Currently Watching: Queen for Seven Days


Surprisingly, I am watching sageuk again. I believe Queen for Seven Days is my second one this year. The first one was with my Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler. And I also started Six Flying Dragons early this week with Mari. Trust me, I have more historical dramas to watch. Now that I am no longer allergic to sageuk, I will watch more and more. Be prepared *wink*.

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Currently Watching: Sweet 18


I decided to go classic on my newest watch. I thought it’s time to give some love for Sweet 18 and see what’s the hype people have been talking about. Before I started, I was contemplating whether I would last until the end or quit half way through. Old dramas usually get on my nerves. I just don’t tolerate old bs and cheesy, and I also couldn’t stand old fashion. But so far, I have managed to watch it well. I don’t have much to complain except for few gangster moments. Also, seeing the actors at their early age makes me feel very, very old.

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Currently Watching: Laurel Tree Tailors


Wow, it must be something in the water with KBS right now. They continue to produce great weekend family drama. Five Children was a great hit! I enjoyed it so much! If I could rewatch, I would! I was skeptical with Laurel Tree Tailors simply because of the title! And the drama poster was not to my liking. Like Five Children, I waited for reactions on the Twitter before I started it. The reviews were extremely favorable. I knew immediately that it is a cue for me to stat it. And frankly, 46 episodes later, this show does not fail me at all. Bravo to KBS. Again, the next drama has a big shoe to fill in!


Where do I even begin with this show? Unlike Blow Breeze, this show makes me laugh. A lot! I did not like the beginning, though. It started a meh. This drama started with Man Sool, the president and owner of the Laurel Tree Tailors shop. He decided to run away from his family and his work and left his family in disarray. I thought it was a very bold yet selfish move by him. Needless to say, though, his disappearance united the family together. His apprentice Sam Do moved back to the city to run the tailor shop. His once arrogant son divorced his wife and started working in the shop, too. Yeon Shil, the junior apprentice, worked her hardest to escape her almost marriage to Gi-Pyo, a gangster she owed her life to. Tae Yang, Yeon Shil’s friend, struggled after his girlfriend left him for a wealthy man. Lastly, Tae Pyung, once a famous singer had to face his reality that he is no longer known to people.


All these five characters unite because of Laurel Tree Tailors. The plots and twists in this drama really made it really enjoyable. Yes, it has some frustrating moments but it is way better than any other family and daily dramas. The coupling in this show is to die for. They all have their own dynamics. Sam Do and his bossy wife Sun Nyeo are the hardest couples to watch. Sun Nyeo is older than Sam Do and wanted a child. But he constantly avoiding her because really, she really is an embarrassment to him. Physically and mentally. Dong Jin fell for the apprentice, Yeon Shil. Of course, he did not fall for her immediately. He called her pretentious while all she ever wanted was to get along with her master’s son. Tae Yang had the hardest love life. His ex-girlfriend dumped him for a rich man who hired him just to torment him. He found love unexpectedly. Through his ex’s boyfriend’s sister! Small world, isn’t it? And lastly, our talented Tae Pyung. Dong Jin’s sister, Dong-Sook has been a fan of his music since she was in her 20s. She’s been so supportive of Tae Pyung. The road to their coupling hit a roadblock when her mom hooked her up with a self-made stingy, rich man.



The side characters’ stories are as entertaining as the main leads. I really can’t find any other way to hate them. And I really can’t give you any reasons to hate this drama. The only thing I dislike was that the show got extended by another 4 episodes. I don’t know what the reason was but I am actually okay. I haven’t seen this week’s episodes but I am certainly looking forward to it. I know some watchers are sick of the main couple, Dong Jin and Yeon Shil by now. I am not but I do get it. Her loyalty is questionable, sometimes. My favorite couple of the bunches is Tae Yang (aka Kang star) and Hyo Won. I look forward to their scenes all the time! And his proposal to her was to die for. I will never eat cotton candy the same way anymore.

Laurel Tree Tailors, or known to others as The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, is a must watch family drama. I will seriously miss this show when it ends. Really, the show really brightens up my weekend. Yes, I am a fan of family weekend dramas. I may sound bias but hey, I think it is worth a shot. You won’t be disappointed! If you do *pouts*, please holla me!

Currently Watching: Marry Him If You Dare aka Future’s Choice

Marry_Him_If_You_Dare-p02It’s a romance comedy drama! Guess who is excited? >>>>> Me! Me! Me! I, me, moi,  a sucker for rom-com dramas, if you haven’t know it already, and I will never miss a chance for any types of romance drama. That love, warm fuzzy feeling all over me…. Hmmmmm, I love that sweet and delicious feeling. Don’t you? And well, well, well… what do we have here? Orange hair? Checked. Frizzy perm? Checked! Ahjumma funky fashion style? Double checked! Quirky Yoon Eun-Hye? Checked checked checked! I’m Yoon Eun-Hye’s biggest fan (in my world, at least) and I tried watching all her dramas and movies regardless of how bad or good her work is. Isn’t that what a fan should do? And after Eun-Hye’s rather depressing role in I Miss You, I’m very much looking forward to Future’s Choice. And for the record, this is my first time watching Lee Dong-Gun. Ya! Stop judging me, ok? *sticks tongue out* I know him but somehow never get to watch his dramas. I noticed that his Lovers in Paris is in my watch list so I’ll make it a go soon :). Plus, call me crazy but he share similar resemblance with Kim Hyun Joong *love love love*. Can you see it? Plus, we have Jung Yong Hwa, our very own handsome and cool singer/actor from CNBlue. I love the cast!


Now, moving on to the story of Future’s Choice. It is a simple story to my knowledge. The future MiRae took the time machine elevator back to meet her 32 year old self and to warn her young self not to repeat the same mistake again: falling in love with fouled mouth Kim Shin. Yes, that’s it! But unfortunately, Future’s Choice is written very poorly in my opinion. I find it a little confusing at times… There were so many unnecessary stories added that made me shy away from watching the latest episodes. Plus, it is sort of behind the scene morning talk show which I’m not big fan of (see my review for On Air).  It started strong, funny, full of witty, foul words but as the episodes progressed… all these were gone! GONE! What the hell? It supposed to be FUN and FUNNY! Not bleh and dull! And the chemistry among the cast? Not feeling it…*shrugs* *sigh*. What a pity.


This drama is losing viewers day by day. Several of my chingus have dropped this drama as they all find it disorganized and unmoved by the plot. I, myself, find it super hard to watch. I constantly get distracted by something else. I just couldn’t focus anymore. Future’s Choice is no longer a choice for me and it shouldn’t be a choice for you either. If you just started watching it, just save your time and quit it immediately. Don’t invest your precious time… Great cast, not great story *pouts* I want to like it, but I just can’t. CAN’T!!!! The music is, however, spot on but it doesn’t help. This is ONE BAD drama and I don’t suggest you watching it. If you choose to watch it, you’re on your own…