Just Dropped: Shuttle Love Millennium


Sigh… Another Chinese drama going down again. I seem to unable to keep any of my Chinese dramas last to the end. With Shuttle Love Millennium, it was not about the dubbing this time. It’s the story itself. Going back and forth from one era to another between two men… I just lost patience with that. I get it. It’s in Chinese nature to explain everything piece by piece but… I just don’t like. And I got bored. Do I even need to tell you more?


The saving grace for Shuttle Love Millennium is Wei Da Xun. It is interesting to see how he is able to play both characters well. I could hardly recognize him. He is super bratty and spoiled as Sun Qi Long yet he is a different person in his manner, behavior and poise as Zhang Zhi Gang. I became totally mesmerized by how he carries both characters where he really made me believe that they are two different people.


I’m not happy with Puff Guo’s performance in here. I have seen her act in other dramas but she almost not herself in here. Her facial expression bothers me a lot. Yeah, that is singular. She only has ONE facial expression throughout 14 episodes I have seen. But I do like her clothing, that is the only bright side I could say about her. Sigh…


Shuttle Love Millennium is a 28-episode drama and as of now, I am convinced my heart is no longer with the show. Hence, rather than wasting my time, I am officially dropping the show. It is not grasping me at all. Goodbye!



Currently Watching: Just You

just you

Deng yi xia! Is this my first Taiwanese drama this year? Hmmmm, I think so. Wow! I guess Just You just popped my cherry this year *laughs*. What? It’s true! I can’t believe it… For the record, I have nothing against Taiwanese dramas but I just can’t handle the girls. Now now, I understand 50% Mandarin (or more) but the language is never the reason I shy away from TWDrama. It’s the girls! I seriously can’t stand high-pitched voice girls trying to act super cute! Goodness it is so annoying they drive me insane!!!! It really takes me awhile to tolerate that high-pitched, whiny and draggy “noise” and once I passed that stage, I’m cool as ice *winks*

just you

This recent wrapped up drama is 21 episode long and each episode is 1.5 hour long *rolled eyes*. I never expected to watch this drama at all. It was all peer pressure by two of my good Tweeter gals, Belinda of It’s My World-NewKDramaAddicts Drama Sandbox and Cass. They both nonstop raving over this drama for weeks and weeks until one day, I suddenly succumbed to their mischievous plot of recruiting Just You followers. I mean who wouldn’t… Belinda is an anti-romance drama gal and Cass is the queen of romance! And when a self-proclaimed anti romance gal enjoyed it, how can I not convinced? *nods*

just you 1

Just You told a story of a group of colleagues who suddenly tied down by a new office policy imposed by their new dictator….. er, I mean director, QiYi. Therefore, office romance is a BIG no-no and Chen Liang Liang, the most junior employee in the office is working really hard to sabotage this new ridiculous policy in order to save her colleague friends from getting sack because of their office romance. And to make matter worse, QiYi bought his childhood home unknowing to him that Liang Liang is the occupant of the house. So now not only QiYi has to deal with Liang Liang’s annoying confrontation  in the office, now he can’t escape her at home too since she refuse to leave the house because she felt it is ridiculous to move out since her rental contract hasn’t ended. This awkward relationship was hard especially on QiYi. He doesn’t want people to know that they live together, it will definitely creates tension and dampen his own policy. So what happens next? All Liang Liang’s friends are teaching her how to seduce QiYi and made him realize office romance is acceptable. Dean, QiYi’s friend and also representative for a company partner came into the picture and started to have a cutesy little love feeling towards Liang Liang. QiYi started to develop some kind of feeling towards her too  but brush this feeling aside to focus solely on his work. In the process of suppressing his feeling towards Liang Liang, his ex-fiancee emerged into the picture and tried to get rid of Liang Liang so she can have him all to herself. Oooooh, that wench! Chaos I tell you…

just you

My only complain about this show is it can be quite draggy. There are many unnecessary filler stories which are completely unnecessary. Also, I feel that 21 episodes is way too long for this show and 1.5 hours per episode can be tiresome and annoyed, in my opinion. I have no patience to sit this long for each episode. Just You is win-loose drama for  me. It is a winner because of the cute story but a loser with too many unnecessary fillers. I feel kinda bad to recommend it to you if you are as impatient as I am but for someone who watches Korean drama most of the time, Just You is a drama you would want to consider. Most of my friends that saw it recommend it. *shrugs* Oh, what the heck…why not, go watch it…! And for the icing on the cake for ya, the kissing scene is schupa awesome!!!!! Hehehe *winks*