Currently Watching: Lookout


I am currently hooked on Lookout aka The Guardians. Seriously, this show is captivating and is worthy of your time. Each episode is like a rollercoaster. The suspense will keep you at the edge of your seat. To be honest, I keep thinking why aren’t many people watching this show. Is it because of the lack of romance? I don’t get it. There is much happiness in watching dramas and romance is one of them but romance can’t give you the satisfaction like a crime/thriller drama could give you. The kickass! One more thing! Lookout has action! And Lee Shi Young is giving us the action! Gold action!

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Currently Watching: Pinocchio


I contemplated earlier on whether I should give Pinocchio a green light. I love Park Shin Hye so much. I love her sweet, innocent look and most of her characters she played were quirky. She’s my type of girl. But I had a set back with Pinocchio because I hate to hear comments about her kissing scene. Some called it her infamous “gold fish” kiss. Yes, she doesn’t know how to kiss as perfectly as Hollywood actresses but hey, I’m perfectly fine with it. She’s an actress and kissing is not her forte. Plus, just imagine if she does put her 110% effort in kissing her leading males, I don’t think she will survive today! She will be grilled! No, she will be tortured, abused, boycotted and slammed by the SK netizens. I do not want my girl to be treated like that. No, no, no…!


However, Shin Hye was not THE only reason I shy away from Pinocchio. Beautiful casts is my other reason. I don’t want it to be another *shrugs* IDK…. Heirs? Anwyay, I started watching it last Saturday… Plex was down at the time and I was already current with all my drama watch. So I hold my breath and started Pinocchio. 6 hours later, I was convinced that this drama is the best I’ve seen in awhile. The plots are nice. The casts are great. The chemistry between all the casts and just the OTP are so spot on. I can feel the love in the air with all of them! Also, I love the color scheme. Very soft and soothing. Also, not to forget, it even gives me I Hear Your Voice (IHYV) vibe! Me likey! I’m very close to compare it with Pinocchio since I found that the writers are the same. And it does feel as if it is a continuation from one drama to another. But I do not want to go there… I want to be fair for Pinocchio and the cast. And now, at episode 20, this recently wrapped drama is awesome at all angles, whichever you look at it. I’m impressed by Lee Jong Suk more and more now. He is darn charming and acted his character well.


The story started with a wrongfully accusation of death towards Fireman Ki. He and his crew responded to an explosion in a factory. He didn’t survive and his body was not found. Someone with a Pinocchio sydrome, a syndrome that will make a person hiccup when he or she lied. So this person mistaken for a passerby he saw on the street as the late Fireman Ki. Ki’s family in return was tormented by the media, especially by Reporter Sung, and accused Ki for various painful accusations. This wrongful accusations forced Ki’s wife to suicide. Her younger son, Ha Myung went missing too and was presumed dead as they found just one of his shoes on the cliff with his mom’s. It turns out, Ha Myung is alive and was adopted by a grandpa. Instead of going by his name, he disguised himself as Choi Dal Po.


Fast forward, Dal Po grew up well. Though he is smart, he lay low in school and pretended he is useless and not able to learn. One day, he started to show off how smart he is by participating in a national TV quiz show with mostly aced students as contestants. The reason for him to come out is to see if he’s ready to be in a studio and eventually to take up his revenge on Reporter Sung. During the time he grow up, he met In Ha, his adopted father’s granddaughter. Though he love her a lot, she is Reporter Sung’s daughter. But he is not driven by the revenge but more of getting the things right and in order! I love Dal Po as he is not as nasty as I thought he would be but more of probing things to make the guilty parties voluntarily surrender. There are a lot of verbal information exchanged between the characters and they are not to be missed.


I enjoy Pinocchio so much. The show is driven by moral. It’s very entertaining and suitable for young teens as well as adults. I love the message they brought in to this drama. And the best of all, there is no angst whatsoever. It is a light yet very rich drama. Pinocchio is a 20 episode drama and it is as good as I Hear Your Voice. I’m sad that I will finish this show in a few minutes time but dang, it’s worth my time. I highly recommend this to everyone.