Just Watched: Space Sweepers

If you are looking into watching something fun and entertaining, please consider Space Sweepers which is available on Netflix. Let me just say this: the graphic is impressive! I know Koreans don’t do well in sci-fi genre movies or dramas, but I see an improvement here. I wonder if it is supported by talents from other countries… Regardless, Space Sweepers was a good movie! My husband agreed, too (he’s hard to impress)!

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Just Watched: Little Forest


I started watching it on my flight to Yangon but because of the time difference, I fell asleep right away. I felt sad and was hoping I could catch it again on my way home. Thankfully, Little Forest is still on the Asian Movie list and I immediately hit play. The fact that the main lead is Kim Tae Ri, I simply could not resist not watching her. I am a fan of her acting especially in Mr. Sunshine.

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Currently Watching: Mr. Sunshine


Believe it or not, this is the only drama I am currently watching! Yes, my life has gone nuts with all the travels I have been doing it since June! It is not over yet! I am flying out in the next three weeks. At this point, if I want to start any, I must start ongoing dramas that close to be done. I really do not have the time to squee with my Tlists and it sadden me. I never thought my life would end up this way. I might pick up short Japanese dramas to watch soon.

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