Currently Watching: He is Psychometric


Okay, I have to admit I do not know the meaning of psychometric. Even after I searched the word, I still could not relate that the main character is psychometric. I guess I am a bit slow in this department. I am letting it go since the show sort of explaining why Lee Ahn is one. Lee Ahn is played by Park Jin Young aka GOT7 Jinyoung. I did not remember him in The Legend of the Blue Sea but he gave a striking performance in My Love Eun Dong.

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Currently Watching: Witch’s Court


I am a big Jung Ryeo Won fan but this drama was not on my radar to watch in the beginning. I started watching more and more lately and I do not want it to take over my life again. Well, Bel said I should watch it because she knew I would love it. And she’s right! Not only I enjoyed watching it, I became a bit obsessed with it! The episodes suck me into it. And this drama keeps getting better and better! Jung Ryeo Won is fabulous here! She nails her character as Prosecutor Ma Yi Deum. She is so awesome. Very flawed yet she made it so real. And this is what we need… A cold-hearted, egoistic, arrogant, clumsy, self-righteous yet flawed female lead! Ma Yi Deum is my current favorite character of all of my current airing drama.

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