Special Eu-Mak: B.A.P 2017 World Tour Party Baby


I am living a dream now. Last night, I attended B.A.P World Tour Party Baby concert with Bel, JaeSwoon, and Van. The concert lasted for two hours but 16 hours later, I am still on BAP hangover. It even crossed my mind last night that if they have a second show tonight, I will go back again! They were fabulous performers. It is hard to put this feeling into words. I did not take a lot of photos or videos because it is hard to record the experience. I believe that you have to be there in person to experience the mind-blowing, outstanding BAP members. They were mesmerizing. They were professional. They were awesome! But hey, even though I said this I managed to capture a few videos and photos for this post. Also, I would like to thank JaeSwoon for sharing the photo of us.

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: Ready For Your Love


Is it time to fall in love? For all I know, autumn is here… Even though the weather will cool down, autumn love is quite lovely *wink*. But I’m ready to fall in love. Well, let’s just say I am. I just put an offer on a house over the weekend. I’m pretty nervous which buyer the seller will choose. The house is insanely beautiful and move-in ready! That home is my current love! Please pray for me!

Ready For Your Love is J-Min’s newest single. I have been a fan of her voice since she lent her voice for To The Beautiful You OST. Now she is back with another hit. The number of views is pretty low, though. This is a great comeback song from her. Some fans on YouTube said what took SM so long to release a comeback album for J-Min. I wonder that, too. J-Min has a unique voice. I heard she’s more active in musical theater performance which really, fits her and her big vocal. Now that I’m thinking… I hope one day she would do a musical with my man, MBLAQ GO *wink*.


I hope you love this song. Also, I love her hair. By the way, today is the last day of August. To my home country, Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Song of the Moment: Scarlet Heart’s Just You


Are you all ready for Scarlet Heart: Ryeo??? I saw the Chinese version Bu Bu Jing Xin but couldn’t finish it. I really hope the Korean version one is more interesting. But lookie, the first OST is already out! Thanks to the EXO boys for lending their voices, Just You is a sweet and tender song pack with powerful and soulful vocal. The song really touches deep into my heart. Chen’s voice is especially awesome, he always gives me the chills to my spine bone. This song is just…. Too much to handle right now. Yeap, I’m tearing up a bit. Happy tears, of course!

Now I can’t wait to hear UI’s voice for Scarlet Heart OST!!! I’m a huge fan of her voice! Soon I hope!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cooling Down…


I’m in need for a refreshing and upbeat song, especially when summer is slowly crawling out… This MV just answered my prayer! Literally, it did as it got released yesterday! I still out of word how to describe the song. It is just so versatile… And Crush’s voice is super sexy! This funky song is what you need if you’re in need of a pick-me-up. I say bring the summer back!

When you hear Skip, you really want to get up and dance. And really, you want to put your hands up and clap. This song is not Crush’s typical R&B song… It is so summery and lively. I’m still ga ga over this song. I should stop or else…. I will be writing nonsense *laughs*. Enjoy Skip, y’all! Also, enjoy your summer before it gets cool down *wink*.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Stay Gold with Neon Bunny

a3232793875_10When Neon Bunny released Stay Gold early this month, I was stoked! I was beyond words when she started tweeting her upcoming album. I had all this anticipation in my head and wondered how she would shape her next album. It turns out, Stay Gold is more than gold!!! This album was done by a perfectionist! She incorporated a traditional element into Romance in Seoul, which I found out so soothing. What an awesomesauce track! Her voice is so breathtaking. She made Stay Gold a beautiful album.

Which one of her songs from this album is my favorite? This really a nerve wrecking question. I’m speechless. One minute I love Room 314, another minute I love Ai. Really, you can’t trust me at all. I’m a flip flopper! I love all the songs. And the fact that she included It’s You, I am more than pleased! I have owned this track since last year. It’s my song especially when I travel. It really represents the pace of my life.

My last tweet with Neon Bunny (yes, she handles her own twitter account!) was that it will be available on iTunes soon. But do I care? I bought her digital album immediately! You don’t need to think twice when comes to her album. She delivers and knows her fans so well. I’m so proud of her and can’t get enough of Stay Gold. This album arrived just in time. It will be my perfect autumn album!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: I’m Into You

Into_You_1_lgfm00Yeap, I’m so Into You! Well, not you silly! I’m into Eric Nam’s and Kolaj’s Into You! I’m so in love with this song. It’s been on repeat last week and to be honest, it really keeps me going. I was extremely busy and depressed last week. Too many reports, work assignments, negotiations, and just endless emails. For the first time in life, I really felt suffocated. Into You was my drug at work. Thanks, Eric and Kolaj. This song is the bomb!

Eric-Nam-KOLAJ (1)

I personally think Eric should do more songs like this. His voice is off the chart! And the song is so happening it will be my jam for weeks! And the song fits our current season now. I could picture Into You gets play in the club or by the beach and the song will be on repeat for days. I hope Eric will do more collaboration in future. This is a great start! He should just come back coz he will be so popular here in the States! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to work and listening to my jam… So take me over!

Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 1 to 5!

30 day challengeYes, I decided to take up on POPDramatic‘s 30-Day challenge. It looks fun, so why not? *wink*. And my guest bloggers, Mari and Erl, are participating, too! How awesome is that? *claps*. So check our answers out!

Day 1: Drama plotline that made you (or nearly made you) ragequit.

PicMonkey Collage

Me: Miss Ripley! God that show drove me batshit crazy!!! I saw three episodes and raised my white flag! Hell no. Her constant lying irritated me so much. I just can’t watch her fooling both men! Sorry, I had to hate Lee Da Hae here because of her character!

Mari: If we are going with something that made me quit recently It would have to be
She was Pretty“. The main guy treated her like trash for almost 3/4’s of the drama. He belittles her, constantly screaming and calling her names. He made her cry so many times. Yet she forgives everything because he was “traumatized” as a kid and could not recognize his first love??? also Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! the second lead ( Siwon! I miss you!) was perfect in his weird way!! I’m still so angry as I type this!!!

Erl: My pick would be Doctor Stranger. That was a real pain to watch and honestly I still have this leftover impulse to pull my hair whenever I think about that drama. Between the repeated desperate scenes involving falling from a bridge and not dying, everything is just all over the place. And I just can’t with Jin Se-yeon, I just can’t!

Day 2: Actor(s) that proved you wrong about their acting abilities.

PicMonkey Collage

Me: I really dislike idol turns actor. But Big Bang’ TOP shot me down really good with his acting on Tazza – Hand of God. The man is brilliant! His casual acting is unreal! He definitely can act!

Mari:let’s see… If we have to pick actual “actors” and not Idols turned actors I would have to go with So Ji-Sub in “Master’s Sun“. His previous dramas that I seen left me questioning why he was doing something he seemed so bored doing( see “What Happen in Bali” and “MiSa“) so I was surprised and enjoyed his character so much in MS. 

Erl: Hmmm, the unexpected .. Well, I think I would have to go with Seung-Ri, another Big Bang member. I didn’t expect to enjoy his acting in Angel Eyes but I really did. He really provided a comic relief in that drama and boy, am I so relieved that he did!

Day 3: Actress(es) that proved you wrong about their acting abilities.


Me: Shin Se-Kyung. I really like her in Blade Man! She improves a lot! But I don’t know her performance in Six Flying Dragons… Jang NaRa is another name came to mind. She was not my favorite until School 2013. From then on, she really fly…

Mari::I have 3!!!! Shin Se-Kyung in “The girl who sees smells” Go Ara in “Reply 1994” and Lee Yeon-Hee in “Miss Korea” the last 2 were always known for being gorgeous while their acting was painful but they did a great job in those shows. For Shin Se-Kyung we discovered that she should only do comedies. 

Erl: Shin Se-Kyung!!! I was really surprised by the amount of love that I felt for her in Girl Who See Smells, it’s crazy and I’m pretty biased with actresses.

Day 4: Corny drama soundtrack that you secretly love to listen to.

PicMonkey Collage

Me: Guilty!!! Boys Over Flowers OST. You know the song… Almost Parrradisseeeeee! I secretly hate it yet love it. Sure, call me a hypocrite. I don’t care! Great, now I can hear the song in my head… *facepalm*

Mari: *scans her iTunes playlist* I have & still play some song from the following OSTs: Boys over Flowers, You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, To The beautiful You & Master’s Sun

Erl: Okay, I guess I have to come clean. I really, really love to listen to the Heirs OST and whenever a friend I’m talking to says the word “moment” I always go.. ooh, ooh, ohh, love is the mommeeeent… And yeah, I leave them speechless.

Day 5: Guilty pleasure drama that you love to watch, even though you know it’s flawed.

PicMonkey Collage

Me: Playful Kiss! The Korean version, of course! Please, do not remind me of KHJ’s choppy and woody acting! And don’t remind me of his stupid scandal! *rolls eyes* But I love watching it mainly for Oh Ha Ni! She reminds me of… ME!!!

Mari:You’re Beautiful“, “Heartstrings” and “To the beautiful You” I know they are terrible but they always make me smile 

Erl: I would have to go with You’re Beautiful and To the Beautiful You. I know, it’s flawed, completely flawed but it’s sinfully cheesy and delicious.