Just Dropped: Different Dreams


Yeah, Different Dreams and I have different dreams. I don’t see it eye to eye with this show anymore. I try my best to give it another chance but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure what it is that makes me lose hope. I get bored most of the time. Every time I see an opportunity for a story to reach climax, it did no go the way I wanted it to be. I get deflated too many times. Even though the story is based on true event and with some true real characters, the stupidity in some scenes got me frustrated. I feel that the show could have been better told. And better direct.

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Currently Watching: Romance is a Bonus Book

LxmdbfI DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!!!! I am just loving Romance is a Bonus Book since the beginning. It’s Lee Jong Suk effect, I tell you. He gives me romance fever! I cannot describe this feeling of excitement. Whenever he is on the screen, I melt. How is he so, so, so cute, adorable and handsome? Great package! Thank you, God! THANK YOU! But the recent news about him enlisting in the military devastated me. I mean I knew it would come anyway but I am not ready to let him go… *cries*. I don’t want him to come back mannish! I want him to come back in one cute piece *giggles*. Continue reading

Currently Watching: Black


If you are not watching Black yet, why haven’t you already? Black got me curious through the synopsis but I got really fidgety a bit because the drama employed two undesired actors! Go Ara and Song Seung Hoon! I was screaming like hell! Why oh why oh why??? I really dislike Go Ara’s acting. I could not finish Hwarang and partly because of her. I finished Reply 1994 mainly because of other casts – I could not avoid her but was able to simply ignore her as much as I could. However, she is tolerable in Black. Tolerable is generous – her expression is still dead to me. Her eyes are as woody as I remembered. Oh well… Continue reading

Currently Watching: The Good Wife


I didn’t watch the original The Good Wife. I was not interested at all. When I heard tvN is picking up Korean version for The Good Wife, I hesitated. But I had a change of heart after hearing good comments about the show on my Twitter. I usually try not to get influenced but I can’t help again this time. Besides, since my watch list is pack with Japanese dramas, I thought it would be a great balance to add this drama to my list. Also, I changed my mind because of Jeon Do Yeon. I saw her two movies recently and was impressed by her acting! She is so natural and her acting skill is solid. So I thought if she is good in movies, she should be good in dramas, too. Her last drama was 8 years ago. Oh my God…



Since I did not watch the American version, I do not know how it compares with this version. But I’m sure some plots are in line, right? Anyway, I did not find this show intimidating as I thought it would be. I hate legal terms. I used to envy attorneys and their sophisticated work but after working with several of them and been thrown into legal work recently, I sort of hating anything to do with laws. I started avoiding legal dramas, hence part of the reason for dropping Remember – War of the Son. But I found The Good Wife easy to watch. Thank goodness!



The Good Wife is a life story of Kim Hye Kyung. After years of leaving the working force and become a good wife to prosecutor Lee Tae Joon, Hye Kyung finally decided to go back to work and to find her identity. Surely being a housewife isn’t easy. We get to see her flashback scenes of gatherings with friends at her house. But why she suddenly making a career comeback? Because of her husband, Tae Joon. He was found guilty of corruption. Not any corruption, but political corruption! Hye Kyung joined a firm that is now lead by Seo Jung Won. He used to be in love with Hye Kyung but gave up when Tae Joon swooped Hye Kyung away. But now, Tae Joon is nervous and worried that Jung Won will steal Hye Kyung’s heart. As the matter of fact, Jung Won did but Hye Kyung managed to shake it off her shoulder. Tae Joon needs his wife by his side. Why? A strong man needs a strong woman to be next to him. He needs her energy and support when he is in a trial. I hate it! He’s not only using his wife but he is using her to curb her freedom! Oh yeah, the woman retaliate alright! I would, too!



This drama is more than a drama. What I like about it is the powerful emotion Jeon Do Yeon, Yoo Ji Tae and Yoon Kye Sang invested in this show. Their chemistries are off the chart! And I am surprised how awesome Nana is! She has natural talent in acting! What a badass girl she is! The Good Wife is a very mature drama and I feel everyone should watch it. I’m surprised that the rating is low. Why why why?  If you have not seen it yet, I think The Good Drama is a drama you should consider. Solid acting, awesome chemistry, interesting plots, and definitely worth your time!



Just Watched: The Pirates


I haven’t been blogging on movies for awhile… I have been very lazy and decided to blog movies if time permits. Today is your lucky day coz here I finally decided to blog The Pirates. I’ve been meaning to watch this ever since I found out that Kim Nam Gil nabbed the main lead role. He is my mustache oppa *giggles*. And the best part is his co star from Shark, Son Ye Jin, is part of the movie too. Nice! Coincidence? *shrugs* I don’t know. Are they comfortable working together like Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum? Maybe.


So about the plot for The Pirates. Hmmmm… Where do I begin? *rubs chin* It is the most ridiculous thing ever. *facepalm* It is just a bunch of bandits and pirates trying to catch a whale who swallowed the royal seal. But the process of catching this whale is funny and all the mishaps scenes that Sa Jung the bandit and Yeo Wel the pirates went through to get the seal back for the Emperor were hilarious. The first 30 minutes into the movie was a little painful. I was questioning myself whether I should stop or move forward. The scenes were so serious and I was yawning several times. But once the focus move to the bandits, you will see the mood in the movie shifted a bit and you will find yourself holding your tummy from laughing too hard.


This movie is flooded with famous faces and they all received equally time on the screen as the OTPs! Now that speaks a volume, unlike other movies which just adding known faces just to pull audience. Not The Pirates and which is why I love this movie a lot. The OTPs nailed the role really well. The stunts were great and let me tell you about Son Ye Jin. I thought she is a girly girl, but in this movie as Yeo Wel, she showed us that she can do so much more than a pretty face. And oppa Nam Gil, well… He is just awesome and funny. I get to see him smiles a lot *giggles*. Listen peeps, I highly recommend The Pirates! Great and entertaining movie!


Currently Watching: God’s Gift 14 Days


This show was not in my radar at all but when I heard all the commotion of how great and intense it is, I confessed my heart was moved a little bit. Even that, I hesitated just because I had too many dramas on my plate. The show itself sounds very serious and I was in no mood to start something that doesn’t make me laugh. But the pressure I received from friends made me succumbed to watch it. Sigh… I sounded very easy to manipulate, don’t I? Oh well… Amuden, I’m glad I started God’s Gift. I started it right before I left for my work trip and oh my god, it was like a roller coaster ride! I couldn’t sit still. There were few sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-sword scenes, stupid-yet-believable scenes and of course *shakes head like a drug addict* scenes that just made you jumpy! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a proper net connection abroad, so I had to put this show on halt. If not because of work, you can imagine how crazy I could get! Believe me, you don’t want to sees me crazy! No no no…


Back to God’s Gift… One of a thing I hesitated to watch it initially was because of the story line. I am a mom. I have all those sort of thoughts in my head. I especially don’t want to watch it right before leaving my child behind. However, the minute I started the first episode, this show gets to me so badly it is so good. I immediately put on my “protective mommy” helmet on. I can relate to the main character immediately. Because of that, I started to marathon this show religiously and now that I’m towards the end of the series (currently on episode 16), I can see me in her totally. No one would understand this “paranoid” feeling more than me… I mean if something tragic happens to your dear love, wouldn’t you want to turn back the clock and save him (or her)? Well, God’s Gift is exactly that! A mother, Soo Hyun, lost her daughter and the body of her daughter was found days later. Because she was depressed of this unfortunate incident, and blaming herself wouldn’t bring her daughter’s life back, she decided to take her own life.


Meanwhile, Dong-Chan, a former detective turned private eye, got into trouble himself. He is out to find out the truth to his ex-girlfriend’s death. Her death pointed to Dong Chan’s mentally challenged brother and Dong Chan is out to prove his brother’s innocent do. At the time when Soo Hyun jumped for suicide in the lake where her daughter was found dead, Dong Chan was pushed over into the same lake by a group of thugs. The water became their medium and brought them back to live to two weeks before Soo Hyun’s daughter was kidnapped and murdered. The two joined forces and raced against the time to save Saet Byul, her daughter. While rushing to find out the truth and in hopes to stop the kidnapping from happening again, their search unveiled many secrets that involved power, politics, money and dirty tricks used by influential people.


Like I mentioned before, this show is like a roller coaster ride! It keeps going higher and higher and higher, and I don’t know when will we go down from here. Many viewers were disappointed with the ending of this series and warned me about it. Excuse me, do I really care? Kdrama has been doing this a lot lately I’m starting to get immune to bad ending. But surprising ending on the other hand? I care. I care so much and I want to know how this show will end. God’s Gift started with 16 episodes received an episode extension ended on a high note. Well, in my opinion it is simply by this episode. I highly recommend God’s Gift. If you are as curious as me, please DO NOT listen to others and just watch it. You be the judge for this drama. I am happy with how this show turns out to be. One advice if you decided to watch, please watch it carefully because the clues are everywhere. You might need to make a mental note on it… *wink* This thriller drama is more than you can imagine and lot to swallow  but I believe you will enjoy the ride as much as I do!