Currently Watching: Nice Witch


I decided to take a break from watching KBS family drama. The last 8 episodes of My Golden Life got me frustrated and upset. Not only the show was extended by two more episodes, the writer failed to use the opportunity to smoothen out the mess. I was livid and vowed to not watch another KBS weekend drama (for) now. But on the good side, SBS new weekend drama Nice Witch is on and the episodes are much shorter. 40 episodes long is a bonus – more opportunity to me to focus on other weekend drama!

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Currently Watching: I Am Not A Robot


It is a romcom! My boy in a rom-com! So excited when the news broke. I started to miss him terribly. I really enjoyed watching him in Ruler – Master of the Mask. He was phenomenal as a king. It was his greatest drama since his comeback from his military service and I could not be more proud of his choice.  Thankfully, I do not have to wait so long to see him back on my screen! So happy that he is in I Am Not A Robot. A character so cute that I want to squeeze the life of him! Wait, no… I still want him to live! *laughs* Especially when his next drama is with Kim So Hyun again!

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Just Watched: The Best Hit


I just finished my krack drama! I hate that I finished it! Now I am having major withdrawal! Seriously, I really did not want The Best Hit to be over! If you have been following my tweets, you will see how much I have tweeted this show. I just couldn’t contain myself. I tried to be discrete but I realized few of the tweets with photos speak a thousand words. I am terrible with spoilers. Because I love spoilers myself *laughs*

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Just Watched: Fight for My Way


It has been awhile since I saw a great Korean rom-com! Fight for My Way is one heart light hearted drama. The edgy style of acting powered with well-diverse characters made this drama feels very real and fresh. This 16 episodes drama maintains its quality consistently. Well, by quality I mean the pace is steady throughout the show. What I love the most are the characters. They are so relatable. It is like watching your friends’ stories on tv. I admit they are not perfect, but it is the beauty of it. They made Fight for My Way entertaining and enjoyable.

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Currently Watching: Blow Breeze


I guess I am the only person still holding the fort for Blow Breeze! *laughs* Bel puts it on hold and will continue once she mustered all her strength again. Max sunbae dropped it completely. Well, you know what this means, right? This is a hard drama to watch. The premise was so promising in the beginning. Not many dramas told a story of a runaway North Korean family. I have always fascinated by the lives of North Korean defectors in South Korea. Life must be super hard to adjust and blend in with the crowd. Their lifestyles were different and they sound different, too.


Blow Breeze started awesomely but then it slowly turning unbearable, ridiculous and a huge turnoff. I don’t blame why some decided to drop it. I wanted to drop this so many times. But each time I made up my mind, the show redeemed itself again. I am really glutton, huh? So glutton that I can’t wait for the new episodes!!! Is it Saturday yet???



So far, 36 episodes have aired. I am going to need a lot of patience for the next 14 episodes to come or else I will be venting a lot of my frustration on Twitter. As I said before, Blow Breeze is not an easy drama. I could not stand Jang Go’s selfish mom, Hee Dong’s gold digger mom and Shin Ae’s greediness. I can’t. Mi Poong, the lead, has her own flaws too. She is a fighter but I believe they cast a wrong actress. The actress continues to give us a smirk that really not fit for the show. With her shaky voice, it is hard to believe her sometimes. The men, on the other hand, are too weak! Most of them have broken spines. They just couldn’t win in any of the arguments with the women. Blow Breeze is a total imbalance in terms of good vs villain, supporters vs attackers, and how the story goes vs what the writer wants.


The story began when Mi Poong and her mom and nephew started moving into an officetel offered by Dal Ho. While Mi Poong works hard to get back her money from being scammed by another defector, Sun Ae, her mom Yeong Ae got hired working at several restaurants before landed at Dal Ho’s place. While trying to get her money back, she met Jang Go again. They used to attend the school back in Macao but got separated because her family moved back to NK. Jang Go is a lawyer so he took pity of her. In the beginning, he does not recognize her. Mi Poong used to be known as Seung Hee.


Long story short, Mi Poong and Jang Go got married. But their marriage did not sit well. Jang Go’s mom does not like Mi Poong because she still feels bitter after what Mi Poong’s family treated Jang Go and his family back in Macao.  On top of that, the fact that Mi Poong is poor his mom simply could not accept it. I know she wants the best for her son but to a point of conspiring with his ex-fiance so that Jang Go will forget Mi Poong was too much. What kind of mother wants to best of the worse for her child? Yeah, it is pretty disturbing and messed up.


I could go on and on. Mi Poong and Jang Go’s story is one of the problems. There are more. The fact that Shin Ae stole Mi Poong’s identity and pretending to be the granddaughter to a self-made billionaire Kim Deok Cheon got me so pissed! And the fact that gold digger Cheong Ja continuously pestering her husband Dal Ho to be closed to Deok Cheon so that she can inherit money is ridiculous and disgusting. Another thing that got me angry is Geum Shil’s unfairness in treating her daughter in laws. While she refuses to give a face to Mi Poong, He Ra which happens to be Cheong Ja’s daughter, got away with everything. The bratty does not know a single housework rather than spending money on clothes and her face.


This show gets on my nerves terribly. I remember being all pissy watching Come! Jang Bo Ri! And you all know I am a seasoned daily drama watcher. But Blow Breeze crosses way too many psycho lines! The writer is definitely insane. Let’s just leave it as that. I do not want to watch her work anymore. This drama is turning into her revenge playground. I do not know what kind of bitter and salty she is facing with her current life right now but it seems that this drama will not have a happy ending. Mi Poong and Jang Go got divorced (by the end of episode 36) because of his mom. Now that she got what she wish for, don’t tell me this writer will give what the gold digger wants, too!


This is one show I will NOT recommend. I could smell the craziness with Our Gab Soon immediately but Blow Breeze trapped me with excellent back stories and the chance to witness a romantic Romeo and Juliet together. The children stories were great! That’s all I could say. I got sucked in and now I am trapped in the hellhole with them. I could drop it but I won’t. If you came across with Blow Breeze on your streaming or download channel, please PLEASE pass it. Blow Breeze will blow you up big time!




Currently Watching: Tomorrow Victory


Seriously *facepalm* I really don’t know why am I watching this show. It has been on my nerve since I started it. Now that Tomorrow Victory has ended, I really have no choice but to finish it. Well, I’m not far from the ending. Currently, I’m on episode 93. The show originally scheduled for 120 episodes received additional 10 episodes. Yeah, that’s 40 episodes altogether and another 20 hours to burn. Must I really do this? YES! Yes, I must! Why? I really need to see the redemption and revenge from the OTP. They are the most humble OTP around and yet treated like doormats! We finally saw them rising against the evil OTP and this, THIS I must watch! Geurae, I’m a glutton like that, peeps! *evil laugh*


Once again, please do not be fool by the drama poster. *rolls eyes* Sure it looks so rosy and happy, but there is no happiness in here. It seems that the writer continued to give green lights for the OTP to get run over by trucks of doom! Seriously, the show is filled with insane and out-of-this-world storylines. I constantly struggle to keep my sanity whenever I’m watching Tomorrow Victory. I keep looking for the victory but it is far from reach. This show, despite the craziness, is one of the best makjang dramas I’ve seen in awhile! Yes, you heard me right! Do I sound conflicting? *sticks her tongue out* It’s a love-hate relationship. You won’t understand unless if you are watching it.


I’m quite surprised that MBC is capable of producing a makjang drama. The show can really raise your BP! I really need to lay low on watching dailies once I’m done with Tomorrow Victory and Heaven’s Promise (review will up soon!). I just can’t. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My BRAIN hurts! The evil OTP continuously fighting for something that never theirs! They are selfish, greedy, thoughtless, immature, stupid, childish and cruel! The humble OTP, on the other hand, is too kind! They wanted to do the right thing all the time. Well, it’s not that I against it, but really sometimes I wish they are tiny evil. It is necessary to survive in this Tomorrow Victory world! Fortunately, there are people that want to do the right thing. So justice is within the sight…!


Okay, enough blabbering. Let see if I can shorten up my synopsis of this trainwreck show! I’ll focus on Na Hong Joo, the male lead of this drama. He was once an aspiring doctor but lost his opportunity when he was framed by his peers. At the time, he was left with a baby (his girlfriend ran away to the US) and a dementia grandmother. His mom passed away and he was told that his dad was dead as well. But later on, he found out who his dad is and you would not believe who he is! However, if you are a seasoned drama watcher, you probably have figured it out sooner! Anyway, Hong Joo chose a weird career path after getting expelled from his medical internship. He became a gigolo! I guess it is a fast money to support him and his family. Would you go for this route?


One day, his proposal to one of the girls he was seeing ended up not so rosy. But don’t worry, he planned this. He later dumped the bouquet on his way out. Seung Ri happened to pass by and found the bouquet. She took it and gave it to her mom. Unbeknown to her, a diamond ring was inside it. Hong Jo finally realized and started to search for Seung Ri (whom he saw her through CCTV) but when he met her, she said she did not have the ring. Guess who has it? *drums roll* Her MOM! But that’s how our OTP met. From mishap to misfortune, they later helped each other and eventually were able to climb up the ladder working in Seondong Group. Their hurdle? Seung Ri’s ex, Sung Woo, who is now married to Seondong’s heiress, Jae Kyung. But his marriage to Jae Kyung was for a purpose. Hong Joo continuously defending Seung Ri from Sung Woo’s and Jae Kyung’s attack not knowing what their relationship was.


There are a lot more to this. I just don’t want to reveal it all. It is so makjang that I could write a novel if I write it all on this post. For now, this is enough. Notice that I touched only the main characters. The supporting characters are important, too! They play heavy roles in this drama as well. But for now, my synopsis is enough. I don’t want to give you a headache *giggle*. IF you decide to watch it, be prepare to cuss. Your BP will definitely go up. And the extension is one thing I dislike the most. For once, this writer is on my dead list. My advice is not to watch it. Those who rated this show high must be as gluttonous as me *laughs*. Really, don’t watch it if you have a weak heart!