Just Watched: Guardian of the Spirit II


Oh.my.god! What a ride! This drama, a continuation from the first season Guardian of the Spirit, is better than the first one! I could not blog it while watching because I was totally invested in this season. As I was with the first season. This saga is too good to be missed. If you are a fan of taiga fantasy, this drama is for you. But really, if you haven’t seen the first season, you MUST watch it before you start on this one. Technically, you can still skip the first season but I feel it sets a tone for this season.

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Currently Watching: A Life


Medical drama is not my cup of tea. It’s not just the technical terms or the sight of blood that threw me off, but it also needs to be done in a fast pace manner. I don’t know, perhaps because I loved ER so much that any medical dramas that do not have the sense of urgency, I became bored of it. A Life is boring to me. I wanted an overwhelming and intense feeling when I watch the show and I do not get it with A Life. Granted the show focuses on surgeons at work and not the emergency room, I still find the pacing too damn slow *rolls eyes*.

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Currently Watching: Suisho no Kodo


Suisho no Kodo. My latest crime investigation drama obsession. All I can say is intense. Super intense. I dare not look away when watching it. Apparently, this is a sequel to Ishi no Mayu. Well, guess what? It is on my next watch! Thankfully, even though Suisho is a continuation of Ishi, the plot is not related entirely. I do feel lost once awhile, though. I guess the first installment told us about Toko.


I just completed episode 4 and guess what I am doing (besides blogging it)? Rocking back and forth wondering what the fudge just happened! The show is so amazingly intense that I could feel my head will explode anytime! I am literally blown away by this hair-raising show! Clearly, I am speechless. The next and final episode will be another intense one. I can feel it! The question is… Can I handle it? I need a drink! NOW!


This drama focuses on Detective Toko. Apparently, she is the sought after detective after solving a serial killer case (featured on Ishi no Mayu). Partnered with Detective Hideaki, they are now summoned to another mysterious case. A bizarre murder in a dark room. In the beginning, they all thought the victim was covered in blood. But they further realized it was a bright red paint. Who would do such a thing? The two started their investigation but then realized that they were followed. Somehow, I think, the person is targeting Toko. Anyway, the clues led them to OX. Who OX is? I won’t tell you but it has to do with bombing and death.


Suisho no Kodo deserves 10 stars! I mean it! If you haven’t seen it, you should add it to your watch list! This show will leave you gasping. It seems that Toko is traumatized by the serial killer case. You will see her fear in her eyes even though she is determined to figure out the next bombing location. It is tough to be her. I am determined to finish the final episode next. I’m still recovering from the massacre that took place at the end of episode 4. I wonder if they will figure out who OX is and what exactly his beef. Please, please watch it if you have not seen it. I swear it is worth 5 hours of your time!



Just Watched: Guardian of the Spirit


Right after I completed Guardian of the Spirit (season 1), Bel tweeted me that “you can lament with me that we have to wait until 2017 for the next season!” Shut the front door!!!! What???????? Next year? 2017? Why next year??? If High & Low could produce the next season immediately, why can’t Guardian of the Spirit??? Why the fudge, why? This can’t be happening to me!!! The show, obviously from my rant, is bloody awesome! Why can’t we have dramas like this? Seriously, this drama is so entertaining. I started two episodes last night, saw the third one in the wee morning and completed the final episode while having breakfast. Yeap, if I had my way, I would have watched all four episodes straight!


To be honest, this is my first Japanese fantasy drama. Guardian of the Spirit is an adaptation of manga and anime but I won’t check them out. I’m not interested. However, the way this season ended, I won’t be surprised if some fans may seek to read the manga to find the answer. Yes, I must warn you up front that season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger! My jaw was on the floor. I need season 2 now!


If you decided to watch Guardian of the Spirit, you will find that the storyline is common. Balsa, a female warrior was asked by the second Empress to take the second prince, Chagum, away from the empire. They initially met when Chagum fell into a river and Balsa was able to save him from drowning. Chagum bears the egg of the water spirit, hence, he is the Guardian of the Spirit. The Empress asked Balsa to take Chagum away and return the egg to its rightful owner. Balsa vowed to never kill so to protect Chagum makes her job twice harder. To protect the prince she may ends up hurting others which a no no to her. Because the Empress helped Chagum escape, the Emperor put her on house arrest. The Emperor then sent his assassins to kill his son!


So why the Emperor wanted to kill his son? He believed Chagum and the egg spirit were the reason for the drought, and by killing him, he would end the drought. Things like this make it so interesting. And hence, though the storyline is common and quite typical, the execution of this drama is superb! I’m so glad Bel suggested it. By 2017, I will be Elsa! I hope you get that joke *laughs*. I highly recommend this drama. The cliffhanger will make you want for more! Yes, I want more!!!!


Mini Recap: Siren Final Episode

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Dear god, are we ready to see the end of Siren? Was Kara really dead? If yes, why is there another episode? Is it just a filler or are we going to see another shocking episode? Did you remember that by the end of episode 8 the villa was burned down. We do not know who burn the villa down. Do you think Tomi and Yuki escaped? Or did they perish along with dead Kara in the house? Let’s see how the story goes.sirenAs expected, the police arrived too late. Tomi and Yuki already outside of the burning villa. Who dragged them out? *rubs chin* We then transported to the hospital. Tomi had a bad dream after talking to his doctor. He woke up and saw Kara injected something into his IV bag. He slapped her hand but then realized it was just his….. mind. Ando visited him and explained the whole situation. He said they found a dead body in the villa. She was unrecognizable but they found a bullet buried in her chest. Tomi said Yuki shot Kara on self-defense. He then visited Yuki in her room. The twins were there and left to give the lovebirds some privacy. Yuki leaned on his shoulder and they kissed. Tomi felt weird when they kissed. Her kiss was somehow different. And he immediately had a flashback on Kara’s friend when she too felt weird out from gazing at Kara’s picture. Tomi’s mind started to spinning again. His mind began to piece out all the puzzles again… FotorCreatedsiren4On his way out, Tomi bumped into Yuki’s mom. She told him Yuki is acting weird. She appeared to look like Yuki but the feeling was different. They both collected sample of Yuki’s hair and send out for confirmation. The DNA came out positive. But then Yuki’s mom called again. She said that Yuki had takoyaki (a delicacy made from octopus in which Yuki is allergic to). Tomi started planning again. He began to doubt Yuki. He gave her his apartment key with a GPS attached inside the key chain. He told Yuki’s mom of his suspicion and she panicked. Where is Yuki? Is she dead?sirensiren2After discharged from the hospital, Tomi went back to Sachi’s home town to meet her mom. Towada-san has dementia so he chatted with the nurse . The nurse told him that Sachi left home and Towada checked in to the nursing home. From the paperwork, she found out that Sachi was not her blood daughter. Tomi then remembered that Yuki once told him she was adopted too. He immediately went back to the school and browsed the yearbook again. He finally got to see Sachi’s face! It appears that Sachi is Yuki’s twin. Meanwhile, Yuki watches Tomi’s location through her phone. It turns out she placed a detector in his pocket. Then we got to see the flashback encounter of Sachi with the real Kara. So now we know that Kara has transformed herself into Yuki! Or should we say, back to her face again? For the love of Siren, where is Yuki?????siren3“The evindence of impersonation,” as thought by Tomi brought him back to the bridge where Sachi pushed her drunken dad. He started to dig and found a skeleton. But wait, how did he know where to dig??? *scratches head* He pulled his phone to check on Kara’s whereabouts. She’s right behind him! Yuki greeted him and Tomi told her that he found the real Kara’s body. “You’re Towada Sachi, right?”She asked him to look at her properly and started to hug him. But right then, she took out a knife hidden underneath her sleeves and attempted to stab him. Tomi caught on to her and flipped her over. Right then, Kara’s personality came out. She praised Tomi’s reflexes. He asked where Yuki is and she immediately fled. The game is on and she attacked him again. The fight was intense. Tomi repeatedly ask for Yuki’s location.sirenFotorCreatedKara and Tomi ran towards the bridge and Tomi, once again, asked where is Yuki. She sent him a message and it was a picture of dead Yuki. “You’re lying,” said Tomi. Kara said she wouldn’t lie and started attacking Tomi again. She was surprised that Tomi grabbed the knife and didn’t flustered by her. She tried to intimidate him more but he showed no feeling whatsoever. He then used his strength and strangled her. The police came and Tomi jump off the bridge and escaped. Kara was impressed with Tomi. He took out his phone and started crying and apologizing for not able to save Yuki. Meanwhile, Kara watches Tomi’s location from her phone.sirensiren2Ando received a call on Tomi’s action and was frustrated again. Chitose told him that Tomi suspected that Yuki has a twin and asked her to investigate. She confirmed that Yuki’s twin is Sachi. Ando ordered his team to find Tomi. Right after his gave out his order, Tomi called. He signaled to his team to detect the location of the call and they found it. His team went immediately and found no Tomi. Meanwhile, Chitose went to Yuki’s parents and gave her the update. Yuki mom stopped her dad from going to Yuki’s room. Meanwhile, Yuki was in pain. Her painkiller did not help. Her scalp started to bleed. She left home to get more painkiller. Tomi followed him. He attacked her by crashing his motorcycle but she managed to escape.siren4sirenKara went to the clinic and demanded Tsukimoto to give her something for her pain. She asked why was her skin started darkening and he told her that her skin was dying after numerous surgeries. She was angry for the result and attacked him. Suddenly, the front door was kicked and Tomi walked in. She led Tomi to the second floor and threw Yuki at him. Tomi almost kill Yuki until he realized who she is. He was thrown to the floor. Kara attacked Tomi again. They started attacking each other. Tomi was determined to kill Kara. She pointed the gun at Yuki and told him to throw the knife away. Kara told him that she will kill him and Yuki.siren2siren3“You want Yuki’s sense of justice?” This time it is Tomi’s turn to mess with Kara’s mind. He told her that she will never gain that sense of justice. Tomi explained that the person Kara wanted to kill the most is herself and she started to repeat what he said. He said that her suppression feeling that drove her to be this insane. She started to feel confused and wanted Tomi to shut up. She shot him but thankfully Yuki was strong enough to push Tomi away. He was shot in his shoulder but managed to get onto her. The police came just in time and arrested Kara. Yuki teared up and started apologizing to Tomi.sirensiren2Yuki’s parent came and went with her to the hospital. Tomi stayed behind even though he knows he’s injured. Ando asked whether he was serious on killing Kara. Tomi admitted he was and Ando squeezed his arm as approval. Once recovered, Yuki visited Towada-san. She was startled when Towada-san referred her as Sachi. Tomi nodded at her and she walked towards Sachi’s mom. Back in the precint, she told Kara aka Sachi that she met her mom. Sachi started to speak up. She said she heard the story of her twin and wanted to be like her. Kara confessed that Tomi is right. She was jealous. And her jealousy led to commit 8 deaths.sirensiren3So back to who started the fire at the villa? Kara, with Yuki’s face, burned the house down while Tsukimoto dragged Tomi out of the house. The dead Kara was the kickboxer Kara met previously. In the end, the case was closed. It turns out Yuki decided to stay with her team and declined her spot with First Division unit. In turn, Hayami got his spot. siren

The End

Impressions on Siren Final Episode:

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! What an unexpected ending! Who would have thought that Sachi is Yuki’s twin! Now it all makes sense! Oh geez, what a brilliant drama! To be honest, I did not expect the ending to be this way. Siren was brilliantly written, perfectly executed and constantly kept you on your knees! Bravo to the writer!


Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 8

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1So it is bound to happen that one of these days we will see how Tomi and Yuki met. And it took a hard fall on him for us to see how the two started! I must say Yuki was not cute at all in short hair. Urgh I prefer her in long hair. Am I too picky? Hehe I know what I want. While we get to see how their romance blossomed, I was wondering what was the drama they are watching? Anyone? *giggle*sirensirenOk, enough romance… Let’s move on with Siren episode 9! Tsukimoto is alive! Why did she keep him alive? What is Kara’s motive? Meanwhile, Watari is in jail. He consistenly defending himself that he attacked Tomi to protect Kara. Hayami told him that Tomi is on life support and Watari was stunned. Hayami seems ready to take on the case but Chief Ando said that they have to wait until Tomi is awake. Yes, only Tomi can tell the whole truth to Ando and his team. Ando reported the incident to Yuki’s dad.sirenI’m glad that Kara is keeping Yuki alive. Curious with Kara’s past, Yuki asks Kara to continue with her life story after killing her dad. The flashback shows a bunch of girls gossiping over Kara’s strange behavior in the past. She was seen as a crazy freak girl and with that title, the young Kara was determined to never fail on her death mission. In high school, a girl caught Kara’s eyes. Tachibana Kara. This Kara is a bit different than the current one. She has a mold on her chin and she is a bully victim. Kara and the real Kara hang out more since then. One day, the real Kara’s parent died from an accident. The fake Kara decided to steal Kara’s identity since she has no relatives now. And that’s how it happened. She wiped out her identity and stole Kara’s face. Tsukimoto was the responsible surgeon in transforming her into the new Kara. Volla! We never get to see how the true impostor looks like.

Back at Yuki’s home, her mom received a text message from Yuki’s phone. It was sent by Kara, obviously. And since it can be traced, she sent it while in the city. Now no one would suspect Yuki is actually missing. After being coma for a month, Tomi finally woken up. He gathered his strength and climbed out of his bed. Chief Ando was alerted and everyone rushed to see him. Tomi escaped in his hospital gown and headed directly to Yuki’s dormitory building. He wanted to see the address on the package. The package that was sent by Yuki to herself. From that, he realized that he’s been sleeping for a month. He fainted from his shock and woke up again in his hospital bed. He was told to stay in bed until he recovers from his injury. I can’t help but laughing at his stubborn but I don’t blame him. All he could think of was Yuki.siren2sirenTomi was shocked that Yuki is still missing. Hayami showed the text message forwarded by Yuki’s dad to the police. So now they are treating her case as runanway. Tomi said he fell into Kara’s trap and Ando asked why did he act independently. Tomi explained that he has no evidence but his intuition that guided him with the case. Ando shook his head when Tomi confessed that Yuki and him are in a relationship. He apologized for acting alone but showed the proof of mail to Ando that it is the only evidence he has on Yuki. Ando discussed Kara’s case and Yuki’s disappearance with his team and urged Hayami to interrogate Watari into spilling the beans.sirenKara met with police for questioning and after that, she went back to her car and said “it went well” to a person sat next to her. Who is that person? She took off an ear piece and handed it to whoever that is. Who directed her? Tsukimoto? Back to Tomi, he tries to escape with Ai  but was stopped by his doctor. She told him that Maya woke up. They rushed to Maya’s room but Maya slipped back into her coma. Tomi insisted of staying close to Maya and decided to hold her hand for hope. As he started talking, Maya responded when Kara’s name was mentioned. She eventually opened her eyes and said “she… killed.” And then we get to see flashback of all women killed in early episodes. Out of fear, Tomi thinks Yuki is next and rushes to Lake Kawaguchi.siren2On his way out, Tomi meet up with Watari and immediately attack him. He was furious and told everyone that Kara is a murderer. He dragged Watari into the elevator, closed the door on Hayami and demanded Watari on Kara’s location. The man was forced to spit out the location. On his way out, Hayami caught up with him so Tomi informed him that Maya is up from her coma. Tomi took his car and sped up with Ai.siren3Hayami thinks Tomi is delusional with Yuki’s location in Lake Kawaguchi. He also feels that there is nothing to report since Maya went back to her coma stage. But when he reaches the office, he realized that he is wrong once again. He figured out that the only person that knew his number is Kara. He immediately went to Ando and begged to issue a warrant on Watari’s villa. On what ground? Theft. Mobile theft. Hayami finally used his brain and linked up the case of missing Rena’s mobile with Tomi’s on the night Kara was “attacked” by Tomi. Gah… finally!sirenTomi and Ai arrived at the villa. On their way in, they saw something covered in bloody cloth. It turns out it was a statue. The place is full of booby traps. Tomi told Ai to go back to the car. Kara appeared from behind and pointed her gun on Tomi. They fought and Tomi was thrown out from the porch. Kara saw Ai but she thought it was Rena. She seemed confuse. Tomi took his chance by running away but she caught up. She took him back into the villa and made him entered a room through a secret kitchen door. He saw Rena tied and Kara got confused again. She asked who the other person was and he took his phone to call Ai. Sadly, Ai did not go back to the car. Rather she entered the house and hide underneath the kitchen sink with a stun gun.sirensiren2So when Tomi dialed Ai, her ringtone was heard. Tomi was frustrated but obliged to Kara’s demand. He was able to fool Kara and quickly took the stun gun from Ai and put it in his pocket. Kara asked him to open another side of the kitchen sink and Ai was visible to him and Kara. She asked him to tie Ai up. In the midst of tying her up, Tomi was able to make a quick move and stun Kara. She fell to the ground and he immediately tie her up. “8:36 pm. Tachibana Kara arrested.”siren3Tomi searched and found Yuki lying helplessly in the basement. He gave her water but she was still not up. He gave her a mouth to mouth and got her up. He moved her from the basement to upstairs and saw Kara’s tied body missing. Out of nowhere, Kara walked in and swung an ax to them. Thankfully Yuki was conscious, she took the gun hidden under Tomi’s belt and shot Kara! Is she dead? Is this the end of Kara? The police arrived to the burning villa. Now I’m confused. Who burned the villa?sirensiren2

Impressions on Siren Episode 8:

So many developments on this episode. First of all, why did she keep Tsukimoto alive? Does she have more work for him? Wait a second, remember Kara’s boxing partner? Bel said she may have went under the knife and transformed to Kara! Oh no way. And then the question comes to who burned that villa? The three of them were on the floor and Ai rescued Rena. So is this means Ai knows who did it? I can’t wait for the last episode!




Mini-Recap: Siren Episode 7

Siren_(Japanese_Drama)-p1Whoa, a flying Tomi? Oh my gosh, and he landed on his head! What is going on here??? Will he be okay? He can’t be dead, can he? Are we ready for Siren’s latest episode? Let’s see how Yuki’s foolishness (see episode 6) will get her out of her own mess.captionYuki woke up and found herself tied to a chair in a secluded room. She wondered what had happened to her. She tried to free herself by slamming the chair to the wall but failed. She thought Kara was caught too and bound to a chair in a different room. Suddenly, Kara entered the room looking very polished from head to toe. Yuki’s eyes widen. Like any other cops, she questioned Kara – on who’s order Kara is acting with? Kara laughed and felt happy that her plan is going as planned. She took out a syringe and injected to Yuki’s arm. Yuki fainted. Meanwhile, Tomi performed his investigation on Kara at her school. He found that Kara is turning 30 years old this year, and he realized that so is Yuki. As he flipped over into the yearbook, he recognized Kara. He started remembering when Yuki told him that Kara have had a cosmetic surgery. “Did she lie about doing cosmetic surgery?” asked Tomi because Kara still looks the same. Like a good detective, Tomi requested a copy of Kara’s photo and or her home address. FotorCreatedYuki woke up to Kara applying makeup on her face. What a funny scene! Kara even dressed Yuki in a fake police uniform *giggle*. Yuki yelled at Kara that she’ll be caught for kidnapping and hurting her. Kara ignored her and started strangling Yuki. Yuki told herself she needs to escape. Kara acted crazy. She seemed happy that Yuki is weak. Yuki realized that Tomi was right all along and she regretted for not listening to him. Tomi visited Kara’s home. A grandma passed him and he started asking her for information. She complimented Kara’s beauty. She remembered that Kara always with her two friends. He asked whether they are on friendship or lover terms? And wondered if the grandma knows the girls well.captionYuki woke up again by the smell of rice gruel. She is now dressed in a flowery dress. Kara started reciting Yuki’s life history. Yuki grew up in a loving home, with decent parents, no financial issues, raised in great environment and rewarded with a beautiful face. Yuki found her opportunity and attacked Kara. But Kara was quick to kick her back. Kara said that the dress Yuki’s wearing belonged to Nohana. Kara confessed to Yuki that Nohana is not her only victims. Five death in her hands, Yuki was shocked. She tried to remember all the victims and her conversations she had with Kara and Tomi. Yuki concluded that Kara is abnormal aka crazy while Kara smiling while drilling a hole in a concrete wall. Yuki begged Kara to stop her act.FotorCreatedTomi extended his investigation by searching for Kara’s friends. A passerby shouted at Tomi that the owner of the house has moved to a nursing home. The owner’s daughter, Sachi, left the house but was directed to ask the neighbor, Yoshiko, that went to the same school as Kara. She told him that the girls seem to be distance themselves from the rest of the students and always hang out by Kamemi bridge that is not far from the home. Back to Kara, she started to torture Yuki. And Yuki believed that she will end up dead on Kara’s hand. She looked down but quickly remembers her dad’s word “You shouldn’t face downward, look up!” Yuki started replaying her conversation with Kara. “Why do you kill?” asked Yuki. Yuki claimed that her curiosity is a cop’s habit. And she continued to ask if Kara killed the liquor store boy. Yuki seemed to provoke Kara deeper and she started stabbing Yuki’s right thigh and shoulder. Kara remembered the scene vividly. Yuki inquired over the death of the cabaret manager and Kara admitted to it. But Kara said the death of the girls were necessary to get herself closer to Yuki. She also confessed to Tsukimoto’s death. Kara said that Yuki is her last victim.captionYuki’s constant provoke had caused herself receiving more stabbing from Kara. But Kara didn’t show any remotely care of killing her victims. Her first victim? Her dad! Kara remembered that she was not able to sleep on the night of the murder. The sense of euphoria flowed into her as she rejoiced on her first victory. At the same time she remembers the story, Tomi visited the bridge where the girls played before. The bridge is the place where Kara pushed her dad to death. Tomi remembered from his conversation with Yoshiko. She said Kara looks a tiny different. Hmmm, how different? Tomi’s phone rang and Ai, one of the twins, said Rena has not answered her phone. And then Yuki’s mom called. She said she is worried but Tomi said he thought she and Yuki were away on hot spring trip. Tomi wondered what happened to Rena and Yuki. caption2Yuki attempted another attack by biting Kara in the hand but received a kick to her tummy. Tomi rushed to Yuki’s dorm and the dorm person informed him she’s not in her room. He rushed to the precinct but due to his incident with Kara in the previous episode, he was immediately kicked out. Tomi decided to meet Kara at her workplace. Kara greeted him coldly, as she always would. Kara asked why is he meeting her after the incident. Tomi demanded for Yuki’s whereabout but Kara claimed that Yuki has been busy preparing to enter the First Division that she too feels neglected. Kara received a request to entertain another table so she excused herself. As she left, Tomi asked whether she knows Towada Sachi. She looked over her shoulder, told him no and walked away with revenge on her face. Tomi is officially on her sh*t list.captionBack in the precinct, everyone started to look for Yuki. They started to believe Tomi was right all along! D’oh! Tomi stopped by her home and her parents were surprised. Her dad though that she left because of their broken relationship. Tomi described that Yuki is not the type to leave without a word. Tomi explained that Yuki has been digging on old cases. He and Yuki’s dad agreed to exchange words if either one heard anything on her. Back to Kara, she started talking to another female boxer in the boxing club. The girl complimented her strength and wished to be like her. But I think she meant she wanted to be as good as Kara but Kara interpreted it as to be like her (personality wise or of some sort). While wandering, Tomi saw Watari and started chasing him. He overhead Watari’s conversation on stalking issue and he immediately followed him. Tomi rang Watari’s apartment. He introduced to Tomi as Kara’s fiance. Tomi said he is investigating on Kara and Watari got furious. “There is no way Kara is involved in that case,” he screamed. Tomi realized that Watari is completely brainwashed. Before walking away, he warned Watari to be cautious.caption3Tomi left and started looking around the neighborhood. He realized that his apartment is completely visible from Watari’s. Watari reported to Kara on Tomi. Kara started making up stories to Watari and the poor man believe her. It seemed that Watari is now riled up and ready to make his moves on Tomi. Yuki woke up and saw Rena. Kara introduced Rena as Tomi’s cheating partner. Yuki lost her strength to fight and Rena is too weak to fight. Yuki yelled to Kara to leave Rena alone but Kara started to point the knife to Rena. When Kara about to stab Rena from the head, Yuki screamed for her to stop.captioncaption2Tomi walked away from his neighborhood and planed to start following Kara again. As he nearing to the neighborhood stairs, he received a call from Yuki’s dorm. The caller said that Yuki received a parcel from and to herself. Right when he’s about to make a move to her dorm, Watari attacked Tomi from behind (back to the first scene). Watari left the scene hurriedly, and screamed “Kara-chan! I did it! Now we can get married!” Back to Yuki, she regreted for not listening to Tomi. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Kara is not alone. Tsukimoto is there! He is alive! Or is he?captioncaption2Impressions on Episode 7: 

Oh my goodness, so many developments on this episode. AND so many loopholes, too!!! I was frustrated a bit! First, Tomi should have went back to school and search how Sachi looks like. Secondly, why didn’t he say anything more to Yuki’s dad other than his broken relationship? Three, when he met with Kara, did he not notice the wrap around Kara’s right hand? Fourth, why Rena was not tied to her chair like Yuki? And why didn’t she run away and get help? And sixth, didn’t we see Kara choking on Tsukimoto? Whoa whoa, I’m going nuts by this episode. Too many things to swallow! And the scene when Kara activated Watari was awesome. Just like that, she built a killing machine!

So what do we expect on episode 8? I hope Watari is caught. But I also want to know how Tsukimoto is still alive. But most of all, I hope Tomi is fine! Oh my, he took a hard stumble! Please, I hope he still have his conscious mind!