Just Watched: Circle


Circle was the most complicated drama I have seen this year. The reason I said it was that this drama was difficult to predict. Really drove me insane! I really could not piece out the puzzle until the last three episodes. Yeah, I think my brain was not able to keep up especially that in each episode, the story was told in two different years. The first 30 minutes focused on the present world while the last 30 minutes on the year 2037. It felt like watching two different stories in a drama. Thankfully, Orion and Drama Panda were available to explain exactly the story was.

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Currently Watching: Bicheonmu



Oh my goodness, I’m on the right track!!! Can you believe it, Bicheonmu is my third sageuk this year! And I’m so happy!!! I can’t wait what my next sageuk will be. Looks like my 2015 kdrama sageuk mission is extremely on point! *claps like a maniac* Now I’m excited… Hmmmm *rubs chin* I wonder what could be my next sageuk? Any recommendations? I know many of you have suggested me to watch The Moon that Embraces the Sun. I don’t know *shrugs*. For some reason, it didn’t grasp me completely. But then again, I could be wrong. I had the same feeling with The Princess Man as well but look where I am now… I finished it in a nick of time! *sigh* Ooooookay, I’ll give that a watch! Someday…


Anywho, back to Bicheonmu… This sageuk is definitely under everone’s radar. I have never heard of it at all. If not because of Gabi, the movie Bel and I recently watched, we wouldn’t know about this drama. Joo Jin Mo was excellent in Gabi and we wandered off to find why is he not popular in small screen. Bel explored his portfolio and found Bicheonmu. Good news for me, I was searching for the next sageuk and Bel just ushered it to my hands. Gotta love her for that! *beams* What’s more awesome is that it has 14 episodes! Winner! Believe me, it is not easy to find short sageuk. They are mostly minimum 20 episodes long. Urgh… so dragggggggyyyyyy!


When I started Bicheonmu, I was blown away by how grand the settings were. Seriously, even now that I’m thinking of it, it gives me goosebumps. It was very fantasy like yet giving you that majestic feeling. I said wow! And I love this drama more because of the fighting scenes. They were incredible. The fighting was influenced by Chinese martial art so you can imagine how it feels – surreal, very engaging, awesome performance and simply cool! The only drawback with Bicheonmu is that part of the casts are Chinese actors and actresses. *sigh* Not that I mind because really, nothing more satisfying and gratifying when two giant countries united by one drama! However, the parts acted by them were dubbed. I actually don’t care that much now but some do and some will. But listen, look at the bright side, they made it so smooth you don’t notice it as much.


Bicheonmu is all about martial art teaching manual. Jin Ha’s parents were killed because of the manual. Everyone was looking for it and not knowing that Jin Ha was raised by his late parent’s servant whom he thought was his uncle. His uncle knew the manual teaching word by word and introduced it to Jin Ha. Now everyone wants to get hold of that manual not knowing that Jin Ha is the walking manual. In his younger time, he met with Xue Li. He fell for her immediately. At the same time, Jun Guang, a friend he met fell for her too. However, the two friends became enemies and Jun Guang killed Jin Ha. But guess what? He still alive!!!! *cue dramatic music* So now what?


Xue Li was forced to marry Guang while carrying Jin Ha’s baby. So fast forward some 18 years later, Jin Ha’s son grew up very handsome and obedient. He knows nothing of his real dad and assumes Guang is his bio dad. Ok, that’s how far I could tell you coz really by this time, Guang was hunting down a killer and the search landed on Jin Ha. Xue Li was shocked to hear that Jin Ha is alive. So the question now is what would happened next? Will they reunite? And who killed Jin Ha’s parents and what exactly Bicheon manual is? And who are those people and why they want the manual so badly? Wahhhh so many questions!!!


Right now, I’ve seen 8 episodes. I heard that the ending was shaky and perhaps sucky. Well, I’m confused now. How can the ending be sucky when throughout 8 episodes I saw were nothing but sucky. I’m not sure what to believe. I guess I’ll find out soon. But so far, this is a good drama but can be a little boring at times but the cinematography compensated for all the boring part. And not once that I wanna give it up on it. If you like wuxia fantasy sageuk theme drama, perhaps Bicheonmu is for you. It’s not heavily indulge in politics so that’s always a plus! The fighting scenes are definitely cool! For only 14 episodes long, I don’t see why not! You might ends up liking it like I do!