14 Days of Fangirling: Day 2

Day 2 – Who is your Kpop bias?


Sada: This question is so ungrateful!  How? How to choose one when there are so many babies out there and that I love them all?! If I have to choose, then let’s go with my ultimate cutie L from Infinite and JungEunJi from A pink. *sobs* sobs ma babies!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday 2016


I do feel this year flies by really quickly! I went through so many things this year. My husband was away for almost 9 months, we almost moved to Washington (the state), we bought a new house and just sold our townhouse 4 days ago. The worse part of all is that my husband changed his job twice! It was a hard journey to be a breadwinner for the past 4 years. I am really tired of life sometimes.


If you notice, I have not been blogging a lot. I don’t watch as many dramas as I used to. My Wednesday Eu-Mak post got neglected and now I do not have the desire to continue. But, what I lost I gain with new ones. My son started his school this year and he continues to be the joy of my life. We love our new home! And the best of all, I get to enjoy life more comfortably!


I better stop ranting and venting *laughs*. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your families and friends! I will leave you all with Jingle Bell Rock performed by my newest crush, Park Bo Gum and Irene!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Freedom


Let’s celebrate our freedom together! In my case, let’s celebrate Key J’s Freedom. This song is breathtaking to hear at this wee hour! It was released on Monday and the song is flooded with awesome groove. Jazzy, unpretentious and smooth. Yup, those are my first thoughts. Key J’s sharp rapping voice sort of giving this song a punch but really complimented by another singer’s soothing voice. I wish I know his name. It’s either Common Ground or AKPIL. Yeah, this is as much as I know for now.

This song arrives at the right time when the cool air is crawling into our system. I am sure September is the best month to enjoy such light and airy song like Freedom. Have an awesome day, yeoreobun!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Ready For Your Love


Is it time to fall in love? For all I know, autumn is here… Even though the weather will cool down, autumn love is quite lovely *wink*. But I’m ready to fall in love. Well, let’s just say I am. I just put an offer on a house over the weekend. I’m pretty nervous which buyer the seller will choose. The house is insanely beautiful and move-in ready! That home is my current love! Please pray for me!

Ready For Your Love is J-Min’s newest single. I have been a fan of her voice since she lent her voice for To The Beautiful You OST. Now she is back with another hit. The number of views is pretty low, though. This is a great comeback song from her. Some fans on YouTube said what took SM so long to release a comeback album for J-Min. I wonder that, too. J-Min has a unique voice. I heard she’s more active in musical theater performance which really, fits her and her big vocal. Now that I’m thinking… I hope one day she would do a musical with my man, MBLAQ GO *wink*.


I hope you love this song. Also, I love her hair. By the way, today is the last day of August. To my home country, Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cooling Down…


I’m in need for a refreshing and upbeat song, especially when summer is slowly crawling out… This MV just answered my prayer! Literally, it did as it got released yesterday! I still out of word how to describe the song. It is just so versatile… And Crush’s voice is super sexy! This funky song is what you need if you’re in need of a pick-me-up. I say bring the summer back!

When you hear Skip, you really want to get up and dance. And really, you want to put your hands up and clap. This song is not Crush’s typical R&B song… It is so summery and lively. I’m still ga ga over this song. I should stop or else…. I will be writing nonsense *laughs*. Enjoy Skip, y’all! Also, enjoy your summer before it gets cool down *wink*.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Still Thinking About You…


Are you thinking about me? I think Jun.K is *laughs*. Hence, his latest single Think About You *giggle*.  I’m not a fan of the MV but I’m a sucker for his voice. Where is this raspy voice come from??? Omo omo! I love that voice! Sure his abs are looking mighty fine too but that voice!!! Wow! The first time listening to this song, I was like OK. It sounds just another typical kpop. Then I found myself listening to it again. Again and again. It’s the voice I tell ya… Magnetic!

This 2PM boy should go solo more! And then I found this song… Young Forever. Just shoot me, please! I’m so dead!

Alright, happy Wednesday everyone! Stay cool!