Currently Watching: Witch’s Court


I am a big Jung Ryeo Won fan but this drama was not on my radar to watch in the beginning. I started watching more and more lately and I do not want it to take over my life again. Well, Bel said I should watch it because she knew I would love it. And she’s right! Not only I enjoyed watching it, I became a bit obsessed with it! The episodes suck me into it. And this drama keeps getting better and better! Jung Ryeo Won is fabulous here! She nails her character as Prosecutor Ma Yi Deum. She is so awesome. Very flawed yet she made it so real. And this is what we need… A cold-hearted, egoistic, arrogant, clumsy, self-righteous yet flawed female lead! Ma Yi Deum is my current favorite character of all of my current airing drama.

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Currently Watching: Reply 1988


Yes, I am finally caught on to Reply 1988 fever. To be honest, I had no intention of watching the show. I did not feel the vibe with Hyeri as the main lead even though I have never seen her in anything before. But what made me change my mind? Bogummy! Park Bo Gum! My love. My harem. My king! Ever since I saw him in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of him. Since then I vow to watch all his work. And Reply 1988 is my first drama since Moonlight ended.

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Currently Watching: Blow Breeze


I guess I am the only person still holding the fort for Blow Breeze! *laughs* Bel puts it on hold and will continue once she mustered all her strength again. Max sunbae dropped it completely. Well, you know what this means, right? This is a hard drama to watch. The premise was so promising in the beginning. Not many dramas told a story of a runaway North Korean family. I have always fascinated by the lives of North Korean defectors in South Korea. Life must be super hard to adjust and blend in with the crowd. Their lifestyles were different and they sound different, too.


Blow Breeze started awesomely but then it slowly turning unbearable, ridiculous and a huge turnoff. I don’t blame why some decided to drop it. I wanted to drop this so many times. But each time I made up my mind, the show redeemed itself again. I am really glutton, huh? So glutton that I can’t wait for the new episodes!!! Is it Saturday yet???



So far, 36 episodes have aired. I am going to need a lot of patience for the next 14 episodes to come or else I will be venting a lot of my frustration on Twitter. As I said before, Blow Breeze is not an easy drama. I could not stand Jang Go’s selfish mom, Hee Dong’s gold digger mom and Shin Ae’s greediness. I can’t. Mi Poong, the lead, has her own flaws too. She is a fighter but I believe they cast a wrong actress. The actress continues to give us a smirk that really not fit for the show. With her shaky voice, it is hard to believe her sometimes. The men, on the other hand, are too weak! Most of them have broken spines. They just couldn’t win in any of the arguments with the women. Blow Breeze is a total imbalance in terms of good vs villain, supporters vs attackers, and how the story goes vs what the writer wants.


The story began when Mi Poong and her mom and nephew started moving into an officetel offered by Dal Ho. While Mi Poong works hard to get back her money from being scammed by another defector, Sun Ae, her mom Yeong Ae got hired working at several restaurants before landed at Dal Ho’s place. While trying to get her money back, she met Jang Go again. They used to attend the school back in Macao but got separated because her family moved back to NK. Jang Go is a lawyer so he took pity of her. In the beginning, he does not recognize her. Mi Poong used to be known as Seung Hee.


Long story short, Mi Poong and Jang Go got married. But their marriage did not sit well. Jang Go’s mom does not like Mi Poong because she still feels bitter after what Mi Poong’s family treated Jang Go and his family back in Macao.  On top of that, the fact that Mi Poong is poor his mom simply could not accept it. I know she wants the best for her son but to a point of conspiring with his ex-fiance so that Jang Go will forget Mi Poong was too much. What kind of mother wants to best of the worse for her child? Yeah, it is pretty disturbing and messed up.


I could go on and on. Mi Poong and Jang Go’s story is one of the problems. There are more. The fact that Shin Ae stole Mi Poong’s identity and pretending to be the granddaughter to a self-made billionaire Kim Deok Cheon got me so pissed! And the fact that gold digger Cheong Ja continuously pestering her husband Dal Ho to be closed to Deok Cheon so that she can inherit money is ridiculous and disgusting. Another thing that got me angry is Geum Shil’s unfairness in treating her daughter in laws. While she refuses to give a face to Mi Poong, He Ra which happens to be Cheong Ja’s daughter, got away with everything. The bratty does not know a single housework rather than spending money on clothes and her face.


This show gets on my nerves terribly. I remember being all pissy watching Come! Jang Bo Ri! And you all know I am a seasoned daily drama watcher. But Blow Breeze crosses way too many psycho lines! The writer is definitely insane. Let’s just leave it as that. I do not want to watch her work anymore. This drama is turning into her revenge playground. I do not know what kind of bitter and salty she is facing with her current life right now but it seems that this drama will not have a happy ending. Mi Poong and Jang Go got divorced (by the end of episode 36) because of his mom. Now that she got what she wish for, don’t tell me this writer will give what the gold digger wants, too!


This is one show I will NOT recommend. I could smell the craziness with Our Gab Soon immediately but Blow Breeze trapped me with excellent back stories and the chance to witness a romantic Romeo and Juliet together. The children stories were great! That’s all I could say. I got sucked in and now I am trapped in the hellhole with them. I could drop it but I won’t. If you came across with Blow Breeze on your streaming or download channel, please PLEASE pass it. Blow Breeze will blow you up big time!




Just Watched: Choco Bank

Choco-Bank-Exo-KaiWhen life is busy, you squeeze in some web drama in between. And exactly what I did when I was on work travel. Choco Bank was my main squeeze. It was a quick 6-episode, stress and tension released drama that you must watch when you have less than an hour and half time to spare. The story is simple and cute. In the beginning, I was worried that there will be a triangle love but it didn’t turn out to be. Phew… I worried for nothing. It started with Ha Cho Co (yeap, that’s her name), opening her chocolate bakery business. She’s an old school baker business woman who knows nothing of the new financial technology world. Basically she needs help. A lot of help since she is soooooooo clumsy! And then we get a jobless yet perfect and handsome looking Kim Eun Haeng, who’s been dreaming of being a banker but never landed one. The two crossed path one day and made a pack. She will offers a job but in return he will bring money in through giving financial counseling to her clients (as well as managing her financial).


For all I know, Kai in his first acting gig isn’t bad at all. I think this boy has major potential. He can’t be a lead yet since he has a lot to learn but he did really good here. Park Eun Bin as clumsy Choco seems pretty weak in acting next to Kai, to be honest. Maybe because PD-nim wanted to highlight Kai. *shrugs* Anyway, as a web drama, Choco Bank was short and sweet and I’m glad it stays that way. I wouldn’t want to see it as a drama series… I don’t find love in financial love plot drama *grin*.

Currently Watching: She Was Pretty


Since Twenty Again ended, I decided to adopt another currently airing drama. She Was Pretty received many squee moments in my tlist and I don’t want to be left behind in this squee party as well! *grin* I started watching it on the day before I left for my work travel. At the time, I found it a meh… I wondered to myself why in the world I don’t feel the happiness as much as the rest? I was down but I gave it a go anyway and was able to catch up with the rest in between my jet lag night! Before I realized, I’m current in all episodes and seriously, I can’t wait to catch up on episode 13 and 14 now! Give me more!!!!!!


She Was Pretty follows a pretty predictable plots. Somewhat. He was short, chubby and nerdy. She was smart and beautiful. Due to his family circumstances, he moved to the States with his mom and she stayed behind with her family. He came back from the States years later and in hope to rekindle with his first love. But now the situation has reversed. He is tall and handsome. She is nerdy and unattractive. So I guess you can fill in the gap, right? No? Well, she decided to make her friend disguise as herself to meet him for the first time in years. She was embarrassed by her appearance. But it turns out, her friend continues to be her and falls for him. Meanwhile, she was assigned to work in a different department. Under him!!!! Dun dun dun!


Yeap, so now he got confused. The woman he is seeing claims to be his childhood sweetheart but whatever she did seems off. And the woman he’s working with is showing all the signs he’s been looking for. So what now? Well, you know you have to watch it! She Was Pretty is a pretty light romance drama that can drives you crazy! Why? It gives you the second lead syndrome! Oy… Things I heard can be pretty offensive. I won’t tell you what but let’s just say that the second lead male is more charismatic and lovable than the lead male. There you have it!


Would I recommend She Was Pretty? Absolutely! I’m in between heavy drama watch and She Was Pretty has been that drama I look forward to watch to lighten up my mood. The show is light, cute, funny, less dramatic and fun! I really don’t know what will I watch to replace She Was Pretty… tsk tsk tsk.


Currently Watching: Orange Marmalade

Orange-Marmalade-Poster1Hmmmm, I really like the name. And who does not like orange marmalade on a wheat toast, right? But heh, we are not talking about that. We are talking about webtoon turned drama on KBS2 that started airing on May 15. Yes, this drama. Orange Marmalade. Before I started it, I thought I would give the webtoon a try. I read up to ep 20 something… The verdict? Too slow. I quit and hoped that the drama would be better. I know an adaptation from a webtoon to a drama can be a hit or miss. Writers often took what’s important, retained good characters and moved on with the story. I have seen a lot of webtoon dramas and most of them are quite nice. And I usually don’t read the original toon so my perspective came directly from watching the drama itself. But this time, I am a bit biased and read the toon instead. *shakes head* It’s a big mistake on my part and I shouldn’t have read it! Whacha ma called it? Peer pressure? Something like that! *hides in the corner*


Thank goodness I stop sooner because first of all, my expectation was set up really high when I started watching Orange Marmalade. Yeah, the drama is completely off from the original and now it is heading to an unknown territory. Well, I’m not sure whether the next part of the drama is as written in the toon but for all I know, and my gut feeling says so, it is going downhill. Wae? The development of characters. Wait… what development? This drama moves too fast it skipped the formality of who’s who and what’s what! The writers expect the viewers to know everything! Hell, not everyone read the manhwa and even for me, what makes they think we would understand the story fully? First of all, the target audience for Orange Marmalade is mostly teens and young adult. If the stories are hanging and hoping that these two groups of watchers would get it, the writers should think again! And c’mon, it is a vampire drama and it supposed to be mysterious, fun and full of admiration! What is this I’m watching? And at one point, this drama is turning into Monstar! Why????


I’m not going to dwell over how disaster this drama is with you. All I know is it made me utterly lost and somewhat disappointed with the plots. Yeo Jin Goo is a great cast as Jae Min. I’m not even comparing him to cold Jae Min in manhwa. They are two separate personalities. But sadly, I feel that Jin Goo is wasting his time. He has so much potential and this drama is a waste of his mature talent. Seol Hyun isn’t bad. I’ve seen her in Ugly Alert. Though she still needs much coaching in acting, she is definitely improving. But as Ma Ri, I’d rather keep her from talking to be honest. Yes, I’m being picky. Jong Hyun as Shi Hoo is another important character in this drama. Also another waste of talent. *shrugs* I feel sad already…


I made the right choice of not watching Blood. I should have made the same executive decision by not falling for Orange Marmalade. Too bad I did. *head banging* And after 4 episodes, it is now officially dropped from my watching list. The preview for episode 5 seems like the drama is moving to a different period of time. The writers are using Jin Goo to lure audience again… What’s the point? I am shallow but not THAT shallow. Urgh… If you share the same sentiment as I am, I think it is time to drop this disaster drama. For those who can bear it, carry on… And good luck!


Currently Watching: Reply 1994


*giggles* I can’t stop. No…! I won’t stop! Wait, wait… Let me shout this for at least once! Oppa! Oppa! Hm oppa!! Opppppppppppaaaaaa yaaaaah! Phew, I feel better now. I just have to get it out of my system, like everybody else too. This is the most basic reaction when watching Reply 1994 (it’s ending this weekend *pouts*) and I can assure you, oppa yah is not the only name you want to shout. Other names are Chilbong, Haitai, Binggrae and even Sam Chun Po! Yes, yes… these names are very important. And if you are watching it, you probably on either Team Oppa or Team ChilBong. Heck, a couple of my tweetple are on Team Haitai! The game is so on! *fist palm* It’s not the end so the writers can still twist our necks however they want and believe it or not, it is fun! I love puzzle like drama. They made you put the pieces together and sometimes, the clues can be either helpful or not! Are you with me so far?


Believe it or not, I have a few of friends that are still not watching Reply 1994. Waeeeeeeee? This is a must watch. Yes, I’m letting my judgement out this early! My god, this show is just to die for. I think it is my best comedy drama for 2013. It’ll make you snort so hard, laugh so loud, giggle every second of it. Not once do I felt frustrated or want to yell my heart out. Reply 1994 is the best way to end my 2013! Jjang jjang! I love the way this drama is written. It is quite nostalgic to see old stuffs such as old computer, old Adidas slippers, and many more I can’t think of. Another best part about this drama is the food that was put on the table! Oh my god, one best food porn sight right there *major drools*. I wish I live with them. Seriously, it is just tad fun!

So what is the puzzle about? Similar to Reply 1997, it started with a group of friends reminiscing down their memory lane through Na Jung’s wedding video. The groom is, of course, unknown *duh* and the only obvious clue I can name is Joon, as in the name Joon. The problem is all the bachelors, except Sam Chun Po (SCP), has Joon in their names *rubs chin* Hmmmmm, now that my brain is working, does Haitai has Joon in his name too? The first elimination of groom candidate is SCP. I was a little disappointed however. Even though he looks older than his age and the youngest of them all, he’s definitely a husband worthy. Too bad boooooooo…! The next bachelor that get sacked is Binggrae. At the very beginning, he was suspected to being gay by the rest of us watchers. That itself is the biggest elimination, ever! The look on his eyes, the puppy face he always make and the swoon look he gave to Trash oppa made us all think he is gay gay gay! He himself wasn’t sure either on his own sexuality and that, my chingus, why Binggrae is not Na Jung’s potential hubby.


The next in line is Haitai. He’s in the same major as Na Jung in the university. He does have feeling for her but poor soul had to push away his feeling knowing that both Trash oppa and ChilBong are in love with our girl. As of today, the mystery husband is still up in the air. It could be any one of these three boys. But the most obvious one is  between Trash and ChilBong now. I’d like to confirm that Haitai is also out of the game *cries*… So who is Na Jung’s husband? This is the question we’ve been trying to figure out among ourselves. I have been shipping on Trash oppa since the beginning. Yes, I’m oppa loyal and I don’t jump on another ship even though I’m tempted to do so, occasionally. He’s a medical student that has been part of Na Jung’s family member for a long time. As much as her parents, especially her dad, felt displease as they have been treating Trash as their own son, Na Jung though has her eyes on oppa and oppa only. But many people are on ChilBong ship as well! ChilBong is super sweet, fresh looking, handsome international baseball player. He fell for her slowly and slowly and the crush he had for her was very sweet.


Oppa and ChilBong are completely opposite of each other. Oppa is rude, obnoxious and simply cray cray. But deep, deep down he’s the sweetest man… ChilBong is a sad boy coming for a broken family. He’s gentle, polite, good looking and most of all, the guy you would want for a husband! At this point, I’m just happy with either one…*shrugs* Ok, ok I lied! I’m on Team Oppa and I’m positive Oppa will win this race!!! Watch it guys! This drama is great! And I can’t wait to watch the finale!