Just Watched: Circle


Circle was the most complicated drama I have seen this year. The reason I said it was that this drama was difficult to predict. Really drove me insane! I really could not piece out the puzzle until the last three episodes. Yeah, I think my brain was not able to keep up especially that in each episode, the story was told in two different years. The first 30 minutes focused on the present world while the last 30 minutes on the year 2037. It felt like watching two different stories in a drama. Thankfully, Orion and Drama Panda were available to explain exactly the story was.

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Just Watched: 6 Persons Room


I decided to watch 6 Persons Room to kill time while having breakfast and taking a break from my endless reports. Life away from home and away from work desk really take me away from all my luxuries. It’s ok, I just need to be tiny patience and I’ll be back to my own comfort zone soon *beam*. So anyway, this drama was never in my radar. Following the Noble, My Love craze, Bel found another Sung Hoon’s webdrama. And since it is only a 5-episode drama with average length between 11 to 16 minutes long, I had to give it a go and I completed it in one sitting. You totally can do it too! *wink*


First of all, let me warn ya! If you’re looking for Sung Hoon’s abs, you won’t see any. If you’re looking for his charm like in Noble, you won’t see much either. This drama doesn’t focus on him alone even though he is the main lead. But I was really absorbed by the story. It’s quite compelling. However, no matter how much I tried, I was completely lost. Hmmmm… Either the story plots were too abstract or my mind was wandering around too often. I was able to follow some of the stories but not all. And in the end, I was not sure whether it was a dream or death, or a vision of future. I had to seek Bel and she said he was in coma state. Now that makes more sense…


So what happened to him that got him in this state? Min Soo was at work site when he suddenly slipped from climbing a ladder. He fell on the ground and was taken to a hospital. He woke up in a room with 5 female patients. Each patients have stories to tell. Min Soo got very closed to them, especially with the little girl in which I didn’t catch her name was. But in the end, in my opinion, these 5 female patients are simply characters in his head. I think! I’m not quite sure as I told you earlier, I was lost. One thing I hate about this drama was that I wanted more but the show is too short! If they could spin this show to a real drama long, we could get a lot more out of 6 Persons Room! And since it is this short, I highly recommend it for your quick watch!

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Breaking News: Eve’s Love


So guess what Bel and I will be watching next after Ladies of Storm ends? Yeap, Eve’s Love!!! Can you hear my excitement in the air??? *giggles* Check it out the teaser trailer. Omo omo omo, it’s going to be one crayyyyy daily!!! Who’s with me??? And yes, that is Yoon Se Ah with her new locks! I’m actually excited to watch it next week! I can’t wait! C’mon, let’s dance together! *sticks tongue out*


Currently Watching: Healer


From one reporter drama to another reporter drama, it suddenly becoming a trend again. I usually avoid the same kind of drama back to back but Healer is getting so much commotion and hype, and my tweeter feed is constantly bombed by Healer tweets I just can’t help but to join the crowd too. I saw the first couple of episodes and I was just meh… I remember telling myself that it is okay to not have the same mutual feeling as others. The next night, I saw another two and another two and another two. After episode 8, I started to feel something weird. My heart was not completely shaken but I felt something. That something is quite tingling and I like it! I like it a lot!


Healer reminded me of City Hunter but in my opinion, it never really exceeds the coolness of City Hunter. Lee Min Ho was definitely daebak as Lee Yoon Sung but Ji Chang Wook did not meet that coolness (due to lack of action as the story progress) I wanted but still…. watching him leaping from one building to another, he is still a badass! But you know what, he met my expectation in the romance department. The marriage of quirky and charming he brought in as Park Bong Soo stole my heart completely. I like that one minute he is a badass,  kickass swoon-worthy Jung Hoo and another minute he’s a teddy-bear cuddly cutie pie Bong Soo. I was torn between the two but I know ultimately it is Jung Hoo that we will end up with. And surprise surprise, Park Min Young is as good as she was in City Hunter. Perhaps this style of drama really appeals to her personality. As Young Shin, she’s quite a feisty and strong and I like her character a lot. Strong yet feminine. I like that and she is creative when she received rejections.


At this moment, Healer is scheduled to run for 20 episodes and 16 episodes have aired so far and we have two more weeks before it ends. I have not heard any extension rumor and I hope there will be no extension. Healer story is not complicated but it seems like my mind is complicating it. I tried to write my own synopsis but in the end, it sounded so awful and tacky and frankly, quite disaster too so I think the best way is to shorten  up by focusing on Healer alone. Healer is Jung Hoo. He was trained as the modern Robin Hood by his late dad’s friend, Young Jae. At the beginning, he gave me that Simon Templar vibe by stealing and gathering info for his clients. One of his mission was to get Young Shin’s DNA. Before all this, he does all his work without putting much thought into it. But after meeting Young Shin and was told to keep eye on her more often, he started to put his work on the line more and more. As he falling for her, he also realized his fate with her is not just coincident but rather predicted since the beginning. He tried so hard to separate himself as Bong Soo and it took a toll on him. She herself started growing on him as well.


But what is the mutual connection between Jung Hoo and Young Shin? Their fathers were once best friends. The conspiracy between their dads and the friendship they had with Young Jae, Young Shin’s mom, her now step dad (which she still hasn’t figure it out) and Moon Ho could hold the key to Jung Hoo’s and Young Shin’s happiness. The story is kinda complicated and at times, I found myself feeling lost. But I am certain with the OTP story and to be honest, I only care for them. Just them *giggles*. They make me happy. They give me that warmth fuzzy tingling feeling. I like that. This show is highly rated and highly recommended by all. As for me, I’m watching it just for the OTP. So yeah… that. What is that means? I don’t really care for the story line to be honest. All I care is my OTP. Love love love!


Currently Watching: Liar Game


By the power of my own will and of course powered by my two drama support system, namely Bel and Lena (yes, my goddesses of dramas), I started Liar Game today. I’m behind them and will remain behind unless I sneak quietly and watch it while Lena is in bed *evil laughs*. Yeah, I can be a little naughty, right? Christmas is over and I have a year to redeem myself *giggles*. So I heard this drama is based on Japanese manga of the same title and they have a drama for it too but I’m not sure if there are sequel after the first title. Many of my friends have seen it. Most of them raved about it, a few didn’t because of the complicated plots. I typically don’t go for this kind of drama style coz I love to be entertained, and not to think too much while watching it. But sure, lately as I’m aging, I love the challenges of such dramas. I have been watching some mind games drama lately so it came to no surprise that I decided to go for Liar Game.


This drama recently wrapped up the show and it was a huge success to many watchers though the ratings were not as good. Some even said it was made better than the Japanese one. Wow, isn’t that a good news? I’m currently at episode 5 and happy to say, see above para, that I have bypassed the ladies! *pops the champagne* I decided that I could finish this overnight since the show is 12 episodes long. Yeah, you heard me. Only 12 episodes! You know what that means, right? Perfect for marathon, and by ideal kind as well!


So, since I have very tiny time and I do not want to waste my time much blogging because you know… *wiggles brows* I have something important to watch aka Liar Game, I’ll give you a quick review of my understanding of this drama. The key to watch Liar Game is to “don’t trust anyone”. You hear me? Do NOT trust anyone! Sure, Bel jolted my memory a bit but my suspicious is growing. Da Jung, the main lead, was tested one day when an old woman trusted her with her luggage while she goes somewhere (heh, I missed this part). She waited and waited for this grandma to come back to get her luggage but she never showed up. Curious, she wondered what was in that heavy bag? She zipped up and found a huge lump sum of money. Innocently, she took the bag home and slept with it on her bed. The next morning, she decided to do the right thing by handing over the money to the police. She needed that money to pay off her dad’s debt but being a good silly girl she is, she thinks being a honest person is the right thing to do. Her loan shark-turned-bestie followed her to the precinct and tried to convince her that keeping the goodies is the way to go. She was stopped half way through by an officer and before she could say anything, she realized the money was part of a test of a reality game called… Liar Game! *cue horror song*


This game reminded me of Blood Royale meets Hunger Games. However, there is no death involved. Only backstabbing! Ouch but it is the truth. When comes to money, everyone is hungry for it. Oh believe me, I could be hungry for it too! So what’s next? I finished the game scene and I already knew the winner but if you wanna know, watch it! Now, I’m at the after-the-game story and the plots thicken now. They are exposing more inside stories such as how Da Jung’s dad got into a heavy debt, why an ex-convict Professor Ha (one of the contestant – a handsome one) was arrested and what is their relationship with Kang Do Yeong, the host and contributor to the jackpot. Now, I have my mission. This show is very engaging. It’s a mind game but one helluva awesome slick mind game. Liar Game is a must watch, I highly recommend it! Now off me go to watch back…