Currently Watching: Please Love the Useless Me

tokyo_torisetsu_img_409-01Lately, I have a series of Japanese dramas on my watch list. They all aired around the same time and I got so confused. Should I watch all of them? Do I be selective and watch only a few? Fat chance, I decided to watch all of them! And one of them is Please Love the Useless Me! I started without expecting anything miracle whatsoever but after 6 episodes, I’ve concluded that the show is very interesting with a bunch of unsolved mysteries that… I don’t know if I will get my answers on the next two episodes. The series is only 8 episodes long so I’m now a bit panicking (on behalf of the writer and PD, of course!) whether they are able to address all my concerns! Will they? Seriously though, the show is a stress reliever. It is my stress reliever. Fukada Kyoko as clueless Michiko is hilarious! I last saw her in somewhat similar character in Second Love. She was a bit klutzy back then; she remains klutzy now, too! Oh well… I guess she is drawn to such character! *shrugs*news_header_damekoi01_01Anyway, but guess who is the male lead???? Dean Fujioka!!!! Omg omg I really did not recognize him until later on! He is so cool and handsome behind his glasses! Oh Dean, long time no see! He was on Tantei No Tantei but I remembered him vividly in Taiwanese’s Just You. In this series, he is the cool, calm and collective yet cold Kurosawa that once served as Michiko’s boss. His presence was unexpected; he turned to be Michiko’s life angel! Michiko is clueless and clumsy in her life but can’t help noticing the side of Kurosawa. She constantly mentally noting his behavior and how he treated her. From her being nearly homeless, he helped her get on her feet and offered a part time job in a restaurant he inherited while she looks for a new career. Also, his ex (yes, Kurosawa’s ex) helped her dumped her gold digger boy toy! Now that says a lot!


So when he took her in, she had no idea what her life would turn out to be. If you are watching this drama, you’ll notice how much he treated her like a princess but in Michiko’s eyes all she sees are nothing but how scary he is. But her constant mental notes on him are really cute. When Michiko started seeing her colleague Mogami, Kurosawa sees something else as well. And I do, too. I don’t know what it is but Mogami is not a person you should trust easily. Not even a few dates, he asked her to consider seeing him seriously with a marriage in mind. Then, he offered her to stay with him while giving excuses that he is in debt due to his parent’s health. I’m glad that Michiko has learned her lesson through her gold digger boy toy incident. She keeps Mogami’s trouble issue in mind. But does she thinks Mogami is for real? Kurosawa constantly referring Mogami as a swindler. Well, I wouldn’t say that… I’m skeptical over him of a different kind.

258a22bd36fc15e5fa839827fc92a2caMogami is a successful office worker (though he did make a big mistake that Michiko stepped in to save his ass) and pleasant looking man with a secret. He admires Michiko’s attitude of doing her best and never give up. But knowing that Michiko lives with Kurosawa made him feeling uneasy. There is a two side to him which I really can’t tell. Is he just jealous? Does he have a beef with Kurosawa and simply using Michiko to get closer to him? I don’t know, am I thinking too hard? What do you think? Again, we have two episodes left. I wanted to say the ending is predictable but then again…. I shouldn’t say anything. I really can’t wait for the ending…




Currently Watching: Tokyo Bandwagon


Apparently, I’m a Kame virgin when I decided to start to watch Second Love (review to follow soon) drama, his current airing drama. I was mesmerized by his beauty. My jaw was on the floor and often time I had to pick it up to avoid massive drooling. If you take a look at him, he has the most perfect brows! What in the world… And his eyes and lips! Okay, obviously I stare at him a little too much now *sticks tongue out*. But you know, he’s a completely different person in Tokyo Bandwagon, his drama I’m currently watching. His character is quite carefree with humor on the side. And he seems normal, the next door kinda guy you would wanna to date.

tabe kame (credits to alare-chan tumblr)

But before I go on any further, I must thank Bel again for encouraging me to watch this dorama. Her suggestion is always spot on. I was distracted when I started the first episode. I thought it bored me to death. But I give it a watch again the next day and here I am, 8 episodes later, blogging it. Yeah, I have 2 more episodes to complete this series. If I don’t do it now, I’ll never get to blog Tokyo Bandwagon. Why? This drama is surprisingly addictive and I’m afraid I may end up blogging it under Just Watched post instead!!! Listen, I don’t even know what it is that makes this drama so addictive! No, no, no… Kame is no longer the factor. He’s part of the story which I really enjoy it.

vlcsnap-2014-01-15-23h26m42s182 (1)

The warmth of the family is very welcoming and every member of the family give their hearts to each other. As I watch it, I secretly wish my family would be as warm as theirs. Even when there is a dilemma or entangle issue between them, they resolve it in the most human way. Ahhhh Japanese and their manners! I can never compete with them. Really, I wish I’m as polite as them… Anywho, enough of me and my daily grunt on myself. Let’s focus on Kame. *shakes head* I mean, Tokyo Bandwagon. This drama is interesting. It is narrated by the late wife of Tokyo Bandwagon store. Oh hold up, let me explain the meaning behind the name Tokyo Bandwagon. Tokyo Bandwagon is the name of a secondhand bookstore that is located outskirt of Tokyo. The store has been there for hundreds of years and Kame is the fourth generation for this family. They have expanded the store to cafe as well and it is run by the granddaughter and granddaughter-in-law.


Ao is the second son in the family but he was born from his dad’s mistress. However, he was raised by the family and his birth mother took off to pursue her own career. Luckily that they raised him nonetheless with lots of love. So when Ao found out that he’s not his mom’s real child, he quit reading and he changed his ambition which was once wanting to become the next owner of the store. Ao works as a freelance tour guide. On his free time, he spend his time at the store helping out the family. Okay, so far so good, right? Nothing to worry about, right? Well, there you have it folks… Nothing to worry about. Tokyo Bandwagon is just your average daily family drama just going about their own business. That’s it! Well, there are more stories in between and mostly about love, long lost love, seeking love, and discovering a brand new love. Now the love part is quite interesting. Ao is known as playboy and he constantly invites female to his family’s store but one day he fell in love with a university student who has similar passion as his – books! Wahhhh, isn’t it great???


You must watch Tokyo Bandwagon. Among the best relationships in this drama is between Ao and his rock singer dad. I’m not kidding, you! Their relationship is just awesome. And I envy Ao and his popularity in his family. Can I just adopt Ao for myself??? This 10 episode drama was aired in 2013 is a feel good drama. Tokyo Bandwagon is a guaranteed laugh out loud and teary drama at the same time. *happy sigh*