Currently Watching: Argon


Yes, I am working on my To Watch List and Argon is one of them. I decided to pick it up this week as I knew my heart is finally ready to face Kim Joo Hyuk. His death was untimely and my heart sank by it. It is not even two years yet but I feel that I am finally ready to face his face. And Argon got so much great reputation from my tlist. It would be sad if I don’t pick this show up. I have always loved an investigative journalist theme drama. It sparks my intellectual interest since I am not that intellectual in the first place *laughs*. Plus, since it is only 8 episodes long and is available on Netflix, I don’t see why I should delay my watch. Right?

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Just Watched: Designated Survivor: 6o Days


Honestly, I never thought of falling for Designated Survivor: 60 Days this much. I never heard of the original one until I started this drama. I am considering now after being so engrossed with the Korean version. I don’t do political drama and when I do, it mostly sageuk kind. So it is refreshing to watch modern politics in a drama. I was on the fence starting it but got super addicted as soon as I started the first episode. Never would I thought I would love it so much. I just completed the last episode and A and I cried because of the ending. I am hoping that this show will get a second season. But will it?

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Just Watched: Encounter aka Boyfriend


Yes, I finished Boyfriend and I am glad I did not drop it. To be honest, I really liked it. It was such a sweet drama and it was delightful to watch Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo together. The slow pace is bothersome to some. I know that. Many drops because they could not see the chemistry between the pairing. I had my reservation as well with this pairing. Bo Gum did not disappoint me although I feel like he smiles way loads in this drama. Sometimes, I feel his character is a bit stalkerish but I get it. When you are in love, you want to be with the person you’re in love with 24/7. However, I also felt that he wasted his time in this drama even though I regretted saying it now when I saw his peak performance in episode 15. I can’t help but cheer for his awesome performance for a heartbroken man and son.

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