won. The story is pretty simple. Two strangers met in Jeju Island and they both were robbed overnight at their motels. They met at the police station the next morning and somehow they kept on running into each other more and more. *grins* Such a great fate, eh? The funny part is he lost everything but his cell and she lost everything but her wallet. Wow, I think God is planning something for these two! So now, they are both relying on each other… Sort of!


And as you guess it, I’m on episode 3 already and it has gotten cuter and cuter! She’s intrigued by him. She keeps on looking at him from the corner of her eyes. He looks a bit wary and nervous, he  noticed her but unsure how to react to this sudden feel. I know he feels a bit uneasy with another girl around him because on the first episode, there was a flashback of him with his ex-girlfriend. Did his ex ask for a break up? I wasn’t sure and honestly I’m not interested since she is his past. But these two OTPs are looking adorable walking side by side. They are getting more curious of each other and starting to show some caring feeling as well. Hmmmm… And I’m on episode 4 now. Wahhh, time flies!

maxresdefault (1)

My favorite line so far by her: “Ommmaaaa! Eotteoke? Eotteoke? What am I supposed to do? I saw everything!” I laughed so hard at her innocent gesture! So cute! And I’m now on episode 5! Wait, episode 7 now! Kyyyyaaaaaa… Okay, let’s wrap up! Because it is a short drama, I highly recommend it. Plus, the chemistry between the two as the episode progress is growing. You can definitely feel it. The cuteness is just overloaded… I just can’t hold it any longer! One Sunny Day is a must watch, peeps! And yes, Grace, I’m gushing again! *winks* Ooooh, also, I want that umbrella!!!! Where can I get that umbrella???

Just Watched: Expect to Date/Hopeful For Dating


Are you looking for someone to share your love with? Or have you already found a victim of love to share your love with? Are you in a relationship? Is your relationship needs an intervention? Is your relationship shaky? When you are in love, all these questions will pop in your head whether you like it or not. In this modern world we are living in, relationship is tough. What a minute…. I’m no expert. I’m not a love doctor. I’m no shrink and don’t plan to be one. I’ve only dated one guy and he ended up to be THE ONE AND ONLY LOVE of my love. Just pure luck… *wink wink*


This anticipated 2-episode KBS2 drama special by Daniel Choi and BoA is short, sweet and funny at times. It is a story of a man and woman who never met but only communicated via text messaging. Obviously, it is the best communication ever in today’s world, right? Yeon Ae is a college student who constantly failed in her own romance. Her previous romance turned out to be a very ugly one and she was dubbed the “Octopus Girl.” Her furious act was recorded when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her and the clip went viral on the internet. As a result, she was afraid to meet another guy until she met Jin-Gook, a sweet and innocent dental student. Ki-Dae is a dating expert who give out date/love advice but in reality struggled in his own relationship with Sae Rom. The entire 2 episode drama led us to believe that dating would be easier if you follow all the rules and protocols, and everything will be alright. I mean don’t we all think it that way too? I wish it is that simple! Once you are in relationship, an engagement is expected, follow by marriage and live happily ever after. Not so fast, it is never alright and it will never follow according to your plan. Things always get in your way whether you like it or not. In my opinion, timing is always important and communication between couple is necessary to make this relationship happens.

But overall though, I find it very lacking. There is not enough oomph to go around. Sure, it was sweet and cuddly atmosphere and they are able to get entire message across to the audience in these two hours (thank goodness this is not a 16-hour drama) but the burning desire from watching this romance drama is not strong enough. I was hoping for a more sweetness and a little giggles which I didn’t get it. Would I recommend it? Well, it’s only 2 hours long…. *tap fingers on desk* OK, ok… I have to admit it was the best two hours spent. So, why not? Yeah, go watch it.