Just Watched: My Only Love Song


If you are a We Got Married fan, I am sure you have no reservation in watching My Only Love Song. And if you are not, you will still enjoy this drama regardless. I just completed it and it was the best 10 hours of my time. What a juvenile show with plenty of humor, crazy romance, maniac villain, full of dorky moments, and lots and lots of cliches! Furthermore, My Only Love Song is a time travel rom-com concept drama where it takes the female lead back to sageuk time!

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Currently Watching: The Flatterer

FlatterHave you heard of this web drama? Me neither. I was surprised when I heard it from Bel. Seriously, I would never watch it had she not told me so. I’m starting to see more and more web dramas popping up. I don’t think I have seen all of them but I’m watching a lot more. It’s hard to get subbed web dramas sometimes… So when I see one, I quickly watch it. And with The Flatterer, I did not even take a second to think!


This 12-episode recently wrapped web drama is very interesting. The length of each episode varies. The longest one was 24 minutes long. The story is simple. Park Gun got transferred to a school full of bullies and troublemakers. Most of the boys passed the high school age. All Park Gun needs is to survive until he graduates. But can he? As of episode 10, Gun had attempt many ways to save himself from being used by these bullies. The scenes were too funny I just can’t….. Can’t tell you coz I’m afraid I might spill it all! But I fear for the ending! I heard it was left hanging… Unanswered! Incomplete! Waeeeeeeee? Was it done in a rush? Are we anticipating for season 2? Ah molla molla! I really loving this gangster drama and I hate to see it incomplete if this is the one and only The Flatterer! *stomps her feet*. So with that, I’m a little afraid to recommend it to you. It is definitely good! The acting is a bit juvenile but quite comical and entertaining so really, I do not mind! I guess in this case, watch at your risk!