Currently Watching: Queen of Mystery


I just love Choi Kang Hee. She is just so adorable! From the way she talks and makes faces, I just find her utterly adorable! I have been trying my best to watch all her dramas though I couldn’t get into her Glamorous Temptation and quit 7th Grade Civil Servant. And even though I said I have been trying, I still haven’t seen her old dramas. Anyway, I love her in Heart to Heart and I thought Queen of Mystery will give me the same feels as well. I have been playing catch up with this drama since Monday and I am finally watching episode 10. I really enjoy watching the OTP. Their chemistry is awesome. She calls him Detective Ha. He calls her ahjumma. So hilarious!

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Just Watched: The Accidental Detective and Monster Hunt

Hi, peeps! I hope you are doing fine! I’m back with my quick movie reviews. I was able to catch two movies on my route to New Delhi last night. I could have seen more had I not passed out for 10 straight hours on the plane! Yeap, you heard me right. I had issue with my visa that drove me insane and I was literally burnt out from the stress. Well, all good now and here I am lounging in room *beams*. Anyway, check out my post:

The Accidental Detective


The title says it all. Dae Man accidentally became so invested in a case of his friend who was wrongfully accused of murdering his other friend’s wife. Dae Man bothered Detective Mo and worked together to solve the mystery. This movie is on woman hater. The comedic presentation in this movie made is so comfortable that you forgot that the issue is no joke! The whole problem is about men revenging on cheater wives. But to be truthful, at what level should you punish your cheater spouse? Like I said, it is a very sensitive issue presented in a comedy way so you won’t feel THAT offended until you completed the movie. I’m a bit shock by how SK society deal with this issue… Wait, I shouldn’t be shocked. It is South Korea we are talking about… Go see it yourself. Go judge it yourself.

Monster Hunt


Are you ready to hunt for the cutest monster in the universe? This is what Monster Hunt is about! In the beginning, I thought it was an animated movie. It turns out it was a movie of two world – animated and non-animated world collide. I was a bit  bitter when I saw animation scene; I did not expect that! But 5 minutes into the show, I started telling myself that this movie is actually cool. I immediately tweeted to Bel to watch it and she loved it as much as I did. Again, the title says it all. Xiao Lan is a monster hunter. She met Tian Yin by accident while hunting for monsters. One day, while in pursue, Tian Yin was suddenly impregnated with a baby monster. That baby is what every monsters want! Ge Qian Hu wants it for power; Xiao Lan wants it for the price! Xiao Lan sticks to Tian Yin so close to keep an eye on this precious golden whatever baby it is! But both of them became so attached to this “radish” baby and neither one of them want to let it go, especially Tian Yin. Monster Hunt is a must watch movie. It is great entertainment for you and your kid(s). I had a blast watching it that it made me forget that it started with animated scene! Plus Wuba the monster is the most ADORABLE MONSTER you’ve ever seen!!!!!!