Currently Watching: Miss Hammurabi


I unexpectedly started Miss Hammurabi before my trip and I am now behind in this drama. Since it has ended, I could just marathon the remaining 5 episodes when I reached home this weekend. Initially, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama because of Go Ara. Again, my love hate relationship with her acting cringe me. Since she did (tiny) well in Black, I thought I should give her another chance. Besides, Infinite L is in it. He did well in Master of the Mask, I would not want to miss watching him again. And fair enough, his acting continues to improve. Perhaps, acting is his future career. Who knows, right?

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Currently Watching: Black


If you are not watching Black yet, why haven’t you already? Black got me curious through the synopsis but I got really fidgety a bit because the drama employed two undesired actors! Go Ara and Song Seung Hoon! I was screaming like hell! Why oh why oh why??? I really dislike Go Ara’s acting. I could not finish Hwarang and partly because of her. I finished Reply 1994 mainly because of other casts – I could not avoid her but was able to simply ignore her as much as I could. However, she is tolerable in Black. Tolerable is generous – her expression is still dead to me. Her eyes are as woody as I remembered. Oh well… Continue reading

Just Watched: My Only Love Song


If you are a We Got Married fan, I am sure you have no reservation in watching My Only Love Song. And if you are not, you will still enjoy this drama regardless. I just completed it and it was the best 10 hours of my time. What a juvenile show with plenty of humor, crazy romance, maniac villain, full of dorky moments, and lots and lots of cliches! Furthermore, My Only Love Song is a time travel rom-com concept drama where it takes the female lead back to sageuk time!

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Currently Watching: Liar Game


By the power of my own will and of course powered by my two drama support system, namely Bel and Lena (yes, my goddesses of dramas), I started Liar Game today. I’m behind them and will remain behind unless I sneak quietly and watch it while Lena is in bed *evil laughs*. Yeah, I can be a little naughty, right? Christmas is over and I have a year to redeem myself *giggles*. So I heard this drama is based on Japanese manga of the same title and they have a drama for it too but I’m not sure if there are sequel after the first title. Many of my friends have seen it. Most of them raved about it, a few didn’t because of the complicated plots. I typically don’t go for this kind of drama style coz I love to be entertained, and not to think too much while watching it. But sure, lately as I’m aging, I love the challenges of such dramas. I have been watching some mind games drama lately so it came to no surprise that I decided to go for Liar Game.


This drama recently wrapped up the show and it was a huge success to many watchers though the ratings were not as good. Some even said it was made better than the Japanese one. Wow, isn’t that a good news? I’m currently at episode 5 and happy to say, see above para, that I have bypassed the ladies! *pops the champagne* I decided that I could finish this overnight since the show is 12 episodes long. Yeah, you heard me. Only 12 episodes! You know what that means, right? Perfect for marathon, and by ideal kind as well!


So, since I have very tiny time and I do not want to waste my time much blogging because you know… *wiggles brows* I have something important to watch aka Liar Game, I’ll give you a quick review of my understanding of this drama. The key to watch Liar Game is to “don’t trust anyone”. You hear me? Do NOT trust anyone! Sure, Bel jolted my memory a bit but my suspicious is growing. Da Jung, the main lead, was tested one day when an old woman trusted her with her luggage while she goes somewhere (heh, I missed this part). She waited and waited for this grandma to come back to get her luggage but she never showed up. Curious, she wondered what was in that heavy bag? She zipped up and found a huge lump sum of money. Innocently, she took the bag home and slept with it on her bed. The next morning, she decided to do the right thing by handing over the money to the police. She needed that money to pay off her dad’s debt but being a good silly girl she is, she thinks being a honest person is the right thing to do. Her loan shark-turned-bestie followed her to the precinct and tried to convince her that keeping the goodies is the way to go. She was stopped half way through by an officer and before she could say anything, she realized the money was part of a test of a reality game called… Liar Game! *cue horror song*


This game reminded me of Blood Royale meets Hunger Games. However, there is no death involved. Only backstabbing! Ouch but it is the truth. When comes to money, everyone is hungry for it. Oh believe me, I could be hungry for it too! So what’s next? I finished the game scene and I already knew the winner but if you wanna know, watch it! Now, I’m at the after-the-game story and the plots thicken now. They are exposing more inside stories such as how Da Jung’s dad got into a heavy debt, why an ex-convict Professor Ha (one of the contestant – a handsome one) was arrested and what is their relationship with Kang Do Yeong, the host and contributor to the jackpot. Now, I have my mission. This show is very engaging. It’s a mind game but one helluva awesome slick mind game. Liar Game is a must watch, I highly recommend it! Now off me go to watch back…