Just Watched: Legend of the Blue Sea


In the beginning, I hesitated to start this drama because… you know, I am just partial with Lee Min Ho. He is a good looking and handsome guy but he does nothing to my heart. Besides, I was a bit disappointed with his character in Heirs. Nevertheless, I went with my gut again this time and saw it anyway because I love mermaid! Well, not really but… the idea of a mermaid in a kdrama is interesting! *laughs* And I love Giana, she is so pretty! I also like her casual acting. I mean, she’s not the greatest actress but she is awesome and I adore her.


The first 6 episodes were torturous. I don’t know where to begin. I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP. The show itself was funny, though. I laughed so hard. And the story itself is extremely mystical and magical. What kept me going was the past lives of the OTP – how they met and how he reincarnated from one life to another looking very much the same and how she still able to remember him. Well, I guess she should… She’s a mermaid, so she should have good memories, right? The Legend of the Blue Sea did not only cover their present life, the show also gave us flashback scenes when they met in Joseon era. Their lives intertwined by chance and the writer continued to build the OTP’s relationship off of that. However, there is one thing that made this love story never gets its happy ending. The mermaid continuously erased his memories before she disappeared. And this is why every time they met, it feels like they are falling in love for the first time.


Magical? Yeah! Mystical? Absolutely. Tiring? Not really. In the past, the mermaid, Shim Chung, had a tough life living in the human world. But, in this modern world, she succeeded. She got closer to Joon Jae very quickly; Joon Jae is the love of her life. Joon Jae happened to like her for a fairly good reason, too. Being a professional illusionary and thief, he had his eyes on Chung’s jade bracelet. So this happenstance was very comical to me. I really enjoyed the troublesome and the meddlesome these two goofs encountered in Spain. The only problem is their twisty path reincarnated with them too. The villain from the Joseon era followed and haunted them in this life as well. And you know what this means, right? It is like a karma… If you don’t take care of the business now, it will continue to follow you in the next life. So Joon Jae and Chung finally took care of it.


As I said before, I did not feel the chemistry between the OTP in the first 6 episodes. I also kept going back and forth whether I should drop the show all while continuously watching it. I am so glad that I talked myself out of it because the OTP grew on me more and more. They are visually stunning together and they really carried the show beautifully. I became so in love with them more and more the minute she moved into his home. The drama did drag but by this time, I couldn’t care less anymore.



Legend of the Blue Sea has 20 episodes. When it is over, I was completely feeling down. My son and I really enjoyed the show. By all means, the show did not get the Descendants of the Sun popularity, but for whatever reason, I found a few of my tlist that I wouldn’t think would watch Legend watched it. And best of all? They all loved it! Surprise surprise! I highly recommend Legend of the Blue Sea. I also highly recommend for a rewatch too! *beam* Oooh, one last thing…. You can’t have a Min Ho drama without a catchy theme song, right? *sings* This is a love story……. *giggles*



Just Watched: Cupid Factory


It’s almost Christmas time… So what do you do when you have 23 days left? You fall in love but don’t fall in love too hard coz you may land hard on your face! On the other hand, if you ARE deeply in love with someone, then… make it a strong one, chingu *fingers heart*. Speaking of romance and lllllllove, OKC decided to do kdrama special for the entire December. I think this is a great approach by the admins *two thumbs up* since we will all be super-duper busy with the holiday prep. Our first drama special discussion starts today and boy oh boy, I really enjoy it! This is fun! Fangirling kdrama at best!


Cupid Factory is the first drama special on the list of watch. But there is no cupid in the factory. The cupid factory, in my opinion, is the helmet. Without the helmet, there will be no story. So what is this drama about? The story actually was written backward, FYI. I was a bit pissy at first because I couldn’t follow the story in a straight line *bapo*. But hey, don’t blame me! It’s Monday, after all *sticks tongue out* Nevertheless, I was determined *fist pump* and it paid off big time with my hwaiting skill. It told a story of an on again, off again couple. How many times did they break up? I’m pretty confused myself. 2 times? 3 times? Heol, who cares now *wink* But I do know they are meant for each other but life got the best of them. Painfully at first, sweeter at last *phew*


Sojun is a successful songwriter who suddenly faced a writer’s block because he doesn’t have enough romance experience in life to produce beautiful lyric. His failure in romance frustrated him until one day he decided to seek help from a “cupid” doctor. After much evaluation on his romance sickness, cupid doc (more like a scam doc) prescribed him with a futuristic-looking helmet. It designed to hypnotize the wearer and calm the person down. What did he hope for from wearing this helmet? Bring him back to his own senses and inspire him to write again, of course. And then we have Jeong Siyun, Sojun’s ex. Siyun left him years ago as she sees no future in him as a successful songwriter. Later in life, she found him succeed in his own career whereas she had to work her butt off to make ends meet while struggling to be a singer herself. They both later met midway in their career life: Sojun with his midlife writing crisis and Siyun with a hurdle on her singing career. He wrote a song for her but her manager think it is a suicide for her career. Why? The lyric is about their love life and her manager felt it will spark a scandal rumor. But guess what? It doesn’t matter. He confessed his love to her, willingly (without any hesitant) she accepted him too. Awwwwwwww… And their career took off!


This KBS2 drama special is not only showcasing the hardest part of their love and working life, but also showcasing how much they have to rely to one another to get the success they wanted (or needed). Like I said earlier, this drama is written backward. It started with their successful life but to get where they are today, they had to go through many hurdles in life. At first, I thought Siyun was a gold digger for dumping him for such nonsense reason. You ungrateful woman, I screamed! But after awhile, she did him a favor as my Tweeter friend, Be said. She pushed him to be success and he did the same too for her career. Without him as a songwriter, she wouldn’t be where she is now. It is a win-win for both of them *happy sigh* Great success love story, in my opinion. For a lite romance-comedy one hour drama, you really get a rich storyline out of Cupid Factory. Why can’t they make more dramas like this? I like it! It’s a great watch in a rainy (or snowy) day! And a special shoutout to the helmet *claps* for doing such a great job and to Roomba for continuously working its butt off to clean up the house! Hehehe… now you wanna watch it, don’t ya? *wink*